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    That time you'd accepted you were dead...

    Around 20 years ago, driving along the Henty Hwy on the eastern side of the Grampians - unsealed, corrugated, etc - following a large truck with a MASSIVE cube of sandstone on the back. Strapping must have been worn, truck hit a big pot-hole, and watched in horror as the straps failed, boulder...
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    That gay marriage thing........

    Absolutely - and absolute bullshit... Personally, I cannot for the life of me understand why ANY organisation (least of all religion) should be legally allowed to discriminate based on their beliefs. There are of course members of the LGBTI community who consider themselves Christian...
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    The last movie you've last watched last

    King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. First 5 minutes or so - basically a quick battle scene - was ok, then it tumbled downhill like me at a dh race... Waste of $6 downloading on Foxtel that's for sure!
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    Formula One world championship

    Did y'all see Richiardo drop a fart in the middle of the press conference after Singapore? Damn he is a frigg'n legend!! HAHA
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    That gay marriage thing........

    To me - if I understand our MANY existing anti-discrimination laws which clearly state that one cannot deny another something based on their sexual orientation (amongst other factors such as age, health, etc) - the fact that religious organisations are denying gays the right to marry is, in and...
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    Bollards on bike paths

    While you may have already done so, reporting these issues to the relevant authority is highly recommended. Even if they do nothing about it, if someone DOES happen to run into it then at least they're MUCH more likely to have a successful claim given it is then able to be proven they were...
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    Bollards on bike paths

    If a child ran across your path from an adjacent playground or something, you might be able to argue there were insufficient means to prevent children doing so, or that the playground was too close to the path (or vice versa)...
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    Bollards on bike paths

    It would be pretty hard to argue that a bollard is "out of your line of sight" if you've managed to run into it (unless it was covered by vegetation) - same with a child. If you run into a bollard you'd be better placed trying to argue it was not "contrasting" with the background and as such...
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    Bollards on bike paths

    Bollards are put in to stop cars access the park / garden areas to do burnouts and generally cause massive damage. Its bloody expensive to replace grass every time some twat wants to go for a joy-ride... That said, the should only be necessary (if at all) near intersections/road/driveways...
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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    "...can easily hold 2 children" - What parent of the year would put their bloody kids in that!
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    Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)

    Other than the mining and gas industry - which he seems to doing everything possible to assist by removing legal/environmental hurdles - I cant see how anyone can possibly think what he is doing will improve the US economy. While I certainly wasn't a fan of all the details of the TPP, if...
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    Little Things You Hate

    People who suddenly stop in the middle of the footpath or a doorway or in a shopping centre with f-all consideration for the fact they are in a busy location with a million other people around them. If you need to stop, move the fuck out of the way!! Had a whole group of people (of a...
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    2016/17 VDHS Round 2 You Yangs

    Haven't shared my shots on here for a while... Here's a sample from the weekend.
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    Detroit's pimped bikes

    Some of them have the widest seats I've ever seen!! Perfect for Big Big Booty!
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    The Photo Snob Thread

    A scene I thought was pretty breath-taking - would have loved to have seen it at sunrise but it was in the middle in f'n nowhere (near Lake Victoria, about 120km n/w of Mildura).
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    I can lend some experience on the Food Safety and liability aspects; - Food Safety is ALMOST a non-issue, as it is VERY difficult to prove that the food in question was the cause. And even if they could, given that Deliveroo are providing all of the kit and are required to instruct you on...
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    Little Things You Hate

    LTIH - tire burn on my butt-cheek! Slipped a pedal yesterday at Kinglake over a jump, landed with my butt on the rear, which ripped both my shorts and padded under-shorts off so that the rear tire was able to grind directly against my bare ass! LITERALLY have a skid mark on my left...
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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Man that battery pack! You'd be pulled over by special forces and the bomb squad riding around with that thing! HAHAHA!
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    I have no real personal experience - apart from having to deal with a couple of kids that apparently suffered adhd as a lifeguard - however a friend of mine told me a somewhat scary story just the other day about a kid in her son's grade 2 group. Apparently this kid was so out of control -...
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    Greyhound Racing

    THIS to me is the inherent problem with ALL animal racing/entertainment - the fact that many owners believe they have the right to make such a choice simply because the animal(s) in question aren't "making a profit", or because they have sustained an injury BECAUSE of the sport. Fuck them all...