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  1. Binaural

    Cable guide

    Item: Cable guide that fits with a single bolt underneath a conventional road bike frame (bottom-pull derailleur & rear derailleur) Location: Sydney Item Condition: Reasonable Price and price conditions: Name it, but I reckon up to $20 inc shipping would be fine Extra Info: I've discovered my...
  2. Binaural

    Has anyone serviced their own Shapeshifter? [Canyon]

    So my shapeshifter has sadly settled into a funk, where riding will cause the spring to settle down to the DH mode. This is not ideal as I am riding mostly AM at the moment. It did get down to a low pressure so there may be a settling issue here. Has anyone serviced their shapeshifter unit?
  3. Binaural

    How old is too old for carbon forks?

    I've got a set of 3T forks that have done about 8 years of service on my daily commuter . However, I am starting to wonder whether I need to replace this as a maintenance item. While I understand that carbon parts don't have a definitive fatigue life like metals do, I weigh about 110kg+ and have...
  4. Binaural

    Designing a custom titanium road bike frame

    So, I've discovered that my titanium bike has a large crack in the seatpost area, large enough to allow a little antiseize oil to leak through under pressure (the source of a heisencreak I've sought for months). Given the location, the chances of a successful repair would be pretty slim without...
  5. Binaural

    Quality SPD compatible shoes in large sizes

    So I've finally had to give up on Speedplay Zero pedals after breaking my fourth Aero walkable cleat during the first 6 months (not a joke). I commute every day in the inner city, so I need double sided entry and that means SPDs and new shoes to suit. Ideally I'd like stiff soles, preferably...
  6. Binaural

    Heads up tomorrow, Sydney commuters

    Operation Pedro is on, where the cops are out literally trying to fine people for not having a bell and other totally essential activities. Take extra care!
  7. Binaural

    T47 retrofit for PF30 ti frame - worth it? Availability of T47 BBs?

    So, I have a custom ti frame made by Velofix that I love dearly, and which I use every day to ride to work. I love that bike dearly except for the fact I was foolish enough to buy it with a PF30 BB. It's squeaked like a mouse threesome ever since under even light loads. For a while after initial...
  8. Binaural

    Ultegra or Dura-ace road pedals

    Item: Ultegra or Dura-Ace road pedals Location: Sydney Price range/Willing to Pay: Ideally circa $50 but flexible for near-new or current model pedals. Extra Info: I'm currently running Speedplay Zero pedals on my super-commuter, but am getting really tired of breaking cleat after cleat and...
  9. Binaural

    Odd chain skipping problem - thoughts

    So, I've just installed a new pair of wheels on my daily driver. Whilst I had everything apart, I decided I might as well install a new chain and cluster and call it a yearly service, so I put on a new Dura-ace chain and an Ultegra cluster (28t). I've fitted a lot of new chains and clusters, and...
  10. Binaural

    Recommendation - time and effort to service my own shock and forks?

    I have a Strive that is getting on for 2 years old and that I have never serviced. Now that I am planning a big trip to Derby and Maydena for the end of the year, I want everything to be in tip top shape for max reliability. I'm planning to bleed the brakes myself, but I am of two minds about...
  11. Binaural

    Bleeding hydraulic brakes after 1 year - worthwhile?

    I've got a 1yo Canyon set up with Guide R brakes. The lever feel has always been a little spongy for my taste and I am wondering if it's worth bleeding them after just 1 year - are factory bleeds commonly of poorer quality? In the past I've had excellent results bleeding factory Shimano brakes...
  12. Binaural

    Product Review Henty Wingman

    Item: Henty Wingman Purchased From: Henty Purchase Price (approx): $220 Usage: Commuter bag Pros - most innovative bike commuter bag I've ever seen. Amazing for work commuting. Cons - heavy, a bit fiddly to get to the inner tube. Not really a general purpose bag. Comments: I am a bit of a...
  13. Binaural

    Creaking seatpost advice - options

    I've just bought a brand new seatpost for my roadie. Now, I am heavy (110kg) and ride a lot so I represent a limit load case for these sorts of parts. It passed the carpark test with everything knotted up to spec with a torque wrench, so I was surprised to hear it creaking like a galleon under...
  14. Binaural

    Servicing bearings in DT Swiss road wheel

    I've got a dodgy bearing in my DT Swiss rear wheel (20 R). I asked their tech support for the bearing numbers and received them, however they cautioned that they apparently have special bearings with a heavy duty outward seal and a low friction inner. This is a commuter bike so I would like to...
  15. Binaural

    Alternatives to Five Tens in large sizes

    I just bought some size 48.5 Five Ten shoes but they're still too small unfortunately and they don't make anything larger. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for high-grip shoes in large sizes? At a pinch I could use some skate shoes, but I'd really like something with a bit more holding...
  16. Binaural

    FOUND Exposure Diablo light on Bay Run (Rozelle) in Sydney

    Found this morning - an Exposure Diablo light lying on the bay run bike path in Rozelle at Sydney this Thursday morning. Send me a PM if this belongs to you!
  17. Binaural

    Custom titanium roadie!

    So, the story of this bike begins at the beginning of November last year - while riding home from work I got hit by a 4WD who didn't bother to check that the roundabout was clear before gunning it through. I was pretty messed up with a grade 4 separated shoulder (all ligaments broken and...
  18. Binaural

    How much lateral movement of the rims is too much?

    I've been really starting to notice the amount of sideways deflections my roadie rims get (Easton EA-50s). They are stout rims and in good shape, but when I grasp the rim with my hand and try and deflect them sideways I can foul the brake pad on either side without exerting myself. My brake...
  19. Binaural

    The perfect city bike (world edition)

    In the various cities I've been to or lived in, I've always taken an interest in what the locals are riding as they head around on their daily busines. Cities seem to be breeding grounds of small innovations (or randomness) in the types and details of bikes people ride. In my opinion commuter...
  20. Binaural

    Buying bearings within Australia (Easton EA50 wheels)

    My old bearings in my roadie commuter bike wheels are starting to get a bit loose - I can feel side-to-side play when I shake the rim, and there's starting to be rub on the brakes. So I reckon it's time to replace the cartridge-style bearings with something fresh while I'm on holiday this week...