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    NSW Xtr970 big chainring found!!

    Hey Glenn, Pretty sure I have an XTR big ring in the shed stored away. I can check tonight and provide you a couple pics if you like. It's easier for me to text pics than load up here or can email. My mobile is 0409433336. The condition I'd say is pretty good. I'm based in Melb.
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    VIC 3x 9 Speed shimano Trigger Shifters

    I haven't got triggers but if you need a FD for your project you can have it for nics (by memory it's a SRAM x9). It's in Melb.
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    That's exactly what I thought last night having not ridden YTs for some time hitting into areas expecting the obstacles that had been there for years to be greeted with a smooth path and releasing a sigh of disappointment. The trees in Bruce's were good fun tho jumping on a 26in SS, had to...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Hey JD, hope all is well mate. Best place to start with Code of Conduct and other trail related detail is here: Stay well.
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    Withdrawn Please Remove - Search and State S1-J RIDING JACKET

    Withdrawing from sale Thanks for reading.
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    35mm Salsa Lip Lock Seatpost Clamp

    Howdy, I've got one here in Silver if you want Give me a hoy can text you a clear pic to see it meets yr requirement. Mars.
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    15x110 Boost fork mount

    Try Gripsport I got my Boost adapter straight from USA as 18mths ago there were no Aust providers. Gripsport were gonna start making them so hopefully they can help. The other option is to chat to someone like Roof Carrier Systems as they...
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    FOUND Isis / Powerspline BB tool

    Hey Boom King, PM sent with my details. Mars.
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    [WTB] V Brakes & Levers (Yes, V BRAES!)

    Howdy, Just fyi I run Avid Arch Rivals and love them as V's (I also have spares and suggest you do the same if keeping the bike and setup), though only go top of the line if you want modulation and stopping power. If you don't find what you need in this forum chase down some Paul...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Hi NP, Rode there last night all clear but I try and stay right of the white line in several areas. Got tacked last week however.
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    That was really cool Nath, making it look way too easy and smooth as usual mate , tks for the vid.
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Hello powers that be building this lilydale topping footpath over a trail that had been in existence whilst you were still at primary, lilydale type toppings enormously reduce the ability to gain tyre traction. If you had maintained a log of erosion measure over the last 20 years you would...
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    VIC WTB : Hope front hub 15mm caps FOUND

    Howdy, Do you want caps to convert the hub to 15mm thru-axle from the 9mm quick release, if so they are approx $30 new and you can get them anywhere online. Or Do you want the caps to reverse if from 15mm back to 9mm quick release, if so I have some and can help you out, I'm in...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Many Tks NP I will pay attention. Yes, off Motschalls heading through the properties twd Clintons is where I saw the snake years ago, but just recalled last year saw a baby brown under a rock when doing some trail work on the tracked that heads west out of the Clintons Rd carpark. I also...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Hi NP, I'm doing the same as JD, only taking my boy on YTs early and if it is cool, otherwise no go zone til next Autumn for him. More-so as I think whilst they are learning they have enough to consider and concentrate on without having to think about what happens in the event of a close...
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    VSCC (and a little brag)

    Great read Moorey, Will show my boy in the hope he has a crack, he can climb but has rusty skills at the moment as playing other sports plus carrying an XBox addiction that is frying his brain and our restart riding on YTs now is hampered by snake activity. My thoughts are he needs to ride...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    No sweat Big JD, only took it all as positive. I think it is good to see such commitment. Presently my time gets spent working on SG and surrounds, although getting tired now and wanting to ride more, but trail work just makes you feel really good inside which is why I keep going. Gotta get...
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Oh, re the erosion, I meant to say Gipps Street (not Gippsland, bloody predictive text).
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    Yarra Trails regulars

    Hi Big JD, The Billabong next to Bulleen Rd no not recently must admit, but everything from the Pipebridge, the Dickie Loop (Bruce's) and then Annulus that comes out just short of the underpass that you climb up next to the Greenery, yep plus all way to Hans. Sure there's some water but it is...
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    Am I in over my head?

    Not just good Knicks, but a very good pair of Knicks that works for you, some chamois cream and keep eating and hydrated plus don't try and hammer the distance, ride it not race it and you will be good. Enjoy the day.