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  1. rone

    Little Things You Hate

    That thing was bloody great. Still going strong with its new custodian.
  2. rone

    Little Things You Hate

    It was delicious.
  3. rone

    Soapy wit tank

    Soapy wit tank
  4. rone

    Who would you choose as a new moderator?

    We're all doomed.
  5. rone

    TAS Found - Nambra is the man

    Item: DT Swiss 240/350 QR front end-caps 9x100 Location: Tasmania Price range/Willing to Pay: Hopefully not much for obsolete technology... Extra Info: DT Swiss Part No. HWGXXX00S3801S
  6. rone

    That time you'd accepted you were dead...

    I read this as you bragging about the amount of head you got in Thailand.
  7. rone

    Kids flats

    Chromag Radar. Best kids pedal I've found.
  8. rone

    Pikes lower service- Oil to use??

    This. Always go with the volume written on the footnut over the website volumes information.
  9. rone

    Shimano XT M8000 Brakes - Lever slow to return

    Early M8000s suffered from tolerancing issues, unofficially. Get your lbs to send the faulty levers back to Shimano. You'll have relacements in about a week. Allegedly.
  10. rone

    24" MTB tyre

    Your LBS should be able to get in Schwalbe Black Jack 24x2.1 for about $35 an end. Nice big bag, cheap and good grip and longevity.
  11. rone

    Shimano XT M8000 Brakes - Lever slow to return

    Try a quick blast of silicone in the lever mechanism, but it's probably an early M8000 lever and comes with associated warranty issues.
  12. rone

    VIC WTB 26" straight 1 1/8 steerer forks. found

    I have what you need but they wont be cheap.....
  13. rone

    WTB Trail/Enduro frame XL

    Got a barely used 2010 Turner Sultan DW in XL frame if interested. 120mm travel. Straight steerer and 135 spacing.
  14. rone

    Which one of these 3 tyres for rear use?

    Aggressor is the new standard for Maxxis rear tyres. They're awesome.
  15. rone

    Dropper post - Thoughts on KS Lev,? Any better options?

    Plus the added excitement of unknown long term reliability.
  16. rone

    TAS Sold

    Bump and price drop
  17. rone

    TAS Sold

    Perfect fit look.
  18. rone

    TAS Sold

    Meningitis. Poor bugger.
  19. rone

    TAS Sold

    Item: 2013 Turner 5.Spot DW size L Location: Hobart, Tasmania Item Condition: Used but unmarked and functionally perfect Reason for Selling: Catastrophic vet bill. Price and Conditions: $SOLD - cant go advance to update title for some reason - will try later Extra Info: I've been on here...