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  1. jessebatty

    Eastern Traildigger...YO

    havent weighed it but we think its about 13 kg and price is $650 and yes i do suck at mechanics lol will be doing some upgrades e.g. seat, valve caps, pedals and brake lever
  2. jessebatty

    Eastern Traildigger...YO

    Here's a little view of my new ride... (stoked yer:D) Very sweet bike for dj/street and they make you feel confident...2nd day I had it I was learning 360s on dirt...awsome bike to chuck around... Anyway here's the pics Photo's are courtesy of me... Thought I'd...
  3. jessebatty

    Lachie & Patto's Blue Singlet Sesh

    Love your threads mate! Nice pics and digs to the guy doing the shirtless backies!:D
  4. jessebatty

    Maddison World Record

    that_is_awesome,,,,,,seriouly sweet......:D
  5. jessebatty

    Park aye =]

    Thats skill photography and riding guys, keep it up,:p
  6. jessebatty

    MTB turndown

    Thanks for the tips man, will try emm......:D
  7. jessebatty

    2008 XC/DH yeti!

    that is a VeRy bling bike, i aspechally love the car.....:D
  8. jessebatty

    MTB turndown

    Looks sweet, what would you reckomend to try turndowns on for starters, would it be halfpipe, or a jump with mattresses?? cheers jesse
  9. jessebatty

    My biking life.

    Thanks for sharing them with us, some are pretty good pics to, sweet rding and trails, keep it up, Jesse
  10. jessebatty

    rohans thread, JUMPS X2 LAST PAGE

    Yeah he was gonna try a backy on dirt but it had been raining and the ground was still a bit boggy soo nah he decided anyother day would be better,,,,,got any tips for us??:p Laters Jesse
  11. jessebatty

    rohans thread, JUMPS X2 LAST PAGE

    man those pics make it look big
  12. jessebatty

    french video very special, and very s...!!

    Wed really like to no what there saying, extremely funny movie but, you need translate it for us aussie folk:D
  13. jessebatty

    Downhillers - would you pay for shots like these?

    Defiently!!!!!! Keep practising, look at magazines etc and like damian breaches website and see how the pros take there pics, would be my suggestion, you can learn a lot from just looking at pics that are really good.....good luck with it anyway:D
  14. jessebatty

    Yeti 303 and DJ!

    1 awesome bike, love the geometory, and the helmet and goggles:D
  15. jessebatty

    rohans thread, JUMPS X2 LAST PAGE

    That was one awsome sesh.......many more to come........:D
  16. jessebatty


    that bike is seriously nice..........good luck:D
  17. jessebatty

    What the College gap did to my bike (Vid up in Phat vids)

    Video *clap* *clap* *clap
  18. jessebatty

    Tom Patton Injured in Training Accident - Updated 14/11/07

    get well soon, we need you out there for australia!!!! Cheers Tom, jesse
  19. jessebatty

    Miles Meads Place.

    Well yeah thats what i was thinking actully. but i didnt think it matterd which one i put it in??
  20. jessebatty

    Miles Meads Place.

    Would anyone on here know how to contact miles mead?? Because my bros going up there soon and hes really keen to ride his tracks, Ive seen the tracks myself and i know where they are but in not sure how to get on to him. PM me if youve got anyone PH number or Email, or if anyone know his FARKIN...