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  1. smitho

    eThirteen TRS Race APS Adjuster

    Have been trying to track down a replacement APS adjuster for my eThirteen TRS Race cranks - the little plastic preload adjuster. EDIT: This bastard - Unfortunately, for my Gen 3 cranks, eThirteen have stopped making them and no one has stock. The new Gen 4 one doesnt fit my cranks. Pretty...
  2. smitho

    Mystic MTB - Bright

    I’m heading up to Bright for the first time in a couple of weeks - excited for some Hero trail sendiness. Has anyone ridden it recently and can give me some info about what to expect? I understand there’s a significant logging operation which has closed part of the park - are there still many...
  3. smitho

    OneUp Guide Bolt Size

    Can anyone with a OneUp chainguide tell me what size bolt is used to secure the top guide? Have bought the top guide, and a 3D printed Jank Adaptor to fit to the Druid and replace the useless eThirteen guide, but annoyingly neither come with hardware. Looks like a bolt and barrel nut of some...
  4. smitho

    VIC 27.5 Maxxis Rear Tyre

    Item: 27.5x 2.4-2.5 Maxxis DHRII, Dissector, or Aggressor - preferably in EXO+ Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: $20-$50 depending on condition Extra Info: Currently have a Rock Razor semi-slick on the back which as things get damper is getting a bit hairy. I have a pair of...
  5. smitho

    Chamferless Sockets

    Does anyone have any suggestions for somewhere to get a few sockets ground down to remove the chamfer for use on fork top caps? Almost rounded the top cap last time I used it and can’t stomach paying $50 for a specific socket to Fox. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. smitho

    Sold SOLD Fox DHX2 Factory 200x57 (7.875x2.25) Rear Shock

    Item: Fox DHX2 Factory 200x57 (7.875x2.25) Rear Shock Location: South Melbourne Condition: Excellent. Recently serviced by NSDynamics with new Kashima shaft. Price: $old Other Info: Custom Stealth Matte/Gloss Black Slik Graphics decals. RRP on MTB Direct is $1003.95 for 200x57. Spring not...
  7. smitho

    AM Marketing Hype Box Ticking

    So here it it, ticking every endur-bro marketing hype box this side of tan wall tyres - high pivot, coil front and rear, mullet, copper chain, orange shit everywhere, unnecessary carbon rims: It's been a long time coming, but it's finally in one piece instead of scattered in boxes down the...
  8. smitho

    200x57 Air Shock

    Item: Cheap 200x57 Air Shock Location: Melbourne but happy to cover postage. Price range/Willing to Pay: Price according to shock and condition. Extra Info: Looking for an older 200x57 Air Shock. Something like a RS Monarch, Fox DPX etc. Happy to consider anything else though. Not too fussed...
  9. smitho

    VIC ZS44/56 Headset

    Item: ZS44/56 Headset Location: Melbourne, but happy to cover post. Price range/Willing to Pay: As cheap as possible. Happy to return after use with some added beer. Extra Info: The last piece of the the jigsaw puzzle that is my new bike is sitting in Frankfurt Airport and likely will be...
  10. smitho

    Spokes in Oz

    Does anyone have a lead on reasonably priced spokes in Australia? After DT Competitions or Sapim Race but at nearly $3 a spoke from MTBD with brass nipples (plus have to buy 80 as they only come in packs of 20) it becomes an expensive exercise. Was even quoted $7 a spoke by an unnamed local...
  11. smitho

    Wheelbuilding Spoke Length Advice

    I'm somewhat of a novice wheel builder, having only built a couple of sets of wheels, so looking to confirm my calculations with someone who actually knows what they're doing. Have used Sapim, WheelPro and DT Swiss Calculators, and think I have adjusted for rim offset correctly but was hoping...
  12. smitho

    Sold SOLD

    Item: Fox DPX2 Performance Elite 210x55 Shock Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Brand new. Never used. Reason for Sale: Came with new frame, running a different shock. Price and price conditions: $OLD. Extra Info: 210 x 55mm. 3 position lever (Open, Medium and Firm), compression and...
  13. smitho

    Sold SOLD 2017 Evil Insurgent Frame with Fox DHX2 (Large)

    Item: 2017 Evil Insurgent Frame (Large) Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Good used condition. Mechanically excellent. Invisiframe wrap from new. Bearings recently replaced with Enduro bearings. Shock recently serviced by NS Dynamics with new shaft installed. Reason for selling: Forbidden...
  14. smitho

    VIC Sold 2017 Evil Following (L)

    Item: 2017 Evil Following (Large). Location: Melbourne. Item Condition: Good used condition. Mechanically excellent. Usual marks from use. Purchased mid last year and rebuilt with new bearings, drivetrain, tyres, saddle, grips, C1 Debonair fork upgrade, brakes, dropper lever, decals, and full...
  15. smitho

    FOUND Fox 36 Performance or Performance Elite 29er in 44mm Offset

    Item: Fox 36 Performance or Performance Elite 29er in 44mm offset. Location: Melbourne. Willing to pay postage. Price range/Willing to Pay: Negotiable depending on condition. Extra Info: Preferably with lowers in good condition.
  16. smitho

    Mullet Curious - Geometry Question

    My current bike is a 2017 Evil Insurgent. It's a 150mm rear/160mm front 27.5 in wheeled monster, however I'm slightly mullet curious. From my barely decipherable scribbles: With a 160mm Fox 36 on the front the current Axle to Crown height is 549.1mm. With a 150mm Fox 36 29er on the front...
  17. smitho

    VIC SRAM MMX Compatible Dropper Lever

    Item: SRAM MMX Compatible Dropper Lever Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Not fussed about condition, as long as it works. Price and price conditions: Depends on lever. Have an as new Wolftooth ReMote to swap if that works - comes with Hope adaptor, 22.2 Clamp adaptor and SRAM adapter (TBC...
  18. smitho

    PNW Loam Dropper Lever

    Can anyone with a PNW Loam Lever confirm that the interface is exactly the same as that of a SRAM shift lever? Trying to find a lever that will attach to direct mount attachment on Hope Race lever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. smitho

    VIC Found

    Item: Hope Stealth Race Evo X2 Brakes Location: In Vic, but happy to pay postage. Price range/Willing to Pay: $100-350 depending on condition. Extra Info: It seems Hope don't make these levers any more. Happy to also consider Race EVO levers alone, X2 caliper alone, or Tech 3 lever with X2...
  20. smitho

    Trailforks - Now behind a paywall

    Just logged into Trailforks and discovered it’s now behind a paywall (except for a small square around your home). At the risk of starting another paid Strava bin fire it does seem a bit unreasonable and disingenuous to me. Getting riding of formerly free features and making you pay for is...