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  1. J

    NSW 2014 YETI SB66 CARBON- medium- SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!- PLEASE DELETE

    Hi there! Would you ship it to QLD?
  2. J

    What are you listening to NOW?

    Big Noah and the Whale fan... and they're coming to Aus!
  3. J

    So you like awesome t-shirts, huh? Show us yours!

    This shirt is hilarious.
  4. J

    So you like awesome t-shirts, huh? Show us yours!

    Hey Steve-o Yeah, basically. Except we won't display shirts from places like woot, 1 t-shirt shop etc as we want people to have a decent chance at still being able to buy the shirt from the labels store. Thanks for the dead links... there's a few of those at the moment and unfortunately we...
  5. J

    So you like awesome t-shirts, huh? Show us yours!

    Most of them are, some aren't (they might be out of stock or discontinued). You can visit the store that sells the tee on the right hand side of the image.
  6. J

    So you like awesome t-shirts, huh? Show us yours!

    Thanks mate. Yes, I own Rumplo with my good friend. We update the site daily with really good tees (at least we like to think so) from the best indie labels that you wouldn't necessarily hear about. It's surprising how many people don't know about still... so you can imagine...
  7. J

    So you like awesome t-shirts, huh? Show us yours!

    Hey lads and lasses Yes - it's been a while since I've posted here. Old timers will remember me, and a big HELLO to the many thousands of you that have joined since. I've been travelling the world more-or-less, and now I'm back, no longer in Toowoomba, but in Brisbane. Anyhow, my good...
  8. J

    Goldcross Cycles - Merida Demo Weekend @ Mt Buller! was a huge success! Checkit

    This should be an epic day - would love to ride some Glen Jacob's trails!
  9. J

    Tinea gone bad

    I hate to laugh at your expense, but that was a hilarious post mate. See a doc, get it sorted and you'll be laughing :)
  10. J

    Whats the best beer you've had & why?

    Pretty sure I've had this and it was a thumbs up.
  11. J

    Fixie Hate?

    The London bike messenger race:
  12. J

    Fixie Hate?

    If you want to see some fixie/ss porn, move to Shoreditch, London. I see so many zip past my window (loads of couriers). But I also have the pleasure of zipping past them on my daily commute through London. There's a real LOVE/HATE thing here for them as well. I've seen some bike polo...
  13. J

    The Fixie Thread

    Hi to all the new people that I don't know... which is probably a whole lot of you. I live in London right now, and bloody hell are there A LOT of fixies/ss getting around. Especially in the area I work in which is called Shoreditch. Most of you probably have no idea what that means, but it's...
  14. J

    Show me Your Music (Formerly 3 Bands Thread)

    Alela Diane Angus & Julia Stone Interpol
  15. J

    The official gamers thread.

    Cleaned up the thread a little, carry on :)
  16. J

    Whats the best beer you've had & why?

    I've sampled a very large variety of beers in my time. I rarely buy a beer that isn't 'boutique'. My pick of the bunch is 'Deus'. Brewed in Belgium, finished in France. Beware though, it's $50+ per bottle.
  17. J

    Ultimate Frisbee

    Nice photo :) Ultimate Frisbee is the beez knees : )
  18. J

    Something about the person above you.

    ^^ a virgin ;)
  19. J

    please delete

    My god, learn to construct a sentence without an obscene amount of typo's/spelling mistakes Kip01. Red Rocket's advice is sound -- it's negligent not to consider his comment with regards to voiding warranties. People should be aware. Im locking this thread, and go ahead, send me a rude pm...
  20. J

    so emo and stuff.

    So would I -- but do not take my comment literally, it was said in jest. (: