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  1. Winno

    QLD Hope Head Doctor steerer clamp and top cap

    Item: Hope Head Doctor and top cap in silver Location: West End or Brisbane CBD Item Condition: new, unopened Reason for selling: surplus, I ended up with two Price and price conditions: $40 plus post. Extra Info: purchased two in error. Will include Hope spacers Pictures: Contact me on...
  2. Winno

    QLD Prologo Kappa saddle

    Item: Kappa PAS saddle 148mm Location: West End or Brisbane CBD Item Condition: new Reason for selling: surplus Price and price conditions: $70 plus post Extra Info: new, unused Pictures: contact me in 0400700502
  3. Winno

    QLD FS: Ritchey 10D flat handlebar

    Item: Ritchey 10D “flat” 12mm rise handlebar Location: West End or Brisbane CBD Item Condition: as new Reason for selling: surplus Price and price conditions: $80 plus postage Extra Info: brand new, 780mm, clamped into stem but no grips and brakes, etc fitted. Some minor marks in clamping area...
  4. Winno

    The Stanton slow build

    Sold my very XC Trek Procaliber 9.8SL a while ago and picked up a nice Trek Madone with Zipps, etc. Got jack of that as I moved right in close to work and it started to gather dust. So sold that too. The best riding was always in the forest and I got stinging for something new and different...
  5. Winno

    50Tx32 29er vs 45Tx32 27.5

    I’m building a new Stanton Slackline. Previous bike was more XC (Trek Procaliber 9.8SL) with 50T on the back and 29er wheels. It climbed everything. I know the Slackline lives for going down but I hate porting up and like to ride instead of walking if I can. I’m wondering if I can get by this...
  6. Winno

    Carbon rims and low tyre pressures for commuting?

    Hi peeps. I have a Trek Procaliber 9.8SL hardtail which runs Maxxis Ardent Race 2.2 tyres on Kovee Elite 23 Boost carbon rims. I'm looking to switch off the Maxxis for some Bonty R3 32mm road tyres when I start commuting. Trouble is, Trek tell me I really shouldn't be running more than 50psi...
  7. Winno

    XC The new XC whip.

    I went back to a hardtail after selling my RM Element. I'm thinking of racing again and thought one of these new 2018 Trek Procaliber bikes (18.5" for my 172cm height) would be good. Some of my favourite days out have been on hardtails. This one is the 9.8SL with the top mountain carbon frame...
  8. Winno

    sold. Thanks Moorey dude.

    Item sold thanks
  9. Winno

    10mm steerer spacer too much?

    Just slammed my new, longer stem for better climbing and a slightly roomier cockpit during XC races. I cut the steerer down a bit but I'm still running a spacer on top. Although the Rocky Mountain has quite a tall head tube, I'm reluctant to cut the steerer down another 10mm for a nicer flush...
  10. Winno

    QLD SOLD: My short Raceface Turbine stem for your longer one

    Item: Raceface Turbine stem - 60mm x +/-6 degree x 31.8mm bar clamp Condition: very good to mint - no scatches and has only been used on my XC race bike Reason for sale: I'm a bit cramped and want to try a longer stem. Location: Brisbane - CBD or 4069 (inner western burbs) Price: sold...
  11. Winno

    Raceface Turbine stem - sold

    Item: Raceface Turbine stem Location: Brisbane Item Condition: as new Reason for selling: going for a coloured stem to match frame graphics Price and price conditions: sold Extra Info: used on my road bike for a few weeks only. Unmarked. 90 x 31.8 x +/-6° Pictures:
  12. Winno

    QLD Shimano XTR rear derailleur - sold

    Item: Shimano RD-M981 GS 10 speed XTR Shadow derailleur. Location: Brisbane but also happy to re box and post. Item Condition: Works perfectly, minor marks on one edge of the inner alloy cage plate only. Used for maybe 9 mths on an XC hardtail and it's NOT had a hard life. Reason for...
  13. Winno

    Please delete

    Please delete thanks
  14. Winno

    RAD rear derailleur plate - worthwhile?

    Anyone running a One-up RAD outer plate on their XTR shadow+ and Hope 40T combo? I'm also using a RF 34T N/W up front. Would appreciate any comments on whether the shifting is actually better than with the standard carbon plate. To me, the standard carbon plate feels as good as an un-modded...
  15. Winno


    Sold, thanks
  16. Winno

    QLD Sold

    Sold thank you.
  17. Winno

    QLD Please delete before Morey has a conniption

    Please delete. Wrong forum. Chur.
  18. Winno

    Winno's monochrome Rocky Mountain XC/trail weapon

    Pretty damn excited about this build. I've been on an On-One carbon Whippet hardtail for the last few months and loved every minute of it. At a recent XC race series up here in Paradise though, a couple of competitors were pushing around on Rocky Mountain Element MSL dual suspension bikes. I'd...
  19. Winno

    CSixx carbon chain guide - sold

    Item: CSixx carbon chain guide Location: Brisbane Item Condition: used but would almost pass as new - see pic Reason for selling: stripping the hardtail and no FD high mount fitment on the new frame Price and price conditions: $old Extra Info: suits high direct mount derailleur...
  20. Winno

    Recommendations for shock tuning

    Got a new frame on the way and I'm about to pick up a brand new rear Fox Float RP32 for it at a good price. I'll need to have it retuned though and possibly get bushes and reducers for it and was wondering who can do this? I'm in Brisbane but don't mind looking elsewhere. Cheers guys.