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    Fathers Day

    For those who are fathers or even if you gifted your father today, what goodness did you get or give? I got a Pushys voucher, 2 Toblerones, Tim Tams, PJ's, note pads and a Dozen mixed craft beers. Beers are some I get most occassions like this and some new ones.
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    Trail Bears

    Where I enter the trail network at top of Ironbark (North Brissie) there was once 1 bear, then 2 and they get costume changes too. I added a small blue bear, Baby Bear today. Kids were going to throw the bear away, I think it is actually almost a teenage bear by now.
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    Dartmoor HT experience

    I am looking into building up a HT trail oriented to replace my XC HT (will be relegated to bikepath/gravel pedalling duties). I have my eye on a Dartmoor Hornet but the Dartmoor Primal also looks good. Will be running 140-160mm forks. Hornet is a bit slacker that Primal but really good price...
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    Thread together BB71 replacement?

    This started as a creak finding exercise and have come to the BB. I have a XTC carbon with BB71 press fit and even if it is not the creak source I do not like the plastic cups and it looks like cheap and trouble. Wheels MFG do a replacement Al thread together replacement - anyone had...
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    Dream MTB

    What is your dream MTB? This is not an argument over what is best and I know this is personal opinion. Can be custom build or out of the box, cost no object, anything goes but bike or parts must be available in shops and one bike only. I only start this because I am curious and sitting...
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    QLD Found. WTB 29er disc front wheel

    Item: 29er front wheel, QR, disc hub with or without disc. Location: Brisbane northside but travel around a bit for work so will consider Sunshine to gold coasts Price range/Willing to Pay: Cheap as possible, under $50(?) Extra Info: Just need a wheel to get an old bike rolling to see if it...
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    Help me ID this bike please.

    I inherited a hardtail 29er while moving a place at work. Missing front wheel, seat and post (seat and post in pics from kids bike). I am planning to do it up for my 10yr old if it fits him and parts turn out to be ok when cleaned and checked. It has Tektro hyd discs, SRAM X5 2x10 group...
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    Refreshment after ride/work?

    What do you like to drink after a hard ride or hot work? Not for rehydrating but as refreshment/reward for the effort. I like a cold beer after getting home, rehydrate with water and a shower.
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    Kids and screen time

    G'day to all those parents out there,(sorry for long post) My oldest started high school this year and has an Ipad for school use. Educational apps, text books, research etc are all done on it in class as well as homework. We limit all our kids screen time, no TV on school days/nights...