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  1. Isaakk

    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    Doing some AE snooping whilst stuck at the desk sick. They're branching out in copied designs haha. Annoyingly, they're almost always 35mm length whereas I prefer 40-45. (not) Turbine R stem: (not) kinda Renthal stem...
  2. Isaakk

    Sold Unite Co Renegade Stem 35x35

    Very nice stem, and that's a great price. I just paid 200aud for one of these in 42.5mm ...
  3. Isaakk

    All my Aliexpress MTB purchases reviewed.

    Hahaha oh wow. Interesting. Curious to hear feedback once you get some time on them chewy.
  4. Isaakk

    TAS 203mm Rotors & Adaptors

    Have 6 bolt 203mm RT76 near new if above doesn't work for you. Only 1 spare though.
  5. Isaakk

    Bargain buys thread

    That is priced well low, absolute bargain for the buyer
  6. Isaakk

    Water bottle cage for under the downtube?

    If you do go the under-DT path, would also recommend fidlock. Have one mounted upside down on the Marino and have never lost a bottle. Get the one with a cap (or at least another bottle with cap if not going fidlock), because otherwise you are going to be consuming just as much dirt and grit...
  7. Isaakk

    DtSwiss ratchet ring nut removal tool

    Happy to lend, not going down that way any time soon so would need to post (unless you're heading this way).
  8. Isaakk

    Newly Released Bikes General

    Neither. I get that they can't make them shorter without an offset/bent ST (hence why a lot of longer travel bikes do so), was just general commentary. 450mm on a S/M is hella long.
  9. Isaakk

    Newly Released Bikes General

    Those are some seriously long chainstays - 450mm on all sizes is a bit rough
  10. Isaakk

    Focus Sam Mullet

    Usually the biggest issue is the increase in stack/front end + BB height (which also slackens HA slightly, which would be a plus for what you intend on doing). Typically you'd want to drop down 20mm or so in front travel to account for the increase in ATC length and retain a similar ride feel...
  11. Isaakk

    Suspension Setup Sag/Travel

    Would assume you checked clearance at 100% travel too? Looks good, I do love me a Topaz.
  12. Isaakk

    VIC 142mm rear HT 29er frameset

    She's been hanging in the shed looking down on the enduro bikes in disgust - just waiting for someone to give 'er some attention..
  13. Isaakk

    VIC 142mm rear HT 29er frameset

    Not a HT, but maybe worth offering - I still have a 2015 Niner Jet 9 RDO frame hanging up in the shed. I'd be willing to get it go for the cost of the basically new shock that's in it (2021 Float DPS Performance)
  14. Isaakk

    Ghetto carbon rim repair

    IMO, that's definitely a new rim job (and would recommend alu too for a teenage huckwit..). I wouldn't ride that if someone paid me to do so.
  15. Isaakk

    Suspension Setup Sag/Travel

    Could you fit a DVO Topaz 2 in there?
  16. Isaakk

    Downtube protection options for an Orange

    Kydex sheet. See here.
  17. Isaakk

    Newly Released Suspension & Components General

    Holy moly the amount of adjustment. Good luck getting that thing dialled in withing just a few days. Looks good, wouldn't be able to justify over the Topaz though with that price..
  18. Isaakk

    Suspension Setup Sag/Travel

    Sweet, thanks guys - just shot him a message. Have no Maydena trips planned but always happy for an excuse to head down there.
  19. Isaakk

    Suspension Setup Sag/Travel

    NW Tas, historically I have sent off to Cyclinic or NSD. Hadn't even occurred to ask them - i'll shoot them a message.
  20. Isaakk

    Suspension Setup Sag/Travel

    Slightly off-topic but figured i'd ask here as someone might know - anyone around these parts able to replace/burnish lower bushings for a Fox 36 (Rhythm), or have recommendations for someone who can?