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    wagga wagga for a few days - should I take my bike?

    There are a couple of trail maps available on the local club page: Pomingalarna (Pomi) is the most popular/known spot in town, leans towards the XC end of the spectrum but still some fun downhill bits. Main loop is good fun but there are plenty of other...
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    Post your 29er!

    Lucky boy Quick trip back to where the journey began... After close to 4 years suffering under my heft a crack appeared at the top tube/seat tube junction. :ohwell: In an unexpected display of excellent warranty support the frame was replaced with the current Stumpjumper World Cup...
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    Garmin Edge 510 has frozen

    If all else fails, might be time for a format and reinstall. I've been running the latest beta firmware without issue so far. Can find it linked at
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    New hoops! After 3 years the stock Rovals started cracking around the eyelets so got the LBS to lace these up... Nothing flash, but I am now a member of the cool noise brigade :Banane18:
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Good news: Long overdue replacement of BB30, rear hub bearings & rear rotor ahead of the Mont this weekend, great to have it going and stopping without the squeaks and grinding I've endured for the past couple of months. Bad news: discovered some cracks around the eyelets in rear rim = more...
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    Mont 24 advice

    Can't wait for the fun to start. In a team of 4 and it's the first 24hr event for all of us, first race for some and first night ride ever for one... expect to see us propping up the bottom of the leader board :third: Bit of a n00b question - I'll have a Garmin 510 along for the ride, is there...
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    Thomson 27.2 Dropper

    Fuck the haters! Nice change seeing pics of a bike that actually gets ridden instead of the usual showroom specimans that abound 'round here. Sweet post too!
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    Wagga Downhill scene

    Majority of the local terrain and trails are definitely more XC orientated, but there are some downhill tracks up at Willans Hill. Check the maps at for a bit of an idea, but you'll probably do just as well by heading up the top and following your nose.
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    Sram PG1070 cassette, KMC X10SL chain compatability.

    I'm running the same chain and cassette without problems, using SRAM shifting gear but can't think of any issues with using an XT shifter & derailleur instead. With a single ring up front you only need a derailleur with enough capacity to cover the spread of the cassette. There is a 25 tooth...
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    Intense T275 Carbon Tracer

    *spoont* Nice ride! Have always loved Intense, but never owned one myself (one day!) Wondering about the reasoning behind the Shimano brakes with Avid rotors? Thought everybody loved the Ice Techs?
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    You can't polish a turd!

    Custom hand job. Very nice.
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Washed the thing for the first time ever. The Gravity 12hr at Bright yesterday was a bit muddy...
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    Dakine tail pad

    Have always assumed tail pads were just for shuttles, but has anyone used one for transporting bikes longer distances? Are they sturdy/legal enough for highway use?
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    Garmin Vs Magellan

    Been thinking recently about getting a GPS myself, I've seen online reviews saying the Garmin 200, 500, 510 and 810 (and no doubt others) have a virtual training partner feature which sounds like it could provide what you're looking for. Check out...
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    Why motorists dislike cyclists...

    Knobbish behaviour like this wouldn't help win motorists over...
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    My Carbon Roval wheel is destroying tyres!

    Recently split a Crossmark in the same spot, but in my case it was on an alloy rim. Have seen it suggested likely to be an example of a tubeless pinch flat. So if you've been bottoming out the tire, maybe try a few extra psi?
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Know I probably should of, but didn't worry too much since I bought it out of town when needed a quick replacement for the previous Crossmark that had failed (got 2.5K out of that one before the tread delaminated from the casing). Was happy to support the LBS this time and try something...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    Same, same. Also running an Ardent Race on the rear now after managed to do this to the Crossmark... Always been hard on rear tires, but this was a new record lasting less than 500kms and two months. Did grow a nice Stans booger in that short time though...
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    Tracks in Merimbula

    +1 to Tathra. Not much chop riding around Merimbula, but if you can get yourself to Tathra there are a heap of fun trails. Either drop by the bike store or have a look on strava or some of the maps online...
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    TUBELESS TYRE MEGATHREAD - All questions asked and answered in here!!

    Sure is, assuming you're talking about a valve with a lock ring just leave a 20mm x 20mm square of tube attached and it should seal up fine. The bought valves usually have removable cores which make it easier to add or top up sealant, but it's not a lot of extra effort running ghetto style.