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  1. Cletus

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    I bought a new gx rear derailleur to replace my flogged out nx mech. Also got a new gx 12speed chain and new inner and outer gear cable set to get it all working like new.
  2. Cletus

    E13 11 to 12 speed conversion.

    Screw it, i bought another bike insted
  3. Cletus

    E13 11 to 12 speed conversion.

    At the moment i have a 30t chainring. I want to be able to climb the steep stuff on the trails but still get some decent speed riding to work. Hence the wide range. Was thinking of going back to a 32t chainring to give me more road speed and hoping the 46t would still let me get up the climbs...
  4. Cletus

    E13 11 to 12 speed conversion.

    Hey guys, looking to increase my gear range on my 15 stumpy evo. I have an 11 speed xo1 group set on it now with 10-42 gearing and the E13 12 speed conversion offers 9-46 which would help me out greatly. Anyone running this system and anyone think its a bad idea? My other option is a gx eagle...
  5. Cletus

    New bike or upgrade old one?

    Right, i kind of thought as much. Time to sell then.
  6. Cletus

    New bike or upgrade old one?

    Hey guys, been off the bike for a few years and ive recently been bitten by the bike bug again. I saw the new 2020 norco sight a2 and really liked what i saw, but i have a 2014 stumpjumper expert and was wondering about fitting the new gx group to it and going a 160mm fork to slacken the head...
  7. Cletus

    Experience based recommendations for robust new fork 120-140mm

    +1 on the X - fusion Vengeance fork. Super smooth very solid 36mm fork. Performs way better than the fox float rc fork I replaced. A touch heavier than the fox, but definitely the better fork of the two..
  8. Cletus

    SOLD 2012 Fox Float 32 DRCV 150mm SOLD

    what:2012 Fox 32 float drcv 150mm Location: Wollongong NSW Condition: great, looks and runs like new How much: SOLD Extra info: this fork has come off a trek remedy9 Has a tapered 1 1/8 to 1.5 steerer tube at 180mm and 15mm axle Fork is black with kashima coating If you'd like any...
  9. Cletus


    Can these forks be converted to 160mm? interested if they can.
  10. Cletus

    Do you have to run a GXP BB with Sram XX cranks

    the sram gxp ceramic bb is pretty good (nice and smooth and seals pretty well) but have just seen that hope have a new gxp cramic bb out and they claim its totally crud proof. having trouble location one online for sale though.
  11. Cletus

    Cycling glasses to cover prescription glasses

    hey guys, have a talk to Chris Savage at Vision Ink Peformance Eyewear in canberra ( He specialises in perscription sports glasses and has many top brand frames to choose from. also does perscription with transition lenses for oakley, adidas, bolle, arnette ,ect...
  12. Cletus

    Dropper seat posts choices

    i also have the lev and its great. i had the ks supernatural and it tended to get slow and sticky very quicky and required VERY regular maintainance and the remote seemed like it didnt have enough throw and had to be pushed down hard to activate the post. i've ridden with the reverb and it...
  13. Cletus

    wanted, entry to capital punishment 100km

    hey guys, anyone got an entry to the capital punishment 100km you want to sell? looking to pay $100 for the entry. give me (pete) a call on 0412929886 or pm me. cheers.
  14. Cletus

    capital punishment entry

    hey guys, anyone got an entry to the capital punishment event you'd like to sell???
  15. Cletus

    Sold sold sold.

    this wheel set is WH-MT785.
  16. Cletus

    Sold sold sold.

    now comes with centre lock rotor adaptors so you can run six bolt rotors if you like. awesome, very cheep wheelset.
  17. Cletus

    Sold sold sold.

    i hav'nt heard from panda so these wheels are back up for grabs. any takers?
  18. Cletus

    Sold sold sold.

    buy a new fork, plenty going cheep here;);)
  19. Cletus

    Sold sold sold.

    oh yeah, sorry guys. 26 inch. going cheep :clap2:
  20. Cletus

    Sold sold sold.

    Item;2012 XT race 26 inch wheelset Location; wollongong nsw Item Condition; brand spanking new, still in the box and plastic. Reason for selling; bought wrong wheel set from overseas. Price and Conditions; $300 plus postage or free pickup from wollongong or mortdale. Extra Info; this...