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  1. PJO

    FOUND Shimano 10speed shifter

    Item: as per title. Clamp (not i-spec) anything without a gear indicator Location: Hobart or post Price range/Willing to Pay: cheap Extra Info: For a kids build so no need for multi up shifting kids never gonna use that feature. No gear indicator, makes it too hard to position brakes for small...
  2. PJO

    Rockshox hardware alternative

    Looking to get some 8x20mm hardware for a Super Deluxe I bought recently. Hard to find any Rockshox hardware in stock in Aus. and OS sellers wont post. Can I just use same size hardware from a different manufacturer?
  3. PJO

    Heemskirk trails (Zeehan)

    Tassie continues building trails. Started a few years back with the Oonah hill track and is being expanded to this (pic is a link the Flow MTB article): Supposedly opening later this year...
  4. PJO

    Jimmy's holiday snaps

    I'm loving the pics coming out of the James Webb space telescope. Does make me feel very small and insignificant though, insane how many galaxies are in these images which are just small snippets of the universe. It is utterly mind blowing
  5. PJO

    Wanting to borrow DUB BB tool

    There is no sub-forum that I could find on borrowing stuff. If the admins see it worthwhile and there is demand maybe we could have a sub forum on borrowing tools and equipment. Item: DUB 12 notch 46mm BB tool for installing/removing DUB BSA BB Location: Hobart TAS Price range/Willing to Pay...
  6. PJO

    FOUND Funn Funnduro 45mm stem 31.8 clamp size

    Item: As above (colour not so important, no particular preference) Location: Hobart or Australia POSt Price range/Willing to Pay: Less than new Extra Info: Scored a well priced Works components angled headset for my middle boys bike, but the fork steerer is now just a smidge on the short side...
  7. PJO

    FOUND 120mm travel 27.5 air fork 15x100mm axle

    Item: as above prefer rockshox Location: Hobart or post Price range/Willing to Pay: <$200 Extra Info: mates son has a heavy (3.3kg) coil spring suntour and he gets bugger all travel out of it with his 35kg of weight. Needs an air fork
  8. PJO

    TAS Car hole sale

    If you want an item please respond in thread first, I will take thread responses as first in line, not PMs Item: Shimano XTR cranks Location: Hobart TAS Item Condition: Fair (the bolt that tightens the cranks is a little damaged still functional as long as you insert the Allen key all the...
  9. PJO

    Shimano hose barb's and olives

    What's the best place to buy these that isn't going to take ages to get here and is not going to be a ridiculous price for parts that cost a few cents to make? For either the BH59 or BH90 (have both sets that need shortening).
  10. PJO

    FOUND (but not really) Short cranks with DM chainring

    Item: 155-160mm cranks 24mm spindle or GXP Location: postage or local Price range/Willing to Pay: $$ (preferably in between $ and $$$) but could stretch to low $$$ Extra Info: This is a longshot since these are like rocking horse shit. Canfield make some and that is where I might end up but...
  11. PJO

    Spank spoon pedal bushing removal

    Anyone done a pedal rebuild on Spank Spoon pedals? What's the best way to remove the bushing from the pedal?
  12. PJO

    Tan wall tyres

    Haven't made up my mind about whether I like them or not. On some bikes they look good like this one where the red goes well and the kashima kinda matches: but on some bikes they look like dog vomit:
  13. PJO

    FOUND Crown race adapter

    Item: Crown race adapter to fit 1 1/8" fork to 1 1/2" crown race Location: Somewhere in Aus Price range/Willing to Pay: <$20 Extra Info: Something like the Hope HS136. Have an old straight steerer fork which works fine except I just acquired a works components headset to slacken the stupidly...
  14. PJO

    FOUND close enough (150mm shaft for Lyrik/Yari)

    Item: 150mm travel SoloAair or DebonAir shaft to suit Lyrik B+/Yari A+ fork Location: Hobart or post Price range/Willing to Pay: $20-40 Extra Info: Quentin Tarantino has confessed to being nauseated by the Mr Creosote sketch
  15. PJO

    You know you want one, don't you!

  16. PJO

    SGS 5100 rear derailleur

    I've just fitted the above derailleur to my bike running an 11-46 11-speed cassette. Couldn't get it to change properly if I had the stopper plate in position, the upper jockey wheel was way too far away from the cassette even with the b screw all the way out. Once I fitted it with the stopper...
  17. PJO

    FR560 or something else.

    We'll it didn't take long. The eldest boy has managed to put some serious dings in the DT E532 rear rim that I recently built, only a couple of months ago! It is going to need replacing soon. What's the consensus on something tougher, do I just get the FR560 or is there another rim I should...
  18. PJO

    George Town Trails

    Anyone been up to ride them? Is it worth the side trip, heading to Derby in the New Year some time and wondering if it is worth a day trip out from there...
  19. PJO

    Specialized Stumpjumper

    Has anyone ridden the new Spec. Stumpjumper and Stumpjumper EVO? Do they pedal well? Reviews say that Stumpjumpers don't have particularly good pedalling characteristics. Was lucky enough to win a bike and I'm contemplating whether it is worth keeping and if so whether to get the EVO version or...
  20. PJO

    Happy 5000 day

    Randomly I happened to hover over the Dr.s avatar and lo and behold. Sure he may not be up there with the Mooreys of the this world but it's quality over quantity isn't it!