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    VIC WTB: 2009/10 Downhill Bike Parts

    Unfortunately yep.
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    VIC WTB: 2009/10 Downhill Bike Parts

    Items: DT Swiss EX 5.1D Rims 2009/2010 Boxxer World Cup Forks FSA Gravity Light Cranks (165mm) RockShox Vivid Coil Shock 9.5 eye to eye x 3.0 inch stroke XO 9spd Shifter Avid Juicy 7's or Saint Brakes from the same era. Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Any Price and price conditions...
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    Sold 2015 PIVOT Mach 5.7 (Medium)

    Item: 2015 Pivot Mach 5.7 Carbon Xt-XTR (medium) Location: Eastern Suburbs Item Condition: Bike has been well looked after, always serviced. Forks and shocks serviced by NS DYNAMICS. Single small scuff from the only ever time I shuttled the bike (it’s tiny) and does not effect the frame. See...
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    VIC Sold

    BUMP! This bike needs to go!
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    VIC Sold

    Bump! This bike is mint!!! First to see will buy!
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    VIC Sold

    SOLD, PLEASE DELETE Item: 2013 Medium Lapierre Xflow 612 Location: Montrose, Victoria Item Condition: Frame brand new never ridden, components have done around 200km Reason for selling: Upgraded to a Longer travel bike Price and price conditions: $2600, NO TRADES! Will post...
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    Barjarg - Alpine Gravity Elevation Enduro Series - Round 1
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    Beerburrum, Round 3

    Here is some of my pics from the Yakima Sunshine Series race at Beerburrum. If you would like a print or canvass please check out
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    can you give me tips for my dh trail!!!

    Mix it up a bit and have some flat corners and some rock gardens and some really sweet little bits of single track then a fast section with burms and drops and Jumps. It also depends on what u have to work with. Log steps can be good on an off camber for a challenge if u have no rocks! Really...
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    Full time work and racing??

    Just wondering if there is any chef's or Waiters that race? If there is do you find it hard to get the weekends off especially in summer? Thanks Snaps
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    DJ sesh with new camera! (added bigger and more pics)

    In the first photo of the 3rd row, there is no thing on the forks were the sliders meet the lowers. (i cant remember what its called) Looks mad! NIce photos mate
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    dh track

    Where abouts is this little track? Pm me and i may come help
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    Photoshoped Bikes!!

    Got a new frame anyway and you never now i probably could!
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    Photoshoped Bikes!!

    Another One! Another Socom, Aussie Edition, the flag up the top is there as i couldnt get rid of it!
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    Photoshoped Bikes!!

    I have another one with the flag on it as well but its a psd and a massive file! I was thinking about posting it up, but couldnt be bothered re-sizing it.
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    Photoshoped Bikes!!

    Just got bored today and changed the colours of some different frames! A couple of them turned out really nice and i thought they were worth posting! The glory that looks like the original was photoshoped to look like that! enjoy! MORE On THE SECOND PAGE
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    Ballarat race

    Arrarat= AWESOME TRACK
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    Mt Dandy-dongalla-trails

    Im not trying to legalise channel 10. As i said in my first post this wont happen. If you read it you will know why it wont happen!
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    Mt Dandy-dongalla-trails

    I got an email today from the Mayor. He said he has no news for me at present time but is pushing the idea forward and said he would get back to me ASAP
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    Mt Dandy-dongalla-trails

    FATTROLL or whatever your thing is , Im not i lycra wearing kinda guy. I dont ride XC at all! And by the way about 5 jumps down the track are just logs and i never said that the berms were made of logs! But the get destroyed as it illegal to ride in there! Keep riding in there and i will stop...