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    Sydney Trials Facebook Page

    Hi, If you're looking to get in to trials in Sydney or even in general and want to talk to fellow riders check out
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    Anyone still doing this?

    I have started a Facebook page called ‘Sydney Trials rides’. I’m trying to ride street regularly on (usually) a Wednesday night in the city cbd or pyrmont. Also ride on weekends at spots on the coast - clovelly, Gordon’s bay, maroubra etc. Get in touch if you want to get into riding.
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    ***SOLD***** GoPro waterproof helmet cam

    item has been sold
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    ***SOLD***** GoPro waterproof helmet cam

    Item: GoPro Surf Hero (fisheye) non-HD Location: Sydney CBD Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: need funds Price and price conditions: $100 ono Extra Info: Comes with the surf attachments, but a rig to mount it on a handlebar/ helmet could easily be made/purchased. Can be used surf...
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    *****sold*******Commencal Meta 5.5.2

    bump..... first buyer pulled out and it's still up for sale
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    *****sold*******Commencal Meta 5.5.2

    Item: Commencal Meta 5.5.2 Medium, White, Current 09 model Location: Sydney Item Condition: Has had about 5 hours use. As new Reason for selling: Not using it Price and price conditions: $2999 pickup in Sydney CBD or + freight at buyers expense. Extra Info: All stock parts except for...
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    NSW ***sold***

    pics now added :)
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    NSW ***sold***

    Item: 2005 STP1 Black reg size(14) Location:Eastern Suburbs, NSW Item Condition:Very good condition as it was only ridden a hand full of times (Light street riding). Pedals were replaced with fairly worn Primo tenderizers everything is virtually as it was in the shop. Reason for...
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    sydney street rides?

    is this mic that used to ride a monty and came down to Mt Beauty ages ago?
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    Stolen: Silver trials bike (Echo Pure)

    Tonight (sat 24th june) Adam Kelly, one of Australian trials most talented and respected riders had his Echo Pure stolen at Fassifern (near newcastle) train station. Police notifed and suspect caught on camera Bike details: - Echo Pure trials frame (with seat), sanded back aluminium is...
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    How to lose a leg!

    It is meant for the front of a trials bike and trials bikes don't go all that fast. But having said that we did test it out on the first week by cutting up anything we could find.....a lot of happy meal toys died that day :( I probably won't use it. I'm actually more scared of catching my...
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    How to lose a leg!

    Chucked this on to see how it would go. I'll need to get a proper adapter to make it work and there aint much clearance between the disc and the seatstay. Has anyone run and 8" disc on and stp? Is this a good idea? P.s. The bike is a giant stp 1 and the disc is a 185mm Leeson trials disc.
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    Yaabaa Mururoa

    The head angle is pretty slack and it stears like a boat with a sus fork on. smallest possible if you were gonna do it - 80mm. Sus forks are over rated - You get used to rigids. You aint trail riding on this frame!
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    Yaabaa Mururoa

    Trials bike setup more for street. Purchased from the boys at It's a new brand owned by the popular trials brand 'koxx' aimed at the a more novice/rider on a budget/someone who likes a seat. fork: Onza tuf guy hubs: chris king rear, middleburn front brakes: Avid...
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    Server down
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    The official website for Sydney trials riders in Sydney is now up (still under construction). But there are a few old videos up as well as a recent one. There will also be comp info, rider profiles, pics, products for sale, contacts for trials demos and possibly a forum in the future. There will...
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    AM to PM with an AK -

    Finally new vid up Unlike most of the sydneytrials stuff this vid has been filmed and edited by me (Simon Betteridge). Shot over a few weekends. Featuring Peace McCormack, Adam Macbeth and Adam Kelly...
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    Mongoose Rockadile LED 03 Black/Grey - Sydney CBD

    The bike was stolen outside Kathmandu (Camping Store) on the corner of Kent and Bathurst St Between 12 and 4pm today. Unfortunately there aren't to many distinguishing parts on the bike. It did however have some non stock black platform pedals. Pm me any details
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    Sydney trials: New Wed night Meeting spot (3/11 onwards)

    No.......... I am a bitch! :cry: