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    Crankbrothers Q and A session

    Bwahh hah hah hah ......the expansion of its Taiwan....quality control facility....
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    Nomad MK 2

    Best. Colour. Ever. I think Specialized had a colour like this also
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    Bike sizing - new vs old

    Same old, same old. For the benefit of those that think 27" wheels are SO much better The Butcher looks pretty much like a Heckler with a different suspension design, so the biggest difference between a medium and large will be the extended wheelbase (which isn't bad for stability at speed)...
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    Troy Lee and Sam Hill Part Ways!

    Ready for bedtime Don't fret; Sam will still be able to wear all his TLD stuff when he hits the sack!
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    Craftworks ENR

    Call a spade a spade Akin to calling Yeti, Specialized, Trek and Santa Cruz "American manufacturers"
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    Craftworks ENR

    Definitely looking at this in the near future
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    What a load of sh*t!!! Who has EVER had to show their horn was working when pulled for a RBT? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
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    AM Transition patrol carbon

    Revolutionary? You missed one: W.A.N.K
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    Jarred Graves to Specialized?

    Correction! I guess I should have used Cyclinic as the example.
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    Jarred Graves to Specialized?

    If money was no object..... Probably not too different to what you could get someone like NS Dymanics to achieve if you knew what you wanted. He obviously has the added advantage of having a suspension tech rebuilding stuff (and a few spare shocks with a few different tunes) to work with.
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    Slack, long, 5" travel duallies.

    No patent to deal with on four-bar now "FSR" patent (which $pecialized bought from Horst-link) has now expired I believe - that's why every man and their dog are now using it (especially in the US where the big-$ would have fought tooth and nail to prevent them previously).
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    DW for the win!

    Hightower incoming. Looks like VPP is getting closer to DW link (& all the other copies) with every new update
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    Trial Frames with 26 and 27.5 option

    Other than your BB height and a slight alteration to your trail figure, it won't really affect any of your geometry. I'd be surprised if most people could even tell the difference, other than some extra pedal strikes here and there.
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    Your favourite AM frame and why

    Weight distribution? But it does alter the centre of gravity (seated) when the bike is angled up or down
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    Your favourite AM frame and why

    Why not the Heckler? Odd that you bag the Heckler, but the O5 you're riding is pretty much a direct copy, as was the 222 of the original Super8
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    SRAM MTH746 rear hub

    Maybe we can do a swap? Do you know if the freehub works the same as a DT Swiss version - just pull off and swap over? Have you had your freehub off your hub?
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    SRAM MTH746 rear hub

    Does anyone know if this rear hub will take an XO1 cassette? It is 142x12 Does SRAM make an XD freehub body for it? Where can I get one?
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    Battle of the Funduro bikes! Another X vs X thread.

    Summit? Ahhhh, the old carpark test, eh?
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    World cup team changes rumor thread

    Huh? Isn't going from a factory World Cup ride to being loaned a bike by a local distributor a massive step back?