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  1. josh_lives_here

    tramp bike sesh.(lots of pics) more pics at bottom of page

    tramp bikes are awsome, what was you best trick or combo of the the day?
  2. josh_lives_here

    Landing shot

    hoooley dooley, might come up to see it first hand some time soon
  3. josh_lives_here

    Ok smart guys....

    yeh i know the wheels are just bearings and have nothing to do with it but what i thought was that the jets on a plane only forced the plane forwards so that air would be moving fast enough past the wings so that the special shape of the planes wings could be effective. so then if the jets...
  4. josh_lives_here

    Ok smart guys....

    no, the plane needs to actually travel through the air in order to get enough airflow across the wings to get lift. How fast the wheels are going has nothing to do with it. as far as i know the jets on an average plane do not create the lift, they create the movment through the air wich...
  5. josh_lives_here

    Foam Pit Foam.

    use old spring matresses and car tyre tubes with carboard over the top of them for the bottom layers just to save money on the amount of foam you have to get for it.
  6. josh_lives_here

    lenosky's 06 punk biatch bike

    you mean the chainring? it doesnt look very special to me
  7. josh_lives_here

    hmmm... helmet anyone?

    shit! but how could you not notice if your front wheel was so loose? was that the time i was there? that so was funny!
  8. josh_lives_here

    Merric and Rosso - The B Team

    i think most of the show was complete bullshit, they've just run out of funny shit to do. but i thought that the parts when the dress up and go out into public are really funny, like "bret and craig" and "rosso crow" stuff like that.
  9. josh_lives_here

    Magic n shiz..

    the thing he did with the butterfly was sooo fake. What i thought was awsome was the was he made himself fly. I think they could have faked it for the cameras really easily so i dont know what to believe.
  10. josh_lives_here

    big ass jumps(to me)

    thats nice dear
  11. josh_lives_here

    Time to boast about your worst injuries

    doing a jump with a 2ft gap across the road from a mates house on my little borthers bmx, jumped off the side of the bike and ended up letting the end of the axle put a 4 cm whole in the side of my leg. thats my worst riding injury. that or the time i flipped off the back of my bike, landed on a...
  12. josh_lives_here

    Helmet or not

    i dont wear my helmet when its hot or when im just mucking around close to home, but if im travelling a long distance or riding semi seriously id wear it.
  13. josh_lives_here

    New K-mart bike!

    seriously, everyone is strict about their kids wearing helmets yet they still put them on on of those deathtraps. it's stupid, would you trust the life of yourself/your child on one of those. I know they've been safety standard approved and all that but kids will still take the bikes off...
  14. josh_lives_here

    Colour Rims

    mavic dee max
  15. josh_lives_here

    Oh No - No Boner!!!

    very interesting, I'm pretty shure it only affects road and XC riders because when you are road or XC riding you are bending over onto your penerium and staying on your seat for extended periods of time. however i dont think DHers, DJers and bmxers have anything to worrie about because they...
  16. josh_lives_here

    Where have you been skiing?

    thredbo mt buller corronet peak (NZ) the remarkables (NZ) my favourite would have to be the remarkables but i think mt buller would have been good if i didn't go in sutch a shit season
  17. josh_lives_here

    BMX wheel?

    ill give you a crome alex 303 on a salt hub with a mungy 13t freewheel for $40
  18. josh_lives_here

    Tramp Biking

    i was busting tailwhips and 180 tailwhips and i can allmost do doubles its just alexmc has decided not to post pic of them up
  19. josh_lives_here

    Tramp Biking

    its my old bmx that i used to ride about 2 years ago
  20. josh_lives_here

    Tramp Biking

    its my house ill wear whatever i want yeh ill have to throw those shorts out i think ive grown out of them :) nice pics alex