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    Little Things You Love

    Gold. I bought a bunch of socks n jocks the other day, getting dressed every day has a new level of excitement. It's like a whole new outfit. I'd like to add New Jocks to my list of things I'd wear new every day if I was rich.
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    sold please delete

    Sold! Sold, thanks for lookin.
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    sold please delete

    Yep, comes with bar & helmet mounts and extension cable.
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    sold please delete

    Item:*NiteLights Single Light 900 lumen Location: Sandringham, Melbourne Item Condition: Brand new, never used Reason for selling: Sold the XC bike. DH night runs not advised. Price and price conditions: $80 Extra Info: More light than you'll ever need. This is my second set of these. First...
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    Dodgy ad on gumtree - stump jumper

    Ok. I think there's a benefit to posting suss ads. I wouldn't want people not to post them in fear of being shot down.
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    Dodgy ad on gumtree - stump jumper

    Yep I can agree there. There's no denying, however, that when you want to sell a bike that's worth a few grand, it's a highly unusual to offer no real description of the item. Could be the owner's uncle selling it for him while they're overseas. There's a good strike rate on here of people...
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    Dodgy ad on gumtree - stump jumper

    "The cheapest bike ever with high quality, 85% like new. discount for quick buying. SMS Prefer.":plane: What part of that seems legit to you?
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    VIC ** SOLD ** Brand new Schwalbe Rocket Ron 26 x 2.1 (1 of them) Evo UST Tubeless

    Best all conditions XC tyre I've ridden.
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    Campagnolo Groupset Upgrade

    You're pretty much just paying for weight loss for everything beyond Chorus, which loosely equals more Titanium, finer carbon blades etc. You won't get as much wear out of your SR cassette for this reason. I've had no issues with full carbon rear mech set ups. Get all the bling. Spend the...
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    Difference between Santa Cruz and Intense?

    What a retarded comment.
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    STOLEN Ellsworth Rogue in Sydney City, NSW
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    Opening Weekend @ Mt Baw Baw - Wide open all Summer till April - WOW!

    Heading up for this whole weekend. Anyone have any recommendations or otherwise for Accomodation?
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    Norco Sight Killer B 3

    Awesome! Looks heaps of fun.
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    VIC Sold

    I'm with John on this.
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    2011 Specialized SX 4X

    Twice the butter. Looking forward to Pix!
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    Opening Weekend @ Mt Baw Baw - Wide open all Summer till April - WOW!

    Heading over there this weekend and weather's not looking too crash hot. Any chance the shuttles will be cancelled during shit weather?
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    twitchy/nervous front end??

    When you're riding, have your chest over the stem. You want slightly more sag in your shock than your fork. I usually start with 30% shock, 25-27% fork.
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    Alternative lub Oil for Rear Fox Shock

    How do you propose to get the air into the damper?
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    Alternative lub Oil for Rear Fox Shock

    There's air in your damping oil. This is not ideal and will change the way your rebound and compression performs during use. You'll need to send her off for a service. New air sleeve seals won't do it, you need a new head seal and damper service.