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    VIC Sold

    Interested in selling your axle?
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    QLD Fox 32 Talas CTD *SOLD*

    Interested in selling your axle?
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    Fox 36 Float RC2 Fork -SOLD

    what size axle do they take?
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    Mount Buller new EPIC trail

    The epic is more than enough climbing for one day. why not do stone fly one day with misty/corn hill/delatite and epic on another?
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    1x10 without a chainguide

    NW wearing out fast? So i swaped the old nw chainring which had around 2500 km on it off my old bike onto the new only to have alot of noise coming from it under load. The chains on my old bike where all replaced before they wore to much, just thought i'd get a bit more life out of it. Any...
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    Forrest Trail Conditions?

    Hi mate, Was out this morning and rode all the southern trails which were damp but still in good condition a day of fine weather and they'll be good to go. The Northern trails are always dryer and with the exception of a few puddles are riding great, well worth the trip.
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    Forrest latest conditions

    Any been riding forrest lately? How are the trail conditions? Imagine its still pretty wet down there but is it worth a drive from Melbourne?
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    BSC closes down

    recovery missiion Any Ex BSC staff that may be browsing this thread? Can you tell me where my DT Swiss Tricon Wheelset may have been sent to be repaired? I Know it didn't go to Dirtworks but can't recall where it was being sent, going to do a ring around and try and track it down. Not...
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    Pics How those pictures coming along?
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    Adjustable Seat Posts

    Its the i950 and i got it from jenson, after reading reviews i wasn't expecting any play. As i said i got it today and have only been riding up and down the road, chances are i may not notice it on the trail.
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    Adjustable Seat Posts

    KS owners Just got my KS today and am pretty excited about hitting the trails tomorrow but i just have one small niggling issue, i have about 1 mm vertical play in my post and find it very noticable when transfering my weight back on it. Is this normal? Bit dissapointed if it is. Maybe i...
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    VIC Lysterfield Park

    Pretty sure he's talking about the trails that start opposite the enterence to follow me which have yellow tape across the start and a shit load of dead branches littering the trail head.
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    Anyone even bothered going to wobat lately? Thinking it will still be a mud bath but would like to here from someone in the know.
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    Garmin edge 705 help

    Hi guys, have recently purchased a 705 which has been brillant and am trying to decide what format to buy maps in? I have already decided that i am going to fork out the cash for the australian topo but can't decide if i should get the sd card, download the maps and then i could update...
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    *****sold*******Commencal Meta 5.5.2

    Hey mate, this may be a long shot but is your bike still up for sale? If your interested give me a call on 0422599798. Cheers, Aron
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    Canberra camping?

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    Canberra camping?

    After being in the land of oz for a few years now i'm finally going to make the trip to canberra and was wanting to know of any good spots to camp at. I'm cruzing in a van which i'll be sleeping in and would like to stay close to the trails, maybe a small town for a night or two with a good...
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    Want to know why your trading access application was denied?

    Hi guys Was also wondering if someone could delete my half assed attempt at trading access. Thanks for any help.
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    Walking the overland track

    Surely all being fine fit cycling specimens some of you have walked this track...basically i'm doing it in january but am going to do it in 5 days instead of 6 and can't decide which day i should make the largest. Two choices are making the second day 24km straight to pelon or the forth day...
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    lube recomendations?

    Hi all, Just after any reccomendations for a new lube, is it always necessary to run a wet lube in the wetter months or is there one to do it all? What are your guys experiences?