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  1. downunderdallas

    New Dianella pump track and "skills" area. - Perth

    Although I think we spend a lot of money on pump tracks relative to trails, in Perth it is a fair way to get to a trail from most of the city, I'm pretty happy with how these ones are shaping up near my place.
  2. downunderdallas

    Sold Small Brand X HT01- Hardtail

    Item: Brand X HT01 Hardtail Location: Perth Item Condition: Fair Reason for selling: Boy is bigger Price and price conditions: $400 Extra Info: Have replaced the lad's hard tail - This is a bit of a mix of different things. - Replaced this bike with a Marin San Quentin but have swapped some...
  3. downunderdallas

    New (to me) app - Relive

    Hi All, Does anyone else use Relive - I quite like the visualisation, I'm too lazy to add in photos or video but you can do that. Hopefully this works...
  4. downunderdallas

    Cool Pics/Article on WA MTB in 2020
  5. downunderdallas

    I beat Sam Hill by 4 minutes

    It appears Facebook has ripped me of by a minute here but I'm pretty sure it was 4 minutes, no it's back to 4 minutes, man I'm fast :)
  6. downunderdallas

    Using a tractor to build trails

    Hi All, I am trying to justify to myself buying a tractor. To be honest our 10 acres doesn't actually need that much work that I need a tractor but I thinkit would be really handy and I am thinking I could use it to build some trails much faster than my feeble arms can manage! So am I kidding...
  7. downunderdallas

    Remi being Remi

    I think this is awesome even if I could ride almost none of it...
  8. downunderdallas

    Touching up paint carbon frame

    Hi All, Not sure if this should go in the F#ckwits thread but I figure it's not that dumb just lazy. I didn't frame wrap my bike and the paint on the carbon swing arm seems to come off quite easily either from small rocks coming of the tyre or my lack of skill negotiating larger rocks (refer...
  9. downunderdallas

    Allen Keys

    Hi All, Very basic question, want to buy a decent set of Allen keys. Any recommendations or ones to avoid? Sidchrome, Kinchrome, Wera, Bondhus, Park Tools some other brand, apologies if it's been asked before, did find one thread from 10 years ago, thought maybe different options now? Cheers
  10. downunderdallas

    My first timber feature

    So I after watching a heap a Seth's bike hacks over the years I decided to build a timber feature, a drop albeit not quite a full on as the one at Seth's old place. It's not quite finished but it's getting there. Ended up being slightly inclined upwards, haven't riddent it yet hopefully works ok!
  11. downunderdallas

    Tallest MTB rider in the world

    For all you tall riders struggling to get a bike to fit, just listening to a podcast with Luc Longley (the Howie Games Ep 39) and Luc said he's a MTB rider! Not many 7Ft + riders out there I'm guessing, I am also imagining he has a custom made bike but wow that would be a big frame!
  12. downunderdallas

    Nannup! New (old) MTB destination + Dwellingup + Collie

    For those in WA progress on formalising and professional building of Nannup trails, awesome for when I'm allowed to go down south again! <iframe...
  13. downunderdallas

    Memory Lane 1996 World Champs - *lots of photos*

    Did anyone else go? Can someone help me with who was doing the trials demo?
  14. downunderdallas

    Melbourne - Day Trip Rides

    Hi All, I'll be able to compile the Rotorburn MTB Travel guide book by the time I'm finished! Funnily enough Melbourne is easily my most visited city and I have never ridden my bike there, well not properly anyway. So will be staying in Northcote, and will probably only have max 2 riding days...
  15. downunderdallas

    Rotoburners Anonymous

    Hi Everyone, My name is Anthony and I'm an addict. To Rotorburn dot com I suspected there was a problem when the website was down recently and I was checking, checking, then in desperation found the facebook page and managed to calm my nerves, knowing someone was onto it. Thanks whoever...
  16. downunderdallas

    Norco Sight VLT - Longish Term Review

    So I acquired this bike in Adelaide (I'm from Perth - none here for sale) in April and promptly broke my wrist on it :) Rode it there on trails I don't know and was enough to convince me ebikes have come far enough for me to indulge. Got it shipped back to Perth, here's a tip you won't want...
  17. downunderdallas

    Tyre Plugs/Patching Tubeless

    Hi All, Did a bit of a search but couldn't really find what I was looking for although I thought these was a thread a while ago...anyway... I have a tyre with a split/puncture courtesy of a rock and a lack of jumping skill. Sealant hasn't sealed it, doesn't look huge, what's people's experience...
  18. downunderdallas

    Sam Hill's 2018 Mega is for sale...$5,000

    Thought this may interest someone...
  19. downunderdallas

    New Merida E160

    Hi E Bike lovers, likers, curious onlookers and haters stalking this thread....Merida has a new E160 out. Looks way better than the old bike in my opinion. Nice spec and price to match on top of the Wazza bike.
  20. downunderdallas

    Connor Fearon wins DH on a hardtail Whoops enduro not DH, same diff he's still a beast!