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  1. BlakZ

    Where did I go wrong?

    This stack has reminded me why I use elbows guards that have forearm guards too! Solution? Practice. I have done 1000000 stacks like this.
  2. BlakZ

    URGE Helmets

    I use the enduromatic (standard lid) for all non-DH riding. It's pretty good. Came with a bag, quality sticker sheet and more than enough spare pads and visors. Comfy, stylish, lots of protection down the side and back of head. Very happy. I have a POC carbon fullface but if that ever breaks...
  3. BlakZ

    STOLEN Canberrans.....2013 Trek bikes

    That is a lot of bikes to hide! They would be stupid to move them on within Canberra, even within the country. They must be really dumb, or have a very grand plan. I imagine theft of ~300,000 is substantial jail time? Maybe they really like the new treks and will be riding them one after...
  4. BlakZ

    FTF Winter/Spring Series - Long Gully, Healesville

    Awesome photos! Keep up the good work!
  5. BlakZ

    Broken wrist recovery

    Most simple, yet most annoying injury you can do. I fractured my scaphoid (right, through the waist, non-displaced) in April (easter weekend) and the cast came off nearly 9 weeks later (mid June). I then wore a cycling brace full-time because one doctor told me I should of been in a cast for...
  6. BlakZ

    good service at lbs

    Yarra Valley Cycles (VIC) continue to give me fantastic service.
  7. BlakZ

    Help on updating my bike?

    Hi all, see below for pics. It's my first MTB ever. I bought it second hand about a year ago not knowing much about bikes! After buying it I realised the U-Turn function on the forks was broken, so Ive learnt to ride with 135mm of travel. Shortly after buying it I made it a 1 by 9, added...
  8. BlakZ

    The Hip Hop thread

    Bit disappointed about the lack of oz hiphop on here to be honest! At the moment listening to lots of Mantra, Urthboy, Dialectrix, Drapht, and Maundz (and in general, lots of golden era, SBX and crate cartel). A mate and I try to catch all the shows we can in Melbourne. PM me if you are...
  9. BlakZ

    What movie(s) do you never get tired of watching?

    Braveheart Batman Begins and Batman Dark Knight Crank 40 year Old Virgin
  10. BlakZ

    Slow cooker recipes...

    For someone who never uses recipes, you sure like sharing your own (complete with correct weighed portions and options) Made me chuckle! Anyways, just wanted to ask, is the quality of your slow cooker/appliance setup going to strongly impact your final dish? Has anyone bought a bad slow cooker?
  11. BlakZ

    Dumb, drunk and racist?

    I saw it and some parts made me physically ill. I'd like to hope it is only a small minority bogan part of the australian population.
  12. BlakZ

    Shoulder protection

    Most long sleeve armour have shoulder protection. Off the top of my head, the 661 assault looks to have a large amount of protection for my shoulder.
  13. BlakZ

    Chinese steel quality

    I work at BlueScope in product quality. PLEASE BUY AUSSIE!
  14. BlakZ

    Tightarse people - share your stories here

    workmx, I found your story the most sad out of this whole thread. I've always been the 'tight-arse' of my group. But not like this thread tight-arse, I am just careful with how I spend my money(ie. I spend on bikes and the save for the eventual purchase of property, rather than copius...
  15. BlakZ

    Whats a good AM helm that us aussies can buy, what u guys use?

    I bought an enduromatic. It is fantastic. Considered a lightweight fullface for a while but decided against it. Unless the entire helmet is structurally designed to take a blow to the face, I wouldnt feel comfortable wearing it. As well as being incredibly comfortable, the enduromatic came...
  16. BlakZ

    Why do some people remove their shoes when going inside?

    Keeping your floors maintained/clean/well presented may save you $20,000 in re-carpeting and flooring when you try to sell up in 15 years time. Just a thought.
  17. BlakZ

    People trying to convert us to various alternative lifestyles

    Just thought I would share my current situation + some ranting..... My girlfriend is completely vegetarian. We dont live together (yet) but share many meals. Just to be clear I am the guy that would order the meat lovers pizza to eat by myself. Talking about it and semi-argueing was second...
  18. BlakZ

    New Phone: Samsung Galaxy S 2 or Iphone 4?

    I have the motorola RAZR which is equivelant. Rate it highly! Advertised as the "tough" smart phone - I figured that was a good thing for riding. The Motorola Xoom Tablet looks like a winner too. If I ever go the tablet path it will be with motorola.
  19. BlakZ


    I crash on every single run so timing is not a concern. Hope this helps.