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    Rockshox vivid rebound screw

    So in my stupidity while riding around last night I went to adjust the rebound and the entire rebound screw came out and I can't get it back in because it looks like there's part of a shaft in the way. Does anyone have any help or ideas to get it back in without spending millions to send it away...
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    NSW Sold

    Hey Is this still for sale ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wagga Downhill scene

    So I'm new to wagga. I'm keen to get back into downhill and I've seen a few nice bike around the area but so far all that I've seen of wagga is that its pretty flat and I can't think of anywhere that there could be any tracks ? Does anybody know of any areas or is anybody keen to ride ?
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    NSW Sold

    Where abouts in nsw are you ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DH Round 3 Results

    Hey I tried the link but it came up with the 404 error. Also i was just wondering if it is possible to attend champs if I haven't race there before ?
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    Ourimbah DH clubby 17/10/10 by NBT

    hey neil. got any pics of me, if you do could u please send them to blue/black o'neal jersey black/white pants blue helmet 08 silver norco atomik 709 cant wait for the website thanks
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    Muck Up Day Ideas

    yea my school got warned by the principal about it, so they decied that they wouold go with the harmeless cross dress ... until a group of guys thought it would be funny to flash the principal ... she wasnt very happy with that but last year they spray painted the sheep ( my school has a...
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    "Will this be the best mountain bike park in the world?"

    sounds awesome, if its not to far away from sydney i would be willing to help out each weekend with a shovel in hand
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    Backyard Bmx Edit

    yea sorry but i used my phone editing software ... i couldn't find any easy editing free ware on my computer ... but thats ill make sure to change that nex time thanks
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    Backyard Bmx Edit music: not sure ... it's DJ Zannon - Track 35 Camera used: ( yes its crappy ) Phone C&C please
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    Strength in 22's

    at exctly 1:30 it looks like he is so far over the back that he is rubbing the tire
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    whats your favorite dh weapon or most helpfull part on your bike

    deffiantly would have to be my rear shock, I wouldnt really want to race hard tail. Just not really my thing
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    DH push bicycle.

    looks nice, especally the chain :P
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    What are you saving for? Long term and short.

    short term: first car long term: nissan skyline gtr r35 (probably never going to happen but its nice to dream)
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    How do i keep annoying little shits away from My DH track!!!!!

    go to your local gun shop and buy a rifle and some blanks ... that will seriously scare the shit out of them
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    Ourimbah DH clubby 20/6/10 by NBT

    Hey Neil, Great shots. Any of #728. Bike - Silver 2008 Norco Atomik Kit - Blue/Black O'neal jersey, Black and white pants email - thanks
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    2010 NSWMTB DH Champs: Lithgow:All the lead up and post race guff

    hey, i was just wondering ( as for this is goning to be my first state series ) i was wondering if saturday is practice and sunday is race day or if sunday is 4X and XC and sunday would be DH race thanks
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    Ourimbah clubby-20th June 2010

    hey mate Bike you were riding: 08 norco atomik number: #728 what you were wearing: blue/black O'neal jersery email: any pics would be appriciated thanks alex
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    Bike Thief Gets Destroyed

    i think i may just join their cult ... it looks AWESOME !!!!!!!
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    Ourimbah club round 20th june 2010

    hey mate dou you have any of me blue o'neal jersey #728 2008 norco atomik blue helmet black aand white pants sent to thanks