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    QLD Sunshine Series Rd 1. Kenilworth

    Cool to see Ronning there !
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    new admin

    The Ghost who walks ;) Yes I still own a damm MTB Ty !!! =p .... Tyres are flat though ! but im working on it !
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    Crankworx - Garbanzo DH Results

    Finally someone gave him props ! I was reading through the thread going .. FUCK DENNIS goes 7th ?? no one notices !! Cairns pride ;) Total respect as that course is a rapist !
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    Graves beats Bubba Harris

    I heard Jared rides hard on a Uni cycle aswell ! amazing ! Mtbers have always been competitive with the bmxers I remember an old Story about some "Power output record" that was held at the AIS by some BMX pro .. apparently Rennie rocked up and smashed it first go haha .. Good to see Jared...
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    Helmet Cam Review #3

    Yeah that review is awesome ! Techno's reviews are always awesome !! another top notch read.
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    2004 Marz DC Shivers

    Item: 2004 Marz Dual Crown Shivers Location: Brisbane Item Condition: Great Reason for selling: Sold DH Bike Price and price conditions: $650 Extra Info: Great Condition, Comes with Intergrated Stem & Original Box Buyer to pay freight, COD or Direct Deposit. Pictures: Coming tonight...
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    2004 Giant DH Comp

    Frame & Wheels sold. Have Hayes brakes & 04 Shivers in Awesome nick left to sell. Leaving country friday for a month .. so looking to lose forks.
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    2004 Giant DH Comp

    Get some pics to ya by Sat lads. Cheers Dom
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    Park City Norba - 4X Results

    Graves does it again no suprise really. Men 1. Jared Graves 2. Jared Rando 3. Petr Hanak 4. Luke Strom 5. Rich Houseman 8. Joel Bain 13. Amiel Cavalier Females 1. Joanna Petterson 2. Neven Steinmetz 3. Amelia Colasurdo 4. Jessica Vogt Thanks to Gavin Donehue from...
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    2004 Giant DH Comp

    Bump $1700
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    2004 Giant DH Comp

    Item: 2004 Giant DH Comp Location: Brisbane, Qld Item Condition:Good Reason for selling:Have pretty much stopped racing and want to get the hardtail up to spec Price and price conditions: $1900 open to neg if price and time is right Extra Info: 2004 Giant DH Comp Frame 2004 Marz Shivers...
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    CORC DH Round 3 Results

    Elite Men 1 David Howse 01:56.33 01:55.54 01:55.54 1 Tim Eaton 01:55.54 01:57.86 01:55.54 2 Brad Kelly 01:55.80 01:56.32 01:55.80 3 Go Gazza Go 02:49.57 01:56.10 01:56.10 4 Lincoln Verass 01:58.41 01:57.50 01:57.50 5 Adam Dossetor 02:00.31 01:57.79 01:57.79 6...
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    Mt Snow NORBA - DS Finals

    Yeti Management have to be happy with the way this season is going ! both WC and Norba !
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    WC DH Rd#3 Willingen Results

    yeah Pinkbike explained it as a BMX track on steriods
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    WC 4X Rd#3 Willingen Results

    *yawn* was only a matter of time really wasnt it ? my money is on the series ..
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    Luke Madill seriously injured

    MELBOURNE - 19/5/6 As you may be aware, Luke Madill (GT Bicycles Australia’s #1 Pro) was seriously injured in a crash at the BMX Nationals in Adelaide. Luke suffered three broken vertebrae in his back and one in his neck, a broken hand and a broken nose. It is with huge relief that we...
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    Peat wins 5th Lisbon Red Bull Down Town

    Final Results: Steve Peat 1:41.65 (Santa Cruz Syndicate) Cedric Gracia: 1:42.41 (Commencal) Sam Hill: 1:43.24 (Iron Horse, Madcatz) Gee Atherton: 1:43.72 (Animal Giant) Greg Minnaar: 1:44.31 (G-Cross Honda) A word from Peat: "I won for the fifth time in a row. It was more of...
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    Luke Madill seriously injured

    Luke suffered serious injuries whilst round eight of the UCI Oceania Series in Adelaide last week. Everyone at wishes you a speedy recovery mate and wishes you the best for the future ! More information from Penrith local newspaper below...
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    Melbourne Premiere of Roam

    Movie Details The Film (The Collective & Roam): Award winning, The Collective is the collaborative work from some of the world's best mountain bikers and their words, ideas, and most importantly their riding. The film Roam is the second film from the Collective and looks to follow on from...
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    Cairns Downhill (back in the Day) Circa '92

    aww the memories who ended up winning ? Gotta love that Red Cairns Soil !!! Those photo's are awesome ! .. I had a sh*t load of photo's from those days .. my first race was the North Qld Games around 94, 95 ... those days Dallozo and McCarroll were killing it locally !