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  1. Ty

    Why has this place died? one for the pre 2010 crowd.

    First time logging on in 10ish years, last week was my first time back on the mtb bike in 9 years (I got into bmx, ruptured my ACL then decided kiteboarding and motos would be better... ) Stoked to be back out on the trails in cairns, though my old CTR hardtail with stickers and...
  2. Ty

    Last Purchases.

    personaly I reckon 90 is too large for a main pack unless your on a serious unsupporterd expedition and 15 is too small for a day pack. 70/30L ish is pretty much ideal for general travel, use the local postage networks to ship souvenirs to home/base or to move heavy winter gear to where you...
  3. Ty

    What are you afraid of?

    yup, my no.1 fear, eyes are so so easy to damage yet so few people ever take any measure to protect them. try walking around for an hour with your eyes closed. hence you'll see me with my $14 dollar Bunnings shatter proof safety glasses (disguised as Oakley M frames) any time I'm drilling a...
  4. Ty

    Last Purchases.

    Last purchase was a round of Coronas and a bottle of sparkling white wine last night (I don't remember much change from a $50) last major purchase was a AirRush Flow 10m kite. last bike purchase was a set of chrome "springer" cruiser forks for $30 (bargain). and diesel here is $1.52 a...
  5. Ty

    What happens to stolen bikes?

    It's the Brick Lane "bike market" in Shoreditch (east london) on sunday mornings, shady doesn't begin to describe the operation, I saw a carbon road bike with a ultegra group that had simply been hit with a coat of spray paint while the were still wheel still on, I couldn't bring myself to buy a...
  6. Ty

    New Titanium frame - Ti project

    OT: I was so about to buy that tokidoki deck in the background. Good luck with the build, "save some weight" forum is a good source of lightweight part info if you haven't already found it.
  7. Ty

    energy drink

    Probably start to see it in Cairns in the next couple of months, the local (Cairns, Townsville) distributor should be stocking it soon, I'll grab a couple for ya when it comes out.
  8. Ty

    energy drink

    I couldn't give away 4 slabs (96 cans) of mother in the span of 4 months, then they went off, not worth the shelf space. Best thing I've tasted to date is Highroller, Australian owned and supporting extreme sports (including a sponsored mtber) throughout Australia this year...
  9. Ty

    The Fixie Thread

    I guess you probably posted it before but what Fork is that, it looks like it'd be sweet on a 'crosser.
  10. Ty

    One thing you want to complete before you die..

    I've got a bit of a 10 year plan that i've been working on. Tour around Australia mountain biking and kiteing Dive in Cozumel Ride Whistler Kite board Venezuela Trek in Nepal Cycle tour Vietnam See the northern/southern lights learn another language and I better throw in having Kids...
  11. Ty

    zzyzx forks

    the "wiper seal" is a zip tie to show how much travel you were getting, and yes, it was all the rage (as were 'anobea bars and red shimano DX levers)
  12. Ty

    Whats the funniest thing you have found on a trail?

    Part of the XC track in cairns is/was built on the bow hunters pratice grounds, when they were having hunting competition days you'd see guys dressed like that stalking lifesized foam deer and moose. because, like, you don't wanna spook a foam moose. (and yes it was well signed when the range...
  13. Ty

    Truvativ Hammerschmidt

    I'm pretty sure it's an old prototype, Greg Herbold isn't exactly at the peak of his game these days for a company to be dropping his name as a part tester (sorry HB). I think you'll seem some classic sram protos and parts in the new campaign, i reckon some Sram Powercranks will be next.
  14. Ty

    Photoshoppers please help.

    Just to let you know, anyone who could design anything that you would actually want on the back of your helmet probably wouldn't do it for free. I hope I am proven wrong.
  15. Ty

    The Big Bomers

    I thought he ment these.
  16. Ty

    Im 6.2ft, what bike for me?

    Just to stir the pot, I'm 6'1, 75 kgs (not that that matters) and I ride a 20.7 Stairmaster with small/low Civillians bars. I love this setup and haven't had any back issues or anything like that. my last 2 frames were 21"s and although they could be described as roomier, it's only .3 of an...
  17. Ty

    hanger for a norco rampage 04-05

    Your best bet would probably be to just go to a shop selling norco and buying one, not sure what the RRP is but for the hassle of finding one here then getting it shipped etc etc. i'd say the $5 extra or so is probably worth it.
  18. Ty

    Whats the funniest thing you have found on a trail?

    while riding - Naked middle aged bloke jogging while loading up the shuttle trailer - a mate discovered a chick peeing (maybe something else) in a creek just off the carpark. both at Mt Coot-Tha on midweek before work shuttles.
  19. Ty


    I've tried the burn off method a couple of time in the past, and all i have to say is, don't do it. The heat causes 2 things to happen, one, it cracks the surface of the braking material (both on synth and natural pads) and secondly it delaminates the pad from the backing material. The end...
  20. Ty

    Best bike brand?

    how tall are you? it'll help select the TT length.