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    The discount code thread

    I need some new OneUp Alloy pedals. Anyone got a discount code for anywhere? Thanks
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    The election thread - Two middle-late aged white men trying to be blokey and convincing..., same old shit, FFS.

    This level of disrespect for the Prime Minister is disgraceful. In some countries, threatening to burn the home of the PM would get you executed. It is ok to be angry but this is not helpful or reasonable.
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    hardtail commuter bike

    I had the same decision to make and ended up on a cyclocross bike - Giant TCX. Great fun. The skinny tyres make the gravel fire trail commute interesting and can also pick up some speed on the footpath too. My commute is 30km with 9km being gravel, 1km of road and the balance on bike path.I was...
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    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    How much was the Canyon?
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    Post your commuter!

    My tyres give up before my brakes do.
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    Chain reaction cycles

    CRC just confirmed my 3 week late order is now lost. I asked them to send a replacement express courier and they have agreed. Other order is still on the way apparently
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    Chain reaction cycles

    Ask them on their facebook page what is happening - i just did. A bit of publicity may help them sort it out
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    Chain reaction cycles

    If everyone cancels their credit card payment and hits them up with questions on Facebook maybe they will have the courtesy to address the issue.
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    Chain reaction cycles

    2 weeks and still waiting. Had a live chat today for about 20 minutes. Apparently a lot of orders are here but shipping information is not right so they are trying to sort it all out. They have no idea when it will be delivered (could be tomorrow, could be next month) They have no idea. I...
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    Chain reaction cycles

    I got the same response. Two weeks since i ordered.
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    Big tyres - narrrow rims

    I currently have the factory Bontrager alloy rims on my 2017 29er Trek Slash 9.8. Think they are 30mm ID. I also have a set of Lightbike carbon rims that are 25mm ID that i am thinking of building up. I currently run a 2.5x29 Minion DHF and 2.5x29 Agressor and really like this tyre combo. Do...
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    Giant Trance 29er

    Where is my 29er Reign!
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    The QUICK question thread.....

    I have used bike bug online and at their store. Always good to deal with
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    The discount code thread

    I have vaults already and keen to try the OneUps. THe composite ones are a lot thicker and dont really apeall
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    The discount code thread

    I am buying some One-Up alu pedals. The best i can do is $175, and better options?
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    Orbea retailers?

    If you have to hunt to find a retailer imagine trying to make a warranty claim. I considered a Rallon but gave up after searching for a retailer.
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    Lights for night riding

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    What frame size?

    I am 180cm and ride a 19.5 Trek. I have alway gone medium bikes rather than the large. After riding the larger bike i find it more stable, easier to control and more comfortable - wont ride a bike on the smaller side again.
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    New Bike - confused on choices

    You can get the BUPA 15% discount with a basic membership. Join for a month and cancel before first payment. Discount sorted. Or maybe just compare them to your current health insurer and make the change
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    Accident at Old Mans Valley - Hornsby

    What happened and what were the injuries? Good to hear he is on the mend