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    Subluxated shoulder

    Definitely go to physio, go straight away. The stabilising muscles of the shoulder (glenohumeral joint) contribute greatly to its stability, it is otherwise an inherently unstable joint (large ball, very small socket). If you don't get it rehabbed sufficiently straight up, you have a much...
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    What parts do you not want to upgrade?

    If it ain't broke..........
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    What parts do you not want to upgrade?

    .243 bars and stem Profile cranks My 26 inch wheels. Ex721s with hope pro4s. Built them myself. Love them.
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    possible maniscus tear in knee

    Pm sent to you.
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    possible maniscus tear in knee

    See a physio now, find one who specialises in knees/lower limbs or sports. Don't wait for the mri. Surgery depends on multiple factors, such as size and location of tear and whether there are bits floating and randomly locking the knee etc. You'd be surprised how many improve/rectify with...
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    Wrist injury - Can anyone recommend a wrist brace/support, or a good taping method?

    If you compress the ulna and radius together with your other hand, just above the wrist, then actively ulnar deviate is the pain still there? Also try gliding the ulna and radius back/forward relative to each other with the thumb of your other hand and hold in that position, then ulnar deviate...
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    Pedals coming loose

    Loctite won't bond with grease present. To get the full benefit of loctite, both mating surfaces need to be cleaned and degreased before assembly with loctite or there's no point using it.
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    Pushing Disk Brakes Past Their Limits

    Surprised it lasted that long before the fluid boiled. Pretty impressed with the amount of abuse it took.
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    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Not a brake though is it? Right lever, front brake? I know some run it the other way round but is it that hard to remember?
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    Confessions from the fuckwits

    Have none of you guys ever ridden a moto? Don't stop real fast with a big handful of left lever.
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    Fox 'No Flange' wiper seals

    They are a fuck to put in. Imagine the tool would be the go, but I was too stingy to pay the $40 or whatever they wanted. I managed to find a Pvc fitting at bunnings that I cut down to fit. Most critical bit is getting it started perfectly square, otherwise they'll never go in. Once they're...
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    Hardtail rear tyre sizing question…

    When you're talking 2-3 mm difference in width between those tyres, yeah it's not going to be much difference. I think your rim width selection vs tyre width would make a more significant difference, especially with a narrow rim/fat tyre set-up compromising your sidewall strength, in theory...
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    24, 8 years in the making....

    Yeah i can see the drop-outs pulled all the way forwards in those pics. Where are those jumps in the first picture? They look pretty sweet. Wish I had something like that to ride.
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    Hardtail rear tyre sizing question…

    Bigger tyre on the rear will effectively make the bike less lively and slower to change direction, as you're having to roll over alot more tyre when laying the bike from one side to the other. The effect is negligible on the front because it is able to steer. More tyre up front means more grip...
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    DK ux26 frame info

    Actually that's a euro bb, I guess it's 24mm. Safreek you'll have to check the ID on those bearings. If they are 24mm and you want to keep running them, you'll have to go for a mtb crankset.
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    DK ux26 frame info

    Those bearings look bigger than a 19 mm ID too. I imagine it's a 22mm Spanish bb. Actually Its a euro bb, they'll be 24 mm. You'll have to measure the ID of the bearings and if they're bigger than 22mm and you want to reuse them, you'll have to run a mtb spindle and cranks.
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    DK ux26 frame info

    Used to make them specifically for horizontal drop-outs, so they slide with the wheel and have a lug on the back that sits in the drop-out with the axle to stop it spinning. Allows you to run any rear mech, not just a kmart one. Bmx cranks are plenty strong, profiles are bomb proof, but will...
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    DK ux26 frame info

    Axle mounted rear mech and multi speed cassette? Or do you know it was definitely set up ss before you got it?
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    $pecialized Enduro 6fattie

    Pedals are too shiny. Letting the team down.