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  1. Sam.

    Former Aussie Junior, Alec Reid in "Knock Off"

    G'day Farkers, or... Burners. Been a hot minute since I've posted 'round these parts. Stoked to see a few familiar faces still around. I had a few years away from bikes but recently have jumped back into riding and filming them. Thinking back on shooting edits/stills and sharing them on here to...
  2. Sam.

    The Photo Snob Thread

    Alright ya'll snobbers, long time no post. Basically my 7d won't recognize ANY battery I put in it and will run dead in about 5 mins on a full charge. After consulting Google it appears that this is a common problem, and short of putting the camera in a freezer for 5 minutes there don't seem to...
  3. Sam.

    Year 12 major work - Woodwork

    Gifkins dovetail jig... I take no credit for them whatsoever haha! Those things are magic!
  4. Sam.

    Year 12 major work - Woodwork

    My advice would be not to be too ambitious, be realistic, make regular folio updates and ensure that you take time with all of your joints. The biggest thing definitely though is finishing, allow the last term for finishing if possible! I spent hours upon hours sanding my jobs all the way down...
  5. Sam.


    That's right folks, you can do wheelies on these bikes no problems at all. The proof is above. Matching helmet at an additional fee, enquire within!
  6. Sam.


    Item: 2013 Scott Gambler CUSTOM build. Size is Long. Location: Wollongong Item Condition: Great, it's just over 6 months old. Forks just completely rebuilt, brakes bled and whole bike stripped and rebuilt in preparation for sale by Kegs at Avantiplus Wollongong. Anyone who's spent a bit of time...
  7. Sam.

    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    Are you looking at n/a or XT model? My research indicated most head gasket issues were with n/a models. I recently purchased an MY05 XT, no issues with the head gasket but it does chew oil like it's going out of fashion which apparently is the case with all of the turbo models. I wouldn't be...
  8. Sam.

    You laugh you lose
  9. Sam.

    First look: Team CRC/Nukeproof 2013 race kit

    Slight improvement from the cricket whites he's currently been running...
  10. Sam.

    Coles Car Insurance

    Yeah Aami wanted $3000 haha. Both Progressive and Just Car are around the $1400-$1500 with modifications. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Sam.

    Coles Car Insurance

    Bit of a gravedig here but figured this would be as good as any other place to ask the question. Basically I'm looking at buying a new car in the next month or two. Most probably an MY04 XT Forester, NRMA want some ludicrous amount ~$2000 with a ridiculously high excess should I have a crash...
  12. Sam.


    The riveting story of a burdened young motorcross rider, come mountain biker. 5x Bong Bong Road Big Bash champion and 3x Mt Kembla 6 fingers and flat out winner, Johno Bailey has recently suffered a ban from the AMA. Get on board, support his cause and hashtag all your Instagram and Twitter...
  13. Sam.

    Scott Equalizer 2 Rear Shock

    The shocks really aren't as bad as many people make out. I'm not saying they don't fail, but a lot of the time poor initial setup leads to failure. Make sure both air cans are set up at the right pressure for your weight and you'll reduce the risk tenfold.
  14. Sam.

    Thredbo Nationals

    That Johno Bailey dude is a bit of a weapon I tell you what!
  15. Sam.

    Loose nipple in EX823

    Not sure how the wheel builder could drop a nipple into an 823 considering they're a UST rim? You thread the nipple onto the spoke and then thread the insert into the rim to build those suckers up, not drop the nipple through the top of the rim like a conventional wheel. You sure it definitely...
  16. Sam.

    Mt Buller Australian Gravity cup round 1, 2013

    Can't see them on Facebook brother... What's your name and I'll add you so I can view the album. Cheers
  17. Sam.

    NSW Sold

    Certainly are mate hit me with a text 0435 648 364
  18. Sam.

    Sam Tolhurst 2012 Showreel

    Hey all thought I'd share this with the RB crew. Not too much MTB in here but should be enough to keep yall interested, pretty stoked on it! Check it: You can keep up to date with my work in photo, video and graphic design here...
  19. Sam.

    scott gambler 2013

    RRP is $6500, but as mentioned above they aren't coming into the country.
  20. Sam.

    NSW Sold

    Still got these for sale, willing to post Aus wide for free!