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  1. wilddemon

    Mont 24 advice

    Great event that I was underprepared for and I surprised myself that I managed 6 laps. While we are talking about passing (I was passee more than passer) .... Mostly there were no problems but once when I was behind a slower rider I could hear a small group come up behind me. I listened for...
  2. wilddemon

    Wagga Downhill scene

    Moved away 22 years ago. Don't know of dh but yeah I'd guess Willans hill behind bot gardens, what else could there be? There's some xc at pomigalana. Check out Wagga mtb website. There's a 6 hour coming up around August which is a well organised and inexpensive event. Good intro to the trails...
  3. wilddemon

    moving to wollongon...

    Bring a climbing cassette on your roadie and hit me up. my rebuild should be done soon.
  4. wilddemon

    ACT Put SOLD In your thread title when it's sold, ya pack o' bastards!!!!

    Feel free to put a boot up his arse as well, so effing annoying and his attitude doesn't help
  5. wilddemon

    Five Ten Quality Going Down?

    resole? Hi guys. Not sure on price of these shoes and if its worth it but Big John Resoles can prob help out. I've gotten them to do resoles for rock climbing shoes and they are great.
  6. wilddemon


    Antimatter... High pressures, sub 2kg dually.
  7. wilddemon

    G'day fellow Wollongong trail lovers.

    What sort of riding are you looking to do? Xc, dh?
  8. wilddemon

    Mont 24 advice

    I suppose you could say that not everyone can handle chopsticks... :eyebrows:
  9. wilddemon

    Mont 24 advice

    Do you think that SPE made no money? Do you think that SPE are a charity organisation?
  10. wilddemon

    Mont 24 advice

    Can you give us the gist? I'm not sure if I should go home and train or hit the cans...
  11. wilddemon

    Mont 24 advice

    Anyone heard anything? I've checked SPE site and nuttin!!!
  12. wilddemon

    Mont 24 advice

    eh? I shifted back in time so I lived through that hour twice. Do you even math? EDIT: sorry, still emotional.
  13. wilddemon

    Mont 24 advice

    Updates? Hi Burners. Has anyone got any updates? It's now been 73 hours and aint herd nuffin, though I am probably not the most patient person... EDIT: It's been 74 hours including the shift from going back to Eastern Standard Time.
  14. wilddemon

    Mont 24 advice

    There's a link around page 12 which describes unfair contracts. I had a read. It says to the contrary of your point in that reasonableness, if that's a real word, of the contract is considered. Having said that, it did make a point of saying that if it involved recreational activities then the...
  15. wilddemon

    Mont 24 advice

    Kowen - will it drain, will it be muddy Any locals that can offer advice on track condition and whether it will be muddy, slimey or ok in their opinion?
  16. wilddemon

    Chinese eBay Lycra any good?

    I thought they were great, particularly jerseys cos they aren't doing a lot let's face it. Bibs, the chamois is not as good, but reasonable. On long rides the cheap bibs can get uncomfortable if the stitching is too course. I reckon eBay for jersey chain reaction for bibs.
  17. wilddemon

    Completed. The lads first duallie

    That's no mean feat either
  18. wilddemon

    What do your kids ride?

    Wooden Balance Bikes on sale 1 day only $35 plus p&h I have something similar for my son, he's been riding it since 2 yo.
  19. wilddemon

    Baby seat for Scott Ransom?

    You'll need about 10mm worth of spacers if you've got enough steerer. You'll need to put your seat up too. Edit: obviously no bumps at 10 months. Baby's neck not yet developed.
  20. wilddemon

    VIC PARTS SOLD Parting out XC Bike , some good shimano stuff for cheap

    I'll take rear deraileur please