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    warburton tracks

    re warburton hello this is intense dave.I am one of the builders of the track, and we would appreciate no riding this track at the moment,as we are doing more building .plus due to its steepness riding it when its wet really tears it up.Thanking you in advance for your co-operation
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    VDHS Rnd 2 Barjarg

    Great vid brother really like some of the angles
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    Tekin suspension - any good

    tekin suspensionth I had ken tune my shock last year and the way the rear wheel kept contact with ground was noticeably better. The best value for money you will get. Intense
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    Barjarg Ride Weekend - Dec 12/13th

    Thanks sam great weekend. the editing on the video is sick guys,great work.
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    Has anyone heard of or bought anything from this website?

    scammers if it sounds to good to be true then it is to good to be true
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    Barjarg Ride Weekend - Dec 12/13th

    ride day hey sam joined mtba and youies mtb club at yack have not received card with mtba number and know nothing about pass word how do i register dave
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    2009/2010 Vic DH Series DATES AND VENUES!!

    re yack a big thanks to tony and the beechworth chaingang for a sick weekend.The track was really tough, the shuttles were seamless and i did not crash. THANKS to all the vollunteers dave
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    2009/2010 Vic DH Series DATES AND VENUES!!

    yack race Great work on the track tony it looks good,cant wait for the weekend dave
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    People that make downhill awesome

    heroes no matter if you race or ride you could not do so withoout tracks.So the track builders are the real heroes,so many people ride but only a very small percentage build. Get out and build and be your own hero.
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    Barrett's jump pics

    jumps great work ben will have to come down to ride it dave
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    Lilydale bowl...

    bmx you guys rock sick riding good photography
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    World Cup 2010 - speculation and other crap

    in regard to your reply to my post grayham we all have our opinions but the fact of the matter is our sport is DOWNHILL MOUNTAIN BIKEING to me that means going DOWN a hill or mountain. also downhill have evolved from light CC style bikes; in 1991 tomac won cc,next day won downhill on same bike...
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    World Cup 2010 - speculation and other crap

    it looks like the venues next year are actually downhill tracks not pedalling to much; which is good because our sport is DOWNHILL MOUNTAINBIKING
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    Avid Codes I'm interested in your brakes. Would be able to pick up. Would you please call me on 0417 504 033. Thanks, Dave.
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    Age is no boundary!

    hi guys old farkers rip !!! i am 44 next week current vico masters state champ have stepped up to expert this year running 4th out of 50 riders podium at barjarg a mans track most riders in class half my age last race at buller qualified 4th steve and ian from masters would have qualified...
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    SOLD!! El Camino... SOLD!!

    Pictures I am keen to see some pictures of the brake. Would you please be able to either post to the ad or send to my email. Thanks.
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    Mt Buller State Round pics - Feb 4, 2007

    Could I please have a copy of 356 sent to Thank you.
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    Results of Long Gully - Delay

    Thank You! This was only my second race ever. I attended with friends who were racing for the first time. WE HAD A BALL!!! The track was SICK, the people were friendly and we had a great two days riding. Matt and Wayne, don't listen to the wankers. Same old story, hundreds of people...