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  1. protecon

    new car!

    Nice wheels - not exactly subtle though? Oh and nice shorts.
  2. protecon

    Muppet that caused 60 bike pile up last year is truely a knob,27574,24956297-29277,00.html Another cyclist has been hit and killed in Sydney. EDIT: You're completely correct it's bullshit. Putting a car into Park when it's still moving forwards will not stop the car. Automatic transmissions have failsafes to prevent...
  3. protecon

    All computer literate people

    Plasmas/Projectors usually have VGA or Composite inputs. Depending on your model of Macbook and whether it's fitted with Video-Out (either DVI or VGA) will determine what adaptor you'll need. A little more info on the screen/projector and installed components on the Macbook will be very helpful.
  4. protecon

    new car!

    Wack some black BBS on there!
  5. protecon

    Little Things You Hate

    These laws were only introduced due to town planners insisting on plonking great big multi-laned roundabouts with multiple exits into suburbia. Atypical Australian roundabouts are single carriageway affairs located at the crossroad of two streets. The roundabout indication concept should not be...
  6. protecon

    HELP!! Camera Broken?

    It means the connection to your flip LCD screen has become unplugged. Take it in for a service or if you want to save yourself some cash, carefully take it apart and reinsert the plugs.
  7. protecon

    Home made pizzas - post 'em up!

    Yeah it's sweet potato with olives and goat cheese with light sprinkling of mozzarella. The one in the background is italian sausage with chillies, mushroom and mozzarella.
  8. protecon

    homemade dh bike

    Pedalling efficiency would be good. Obviously it's just a project and made with a minimum budget, however I couldn't spot any bearings? The linkage works by the upward travel of the rear swingarm pushing forwards on the upper aluminium linkage. This in turn pulls backwards on the lower...
  9. protecon

    Where to sell a laptop?

    OCAU. You'll need to wait the grace period if you're a new user though.
  10. protecon

    Samboy chips are back.

    I believe when Pepsico bought Smiths, the tradename of "Samboys" was registered to a different company and was only trading under Smiths. I remember sitting in the pub as a kid drinking lemonade and eating BBQ Samboys out of the box.
  11. protecon

    Songs for a chilled out vid

    Death in Vegas - Flying Jose Gonzalez - Teardrop Tosca, Nightmares on Wax, Portishead, Thievery Corporation, Zero7 etc
  12. protecon

    Whistler Blackcomb August 08

    Didn't end up riding whilst in Vancouver (caught pneumonia and had to go to hospital) but I did take a couple of snaps when I was there. Looking to go back in the new year!
  13. protecon

    Drum n' Bass Thread

    Don't forget Brookes Brothers! Weeeee
  14. protecon

    Laptop style keyboards for desktops?

    Logitech DiNovo is pretty laptopesque?
  15. protecon

    Your funeral song

    For a tear jerker.. Adagio in G Minor by Albinoni
  16. protecon

    The Photo Snob Thread

    Can't wait for summer...
  17. protecon

    Recommend me some music...

    78 Saab 764 Hero A Camp Air France The Amps Architecture in Helsinki Artic Monkeys Atlas Sound Beautiful South Black Mountain The Breeders Broken Social Scene Built to Spill C.O.C.O Cadallaca Camera Obscura Casino Ashtrays Cat Power Charlemagne Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Combustible Edison Coner...
  18. protecon

    !!obama !!!

    OR somebody told them they could escape serious sentancing by pleading insanity...
  19. protecon

    !!obama !!!

    Dude not only does your post make my brain bleed but there's already a consolidated Obama thread.