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  1. Tubbsy

    Having to defend analogue…

    I think I've pedalled most of that faster than he's going
  2. Tubbsy

    Mystic MTB - Bright

    While you're here @dirtart, are you able to share anything about the Stromlo to Cotter flow trail planning and works? Information drips out of the Canberra government with all the enthusiasm of a prostate ward...
  3. Tubbsy

    Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)

    I had a quick browse of his lyrics; guns, drag queens, vaccines, government overreach etc… it was like a cooker’s wet dream - he knows his audience that’s for sure. But the Ben Shapiro rap? I’ll watch that again. Funniest shit I’ve seen all year, although I haven’t read his action novel yet...
  4. Tubbsy

    Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)

    I'd never heard of Tom MacDonald, but to my joy discovered he has a song with Ben Shapiro rapping on it. Fucking lol
  5. Tubbsy

    Freehub bodies - educate me

    Haha Sheldon was like the first guy on the entire internet to have a bike related site.
  6. Tubbsy

    Eofy sales?

    @pineapplehead Pushys extra 20% off YT makes for some decent buying (add to cart to see the price)
  7. Tubbsy

    Bargain buys thread

    @oldcorollas is right - brings this XXL Jeffsy frameset down to $1999: There's a bunch of useful stuff included as well, such as the headtube and er.. chainsuck? But seriously, you can get a full Carbon wheels and...
  8. Tubbsy

    MTB Trails in Batemans Bay & Mogo

    Yeah, I'm pumped. They're hosting Sea Otter later this year so I'm sure they're keen to show it off for that as well.
  9. Tubbsy

    MTB Trails in Batemans Bay & Mogo

    Given they stank, at least they got in their cars and left.
  10. Tubbsy

    Electric Vehicles etc

    oh man cookers
  11. Tubbsy

    MTB Trails in Batemans Bay & Mogo
  12. Tubbsy

    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em. Fun sleeper for the VL fanbois
  13. Tubbsy

    Newly Released Bikes General

    The reverse mullet was prime for sending for sure. Ahead of its time, and predicted the Rulezman stem thingy too.
  14. Tubbsy

    Green steel, carbon & Wood(s).

    Yowsers. Planted.
  15. Tubbsy

    Green steel, carbon & Wood(s).

    Assuming this includes the gearbox
  16. Tubbsy

    What does your day look like?

    Any friggin in the riggin?
  17. Tubbsy

    VIC Wtb ibis ripmo af frame medlarge

    What about @gippyz Pole Evolink for sale on here?
  18. Tubbsy

    Electric Vehicles etc

    Fair. It’s subtle differences… it’s like a 600k house vs a 1.4m house; in the former you have to go out to score, in the latter dealer comes to you.
  19. Tubbsy

    Electric Vehicles etc

    I guess I still see it as the M or AMG to Volvo, so it’s not like it’s without pedigree. But now that it’s separated from Volvo and its own Chinese entity I guess that has a different vibe. Polestar 3 is the same architecture as the upcoming big Volvo EV suv though. But yeah, it’s a lot of...
  20. Tubbsy

    What does your day look like?

    Template please