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    VIC SOLD - 2019 Intense Primer Large with extras

    Item: Large 2019 Intense Primer + extras (see below) Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Used in very good to excellent condition. Purchased new from Intense in Dec 2019 - one owner. Frameskined from new, removed for sale. Usual small chips and a few paint wear marks from the bike carrier (in...
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    VIC SOLD - 140mm Debonair C1 pike/rev airspring

    Item: 140mm Debonair C1 pike/rev airspring Location: Melb Item Condition: used Reason for selling: excess, switched out to 150mm Price and price conditions: $45 postage included. Extra Info: Suits 35mm Pike/revs 2018-2021 see here...
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    VIC Sold… Hope Pro 4 XD driver

    Item: Hope pro 4 xd driver Location: Melb Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Shimano 12 speed Price and price conditions: sold Extra Info: Bearings feel smooth, pawls engaging great, overall very good condition. Probably been used 1500km.. PM if interested. Pictures:
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    Angle headset 1-1.5 degrees

    Item: Angle headset 1 or 1.5 degrees tapered steerer Location: Vic - happy to pay post Willing to Pay: less than new Extra Info: Looking for either a 1 or 1.5 degrees angleset, ideally works components. Zero stack top cup external cup bottom, headtube is 120mm.. According to works website; ZS49...
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    VIC SOLD - Wolftooth Sram MatchMaker Shifter To Shimano I-Spec II Brake

    Item: Wolftooth Sram MatchMaker Shifter To Shimano I-Spec II Brakes - Right Only Location: Vic Condition: Great Reason: Ditching sram for shimano Price: $25 posted Extra Info: Tidy up your cockpit this adapter allows you to mount a sram shifter to a shimano ispec II brake mount. I had a gx eagle...
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    FOUND Rear shock 200 x 57

    FOUND! Item: Rear Shock 200 x 57 standard mount Location: Melb, happy to postage Price range/Willing to Pay: depends on what you have.. Extra Info: Looking to change the travel of my light weight trail bike from 130 to 140mm so not after anything dh oriented ie coil, fox X2 etc..
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    VIC SOLD Shimano M8000 Calipers 2 pot pair

    Item: Shimano M8000 Calipers 2 pot pair Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Very good, less than 12 months use. Reason for selling: Swapped to 4 pots Price and price conditions: $60 posted Includes banjo bolt and pad retaining bolts. One is missing the little c-clip. No pads.
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    VIC Torque Caps for Hope Pro 4 15 x 110

    Item: Hope Pro 4 Torque caps for Rockshox Fork Location: Melbourne, postage is good. Can do pick up with 5km of 3084.. Price range/Willing to Pay: $40 posted? Depending on condition Extra Info: I’m am after Torque end caps that convert a standard 15x110 hope pro 4 to Rockshox Torque. Part...
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    Monarch RL shock upgrade options

    New bike has a rockshox monarch rl shock MM tune, it feels really progressive and very hard to get full travel. Has a debonair can and no red rubber rings in it.. Judging by it’s price and it’s features it’s appears to be a low end shock, I’m not familiar with the monarch line up what is a good...
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    VIC Sold .... Rockshox Charger RC Damper

    Item: Charger RC Damper suit 35mm Stanchion Rockshox Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Excellent only 200km use Reason for selling: Surplus. Price and price conditions: $90 + post Extra Info: This spring cartridge version of the charger damper came out of 2019 Rockshox Revelation 29er 140mm...
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    Xfusion Manic won’t stay up

    Hi all, my trusty Manic dropper suddenly decided it no longer wants to stay up anymore, it just slowly goes down when I sit on it. Disconnected the cable to eliminate that been the issue, but the same result.. Goes back up ok and sometimes firms up enough not to completely sink down, but it...
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    VIC SOLD.... Renthal Fatbar Lite, 760mm wide, 31.8

    Item: Renthal Fatbar Lite 760mm width 31.8 20mm rise Location: Melbourne Item Condition: New, taken off new bike purchase. Never used. No marks from controls, one tiny blemish from the stem clamp. Reason for selling: Switch to Carbon bars Price and price conditions: $80 posted Extra Info: These...
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    VIC SOLD.... Fox Transfer 150mm 31.6 Stealth including remote - One ride old

    Item: Fox Transfer dropper post, 31.6 150mm drop with remote (no cable) Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Near new, 1 ride old Reason for selling: Too much drop for my frame, seat rail to collar length too long. Price and price conditions: $300 plus postage Extra Info: Includes remote, bar...
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    Angle headset, slacker lower longer

    Hi all, I want to have a go at slackening out my trail bike, it’s a 29er with a ~ 68 degree ha (2016 intense spider 29). Looking at works headset (zs/ec tapered). Just wondering how far should I go with it, thinking -1 so the bike isn’t that far out of spec. I like how it handles now just a...
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    Chris King Bearings lube

    Hi brains trust, I have a pair of Chris King iso hubs that are 12 months old and due for some bearing love according to their documentation. I have lubed the rear ring drive no probs with the recommended moto oil but I now am struggling to figure out is what lube/grease to use on the bearings...
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    VIC SOLD — Shimano ME7 Shoes Size 45

    Item: Shimano ME7 Shoes Size 45 Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Very good, a couple of scuff marks on the toe box and scrap on the buckle. Shown in pics. Shoes/buckle/laces function as new. Reason for selling: They are just too narrow for my feet.. Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra...
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    VIC *FOUND* Fork 29er 100-120mm

    Item: Fork, 29er, 100-120mm, tapered, 15x100.. Location: anywhere happy to pay postage Price range/Willing to Pay: $200-300 Extra Info: Looking for a fork for a second bike/xc hardtail build.. steerer 170mm+. Prefer fox to match others in the fleet but will consider rockshox. Cosmetically i’m...
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    New chain crunchy noises

    Hi thinktank, I just replaced my shimano chain for the second time on this groupset.. Done about 3000km on the casette and front ring (XT 1 x11).. I have no probs with the casette skipping or jumping but it’s all crunchy shitty sounding since putting the new chain on. The (xt) chain is on the...
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    VIC Hard tail 29er 142 x 12 Frame

    Item: 29er Hardtail 142x12 location: Melbourne, but happy with postage Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends what your got.. See below Extra Info: Hi all, i’m keen to build up a 29er hardtail to add to the fleet. Need a large or frame to fit 182cm height.. 142x12 arse end.. I’ve got all the bits...
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    Changing fork travel 130 to 140mm

    Hi all, I am contemplating bumping up my fork from 130-140mm it’s a 2016 fox performance 34.. It’s a bit of stuffing around changing the airshaft so I though I would ask for some advice before bothering. The fork is on an intense spider 29c which is more at the xc end of trail than enduro.. The...