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  1. Xmetal

    DH The next great build thread!

    Yeah? Well i'm sure as shit not asking a Fitter to inspect it. ;) The mortgage, up-coming Wedding and other things in life like bills take massive priority before any bike does. I am only getting along on a very minimal wage and don't have financial support or sponsors because i'm too slow...
  2. Xmetal

    DH The next great build thread!

    Small update. [/URL] Replaced all the pivot bearings in the frame. :) It's actually starting to resemble a bike again. Currently needing wider DU bushes and hardware for the shock so that is next on the list.
  3. Xmetal

    NSW Sold, Gone, Thanks for playing.

    Sold sold sold!
  4. Xmetal

    NSW Sold, Gone, Thanks for playing.

    And fixed. Thank you Benlow. :)
  5. Xmetal

    NSW Sold, Gone, Thanks for playing.

    Works well in the b-u-m-p-s. (See what I did there?)
  6. Xmetal

    NSW Sold, Gone, Thanks for playing.

    Item: Fox 40 RC2 FIT 2006 Location: Maitland, NSW Item Condition: Used. Stanchions are mint. Lowers are fairly rough but are structurally still outstanding. Crowns are in good nick. Reason for selling: Totems. :) Price and price conditions: $450 Delivered. Extra Info: Regularly serviced...
  7. Xmetal

    DH The next great build thread!

    Just a little update here: Freshly powdercoated and ready for parts. :)
  8. Xmetal

    Fork thread. (Which one?)

    Hey guys I'm currently in the process of building yet another bike and i've reached a really big hurdle and need advice. The bike in question: 2008 Intense SOCOM Current fork: Fox 40 RC2 Non-FiT Coil My main aim is to try and keep the weight down and after doing lots of reading and...
  9. Xmetal

    your shuttle rig

  10. Xmetal

    Paleo and every other ridiculous fad!

    Fixed. I personally hate them too because if i'm at a social gathering at there's one Isagenix boffin they'll go above and beyond the realm of normal conversation to change the subject to Isagenix.
  11. Xmetal

    DH The next great build thread!

    Alright squids it's been a long time between drinks but I think it's time I started another epic build/evolution/riding pictures thread! (and the crowd goes mild!) The current stead is due for replacement as pictured below: I've been plowing fairly irregularly on it for a while but it's...
  12. Xmetal

    The gaming thread

    Been busy with other things in life like organising a wedding, buying a house and being a growed-up. ;) (New bike is on the horizon too.)
  13. Xmetal

    The gaming thread

    BF3/BF4 on PC here. Username: Cargon_Diez Longest headshot on BF3 with the M98B was 1134m - dude was camped on a hill in one of the armoured assault maps. I got accused of hacking straight after. :P
  14. Xmetal

    NSW WTB: Intense G3 Dropout - 150mm Drive side only.

    Yes I've found that one and one on Jenson USA but I should've mentioned in the OP that I wanted to try and find something local before resorting to going off shore. Cheers mate. :)
  15. Xmetal

    NSW WTB: Intense G3 Dropout - 150mm Drive side only.

    Item: Intense G3 Dropout Location: Maitland/Newcastle Price range/Willing to Pay: RRP on one of these is $278 and i'm not paying that. Extra Info: Must be 150mm spacing Contact: PM me or email xmetalphotography1(at) Many thanks in advance
  16. Xmetal

    Ourimbah DH 22/06/14

    So, First crack at videoing a club round - I feel very noobish at this so be gentle as i'm normally a stills shooter. :) Edited it all together with Sony Vegas which i've only used a handful of times so some of the anomalies in the film weren't intentional...
  17. Xmetal

    Sad, emotional songs. The most depressing thread ever!

    George Jones - He stopped loving her today. The singer tells the story of a friend who has never given up on his love. He keeps old letters and photos from back in the day, and hangs on to hope that she would "come back again." The song reaches its peak in the chorus, revealing that he indeed...
  18. Xmetal

    Best Sore Throat Remedies

    Benedine throat gargle. Buy the pre-mixed stuff in the large bottle from the chemist and you'll never look back. Difflam and Strepsils are good for when you're away from home need a 'fix'.
  19. Xmetal

    Long or short pants??

    Oakley boardies covering Skinz compression pants with my socks pulled under my shinnies. Beat that!