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  1. Rickystp0

    VIC 2013 NS Soda FR 1 Large *SOLD

    Sold Sold Sold
  2. Rickystp0

    Richard Swindel-Hurst - few tricks to dirt (flip whips)

    Filmed and edited by adam stone just a few bangers to dirt
  3. Rickystp0

    Windsor siding Dirt Jumps, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria

    there was dirt dumped there tuesday, and a bobcat is going to be there saturday for those who aren't in the loop anymore...
  4. Rickystp0

    Dartmoor Shine - (DJ) 12kgs!

    such a cool build..... so light for a dually
  5. Rickystp0

    DJ Majesty

    hahaha does it ever.....first trick it did
  6. Rickystp0

    DJ Majesty

    Spec list: Frame: Majesty Park Forks: Fox 831's Rims: NS trail master Hubs: Hope pro 2, (trials rear) Spokes: Revolution front, Champion rear Tyres: Maxxis DTH Stem: Deity Bars: Deity Cranks: (temporary profiles) New ones come this week Sprocket: (temp tree lite) Seat: Eclat one...
  7. Rickystp0

    DJ Majesty

    10.45 kgs....
  8. Rickystp0

    DJ 2011 NS Majesty

    looks sick man... mines almost done as well :)
  9. Rickystp0

    slope style dirt jump compz in aus

    there are none..... there is like 1 dirt jumping comp thats mtb only in adeliade. And that was last month
  10. Rickystp0

    Eagle dirt 2011

    cool edit man
  11. Rickystp0

    Like a BOSS!

    so mint....
  12. Rickystp0

    James Patterson EDIT!!!!!!

    your so shit
  13. Rickystp0

    Photo dumppppp

    chyea pattto. love them all. Superseat spine and link boosting spine are my favourites though
  14. Rickystp0

    Castle Cove.

    yeh twas pretty gnarly
  15. Rickystp0

    DJ/Park roadtrip with Jackson Crowe, Billy Hindmarsh and Cam Rouch and many others

    neeeeed some flashes for ramphackfest! pretty hecktic weekend. should come down to box hill this morning for a ride
  16. Rickystp0

    help with 360s

    i woulda hoped he had learnt 360s by now benny. 2 years on and all
  17. Rickystp0

    4 clips with Patto

    chyyyyeeeeeahhhh patto
  18. Rickystp0

    Rear Hub Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    ahhh pretty sure you can run thick ones, mines had a half link on it and now it just has a KMC cool. They are pretty good hubs, only point to complain is about the weight
  19. Rickystp0

    Lewis Nolan May Edit

    pretty sick man, heaps of cool tech stuff
  20. Rickystp0

    Choices! New Dirt Jump frame

    The cord is a nice frame, its just really heavy..........