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  1. slowmick

    Niggling 'injury' whinge

    that is a lot of hardware. Are you a cyclone rated pergola?
  2. slowmick

    The youtube and google video thread (MTB and non-MTB vids)

    Love watching people who are so confident in their bikes and their skills - I would have headed straight over the top of the first berm and disappeared down the side of the hill
  3. slowmick

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

  4. slowmick

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    It does. An E-go motor. Does my willy look bigger if my wallet is smaller?
  5. slowmick

    Static shocks

    I was squatting checking out some posts for a deck and started to get itchy and sore legs. Figured it was a combo of the saw dust I was covered in and the stupid position I was stuck in. Nope, after a few more posts I realised that I had sliced the outer on the power cord and the brown and blue...
  6. slowmick

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    No one wanted front derailleurs and the hills aren't getting any smaller.
  7. slowmick

    wtb: Crankset, Sprocket, Cassette, Derailleur & Shifter

    look at the crank facing up at the top of the box - looks like 175mm.
  8. slowmick


    I got a message on my phone. Read the message, put my feet on the floor and the tremor arrived. Earthquakes are quick, technology is quicker.
  9. slowmick

    Bargain buys thread

    This hit home yesterday. I made a Robot with my daughter using the boxes my tyres were packed in. My daughter asked me to paint over the specialized logos.
  10. slowmick

    What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!

    128km Radar was all the shades of blue this morning at 6:30. Back to bed.
  11. slowmick

    Canada Trip - BC and QC

    I got to ride Bromont when I went to Montreal for work. Such a well set up Mountain. Got in trouble when the lead drafter told the boss he had broken his back at Bromont and probably not the best plan for me the ride there. Wound up at Mont Tremblant doing cross country the next weekend.
  12. slowmick

    Bargain buys thread

    Got out to the Yarra Valley Cycles sale today Didn't buy anything but saw saw big markdowns on bikes and parts. Will mention the medium 29er sight frame for $1600 and the 29/190 Zeb Ultimate (previous gen / not buttercups) $900. 170mm (52mm chain line no chainring) XT cranks (8120-1) $180 Lots...
  13. slowmick

    Canada Trip - BC and QC

    That's awesome. Where are you riding riding in Quebec?
  14. slowmick

    Little Things You Love

    well done on finding a bright side.
  15. slowmick

    Little Things You Hate

    Feels like a pantomime - look out - he's behind you...
  16. slowmick

    Burner Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday for yesterday @moorey . Hope everything goes smoothly for the race on the weekend.
  17. slowmick

    Brilliant Guardian piece..

    I keep a shortcut to this one for when I inevitbly get asked what is a grown man doing spending so much time and money on mountain bikes. The one you posted is better.
  18. slowmick

    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    Maybe you live in a nicer area than me. Round here XT may be on the top shelf but XTR would be behind the counter in a locked cabinet.
  19. slowmick

    QLD: Atherton trail extension

    It struck me as a big extension to get to Vic. Maybe they can finish at Warburton?
  20. slowmick

    Bargain buys thread

    For those who don't like colouring in Yarra Valley Cycles are talking up 40% off Maxxis for their car park sale which get you down to $65 - $70 a tyre. Can buy online now with code CARPARKSALE