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  1. Nambra

    [FOUND] Hope HC105-30 Crank Shaft / Axle for Original Crankset

    Item: Hope 140mm crank shaft (non Evo version), part number HC105-30 or HC105-30s Location: Anywhere, happy to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: $50 or so, but negotiable Extra Info: Can't be broken like the one on my son's bike Looks like this when not broken: Edit: Tracked one down in...
  2. Nambra

    [FOUND]: Shimano SLX FH-M678 / FH-M788 / FH-M828 Rear Hub NDS Cone

    Item: Shimano FH-M678 Rear Hub Cone Location: Doesn't matter, happy to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: Fair price + postage Extra Info: Needed to replace a shagged cone Second hand wheel with an SLX FH-678 hub (142x12) - the cone has been done up too tight and the ball bearings have...
  3. Nambra

    New SC Bullit Looks like a beast of a mullet bike!
  4. Nambra

    KS Rage-i dropper - any good?

    Anyone had any experience with the KS Rage-i dropper post? Are they good, or shit? Looking for a cheap 31.9/125mm for the son's bike and can get one of these KS jobs new for $140 so was thinking it would be worth a try.
  5. Nambra

    Frogs get serious with e-bike hackers

    Popped up in my feed: Wonder how many other jurisdictions will follow suit?
  6. Nambra

    Shimano XT / SLX 12-Speed Ride review XT: SLX...
  7. Nambra

    Push HC97 - ElevenSix tech to replace your RockShox charger damper

    This looks interesting for those who like to tinker with their forks: PB write up: Possibly a good option for lighter riders who might find them running...
  8. Nambra

    Pike Ultimate

    So this article appeared on PB - apparently a new super-dooper Pike spotted in the wild... Any guesses as to what's going to be different compared with the current model, and how much extra $ram are going to expect us to fork out for it?
  9. Nambra

    Forget that new Jeffsy ad... (carbon lizard)

    SC taking the piss... à la Boy George Looks like a fun bike if you could afford it!
  10. Nambra

    NSW New trail near Ballina (Uralba)?

    Obscure one, probably of little interest to 99.9% of 'burners... I was driving from Lismore to Ballina over the weekend and noticed some newly cut mtb trail on the northern side of the Bruxner highway here. There looks to be an old quarry just NE of this location and a dirt road leading off the...
  11. Nambra

    QLD SOLD 2012 Scott Scale Expert 29er XL

    Item: 2012 Scott Scale Expert 29er Hardtail (XL) Location: Brisbane, happy to pack & ship at buyer's cost Item Condition: Good / Very Good Reason for selling: Gathering dust, and slightly too big for me Price and price conditions: $880 neg. & not parting out. Extra Info: Original specs can be...
  12. Nambra

    Fox 5-piece polymer DU shock bushings on Monarch?

    Hoping for some assistance from the brains trust... I've read quite a few posts on the interwebs about people replacing the stock Rockshox DU bushing hardware on the Monarch with the Fox 5-piece low friction polymer bushing kit and have experienced better small bump sensitivity from their...
  13. Nambra

    NX Eagle has landed

    Starting to float around now on the web. Cassette is 11-50 tooth,450g, Shimano freehub. Pricing doesn't look that much cheaper than GX.
  14. Nambra

    Electronic shifting - any 1x drivetrain

    Clicked on an ad the other day and came across this: Aftermarket e-shifting for mtb 1x drivetrain. Can't say I'd ever be tempted and the photo showing how the actuator mounts on the rear triangle looks problematic - more weight at rear wheel, prone to slipping...
  15. Nambra

    1 x 12 on Shimano Freehub

    Just came across a vid showing a 1x12 conversion using a GX Eagle shifter/derailleur/chain and a Sunrace MZ90 11-50T 12-speed cassette on a standard Shimano freehub. The Sunrace cassette at 560g is about 110g heavier than the 460g GX Eagle cassette, but about half the price. Anyone done this...
  16. Nambra

    FOUND MTB Front wheel, 20mm 4-bolt GT hub, Maxxis rubber

    Bike: No idea, that's why I'm posting... Colour: Per photo Date it was found: 22nd December 2017 Where it was found: Hackney, SA Specs: Front wheel, 20mm 4-bolt GT hub. Maxxis tyre Other Descriptions: Waiting for the missus to pick me up from a boozy lunch and happened to notice this wheel...
  17. Nambra

    [STOLEN] Adelaide - Giant XTC 2 27.5 (MY14)

    So I've been working in Adelaide the last 6 months and have been commuting on the hardtail until this afternoon when some arsehole pinched it from work (locked up within a construction site office compound out of sight of the general public so suspecting an 'inside' job). Bike: 2014 Giant XTC 2...
  18. Nambra

    Question for the Mechanics - Lubes

    I'm trying to put together a few bits and pieces to allow me to properly maintain my bikes; to save a few bucks and know that the job is done 'the way I want' - not necessarily 'right' though! Whilst I'm cool with understanding what the general tools are that I'll need to start collecting...
  19. Nambra

    2018 Pike Highlights are boost only, 150g lighter, bigger negative air spring and new damper. Hopefully some upcoming bargains on current models.
  20. Nambra

    Dodgy Ad? - Lapierre X-Flow 712 Doesn't mention brand/model, but looks to be a 2013 Lapierre X-Flow 712. "Brand New" 2013 model? Description lacks the usual detail you'd expect from someone selling what was a fairly...