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  1. binner

    Kingswall Tassie

    found more vid, this ones long and spicy with the usual shit talk....
  2. binner

    tip of my hat
  3. binner

    more Tassie

    for what its worth.....
  4. binner

    its been a while

  5. binner

    QLD Giant S T P last gen

    Built this up a while ago and hasn't had much use, in VGC with the only chip on the top tube (in pics), the tyres on it are original so gives you an idea of how much it's been used, when I got the frame, I put protective tape in all the usual places. Those in the know will realise these are...
  6. binner

    QLD Gopro 5

    Item:GoPro 5 Location: BNE Item Condition: used but awesome Reason for selling: GP 9 Price and price conditions: $300 ono Extra Info: comes with foamy, mounts,card,headstrap etc. just the 5 in pic not the seven ok, got it...................... Pictures: sure
  7. binner

    QLD sold

    Item: BOX two E 9 speed Location:BNE 4012 but will post Item Condition: used but good cond Reason for selling: new BOX Price and price conditions: sold Extra Info: can use on non E bike just means you only have single shift at a time Pictures: soon
  8. binner

    one for moorey

  9. binner

    NEXT carbon cranks

    I have a problem, is there a brains trust for these cranks?.... esp driveside
  10. binner

    nite ryder

    a couple of short nite rides from last week, will be out there again this week for more, best part didn't make the cut due to turning off gopro too early.... :eek::oops::oops:
  11. binner

    BVRT Brisbane

    Heya, been looking at this trail for a bit and keen to get it done before summer hits us. Has anyone done it from Ipswich and return?, if long did it take you, where did you stop O/Night, did you ride any of it at nite, is there a shuttle from Ipswich to Yarraman if we only want to do...
  12. binner

    new fork time

    ok, so some of you may know I'm a zocchi fan boy from way back and still am. I was about to pull the trigger on a set of zocchi bomber Z1's float Grip blaghh blaghh for my NS snabb (sold my 350's) but then remembered reading up on xfusion and their line of SWEEPS. I have the mini version of...
  13. binner

    my Clash commuter machine

    Been meaning to do this for like 6 months now and only just got to it.....this is my daily commuter and urban killer. It enjoys hucking to flat from concrete slabs coming home from a hard days work, weaving suck ass traffic jams and generally getting its rocks off on lazy rides home. It is a...
  14. binner

    shhhhhh, they didn't know i was following

    a lazy morning
  15. binner

    QLD found..thanks to Iconic

    Item: 165mm cranks of any sort, if you have a BB to go with it ill grab too Where: 4012, will pay post of course Extra: must be usable and in good cond, what color complements orange? Price: let me know, but lets not get crazy!! Star sign: Aries
  16. binner

    QLD FOUND, Thanks Moorey

    Item: Sram 9 speed shifter or XO Red bahhhhhh Where: 4012, will pay post of course Extra: XO if you got it and if i got the amount of dollars you are asking Price: let me know Star sign: Aries
  17. binner

    better get use to these home movies from now on......

    my first attempt at being on camera, it is really hard to do. Welcome to coppo's CV19 bunker that has had bit of a clean up and fresh look makeover...... i swear they will get better, need poodle to direct me more :p:):D
  18. binner

    friday drop

    hit the bell ......
  19. binner

    It aint got nothing to do with CV19

    a quick edit of Derby trail......
  20. binner

    the latest .....on the ol Knolly for a spin

    was with a few mates at Noosa giving the ol Knolly a thrashing... enjoy, comment and hit that B E L L :p;) was more of a vid for my mate that wouldnt stop nagging me for a vid of him, i wonder how my gopro slipped down :):D;)