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    Reduced to $100. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    Here aee the photos Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
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    Not sure of age, but NOT at 0.5 on the chain gauge. Not sure if the cassette has had a previous chain, but not shark fins on the teeth. Photo's to follow.
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    Item: SRAM X0 10 Speed type 2 derailleur, SRAM x9 10 Speed Shifter, SRAM 1070 11-36 cassette with Shimano HG93 (XT) chain with quick link Location: Knoxfield, Melbourne Item Condition: Used, but excellent condition Reason for selling: Moved to 11 speed and want it gone, just taking up space in...
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    Ves 2017

    My regular partner cant ride in the Buxton event. We have signed up for the 6 hour 2 man team event. We are not at the pointy end and I'm just after somebody to share 6 hours with. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Whatever happened to Rapid Rise?

    I might be the only one, but I like it. An XTR rear der and normal 9 speed XT shifters works great. With this setup, both the front and rear shifters work in the same way, that is, big lever to make it harder, smaller one to make it easier. There is also less lever throw to put it into an easier...
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    Wet shoes???

    Me experience has been that waterproof shoes dont work. I ordered from CRC/Wiggle the shimano wet weather shoe, MW-80, current model is mw-81. It has a goretex outer skin and you cant get access to the cleat from the inside the shoe, meaning you wont get anthing in the shoe. I'm sure if you...
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    1x10 without a chainguide

    Just a quick note. One chain link consists of one inner and one outer plate. The length of a chain link is 1 inch or 25.4mm. So you can add 1 chain link. Adding 4 chain links is actually adding 10cm of chain. I know I'm being pedantic, but if you are giving technical advice it helps to have a...
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    Rear derailleur cable drag, Giant trance X. Could use some advice

    dont use lube on the cable or outer housing. All it does is collect dirt. Install dry, once it starts not shifting properly, replace both.
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    sold delete

    photo link not working
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    Where to buy titanium springs

    it might be the same grade, but has it been heat treated? and how was this done? From my motorsport experience Eibach springs are very good. No name springs will sag because they have not been manufactuered correctly.
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    The discount code thread

    When I added it, it saved me 2 cents! What could I buy with the savings!
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    XT (M785 Icetech) brake drag issue

    rt86 are six bolt? If so, are you sure the rotor mounting flange is square? Are you sure the rotor is actually flat, check with a straight edge? Most likely the rotor mounting flane is not square. You might need to put a really thin shim between the rotor and some of the mounting bolts.
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    Goldcross Closing down

    The bike shop that was part of rebel was called "Wheels in Motion". I used to work there back in 1995. I kept the shirt for cleaning my hands after working on the car. Goldcross Cycles will go the same way as Wheels in Motion. This business model does not work.
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    An Open Letter To Chain Reaction Cycles

    My experience with several LBS has been awful. I needed some headset parts for a project bike. Do all my own research on the parts I need. Find the Aus distributor and confirm they have this part in stock. Go to LBS and give them the exact part number and who the distributor is. Say they will...
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    Struggling With CenterLock

    I can confirm that XT15mm front hub came with lockring and 135 QR rear XT hub did not come with lockring.
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    XT rear derailleur lateral play & ghost shifting

    +1 to chaning the outer housing. Its so cheap, that the moment any of my bikes start to feel sluggish when it comes to shifting, both the inner and outer housing are changed and shifting is restored to pristine levels.
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    Giant 2012 XTC Headset

    Just an update if anyone is interested. Could buy new crown race and lower headset bearing. Went to Giant dealer and had a look through their headset spares and found a dust cap. All ready to go
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    hints on getting fitter when you have kids under 4

    I've got three kids. One is nearly 5, one is 3.5 and the other is nearly 2. Its pretty busy around our house. I ride to and from work every day, rain, hail or shine. If I'm really keen I'll go for a ride a night, which I really enjoy. I also have a trailer that the kids, especially the big...
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    29er as commuter?

    For commuting, put some 35mm tyres on it and it should fly. I've found the Vittoria Randonneur tyres excellent. I've done over 11,000km this year and I think I've had 3 punctures. Keep the offroad rubber for the weekend. If you running a 2x10 gear system you might run out of gears for...