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  1. Binaural

    The election thread - Two middle-late aged white men trying to be blokey and convincing..., same old shit, FFS.

    I have worked on projects related to three out of these 4 buzzwords, I feel personally attacked! A lot of stupid spending going on in the tech industry right now.
  2. Binaural

    Little Things You Love

    Gravel is just a joyless slog on a road bike, at least in the parts of the world I've ridden. In Germany/Austria I did a lot of long backcountry trips in the alps etc., and many of the marked "cycle ways" are gravelled rather than paved. It's slow, you can't corner too hard, rocks ping off your...
  3. Binaural

    Derby in Tassi

    I know right? I had money set aside from my tax return to hit up Derby again, had a friend lined up to come along, then borders close again. Oh, well.
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    Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)

    Play with double negatives and you're going to get burned eventually
  5. Binaural

    Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)

    It's not that he's immoral but, there's just something missing from his humanity. The USA has got to make the right choice in November, and even then I would be keeping the closest eye on the transition period. Apart from the expected river of pardons, he'll be certain to get involved in some...
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    The Tool Thread

    243 doesn't work very well when the parts are greasy. The lower-grade 222 stuff is what you should be using if you're not cleaning the parts with isopropyl before reassembly.
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    BIKE RACKS AND CARRIERS FOR CARS MEGATHREAD - all questions asked and answered here

    I recently bought a Yakima Hold Up 2 - works really well for 1-2 bikes. You do probably need to factor in 100 bucks for a light set though, so not quite as cheap as it looks.
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    Little Things You Hate

    If they were running the company well and hitting their targets, that's their money and they earned it. In this case, they are achieving their targets by relying on unpaid labour despite receiving substantial direct funding from the government, in one of the few industries that is thriving in...
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    Little Things You Hate

    God that makes my blood boil. Taking jobkeeper and awarding executive bonuses is something that should not happen. If ever there was a time for management to sacrifice to help look after their organisations and their people, it is now. When COVID-19 hit, at our company we set a goal of everybody...
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    Little Things You Hate

    LTIH: discovered that my new-ish Ultegra cranks for the roadie (3mo or so) were creaking abominably, after ruling out all the other usual suspects the hard way (reinstalling BB and cranks et al). Discovered that only one of the four crank bolts were loctited (looks like a factory mistake), and...
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    Cable guide

    Item: Cable guide that fits with a single bolt underneath a conventional road bike frame (bottom-pull derailleur & rear derailleur) Location: Sydney Item Condition: Reasonable Price and price conditions: Name it, but I reckon up to $20 inc shipping would be fine Extra Info: I've discovered my...
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    Hibike, Starbike, no more Sram to Australia!

    Yeah, I quite like MTBDirect but I've never received anything from them fast.
  13. Binaural

    Hibike, Starbike, no more Sram to Australia!

    Who's using freight forwarding regularly? I am buying a fair bit of Shimano stuff soon and I don't really want to pay way over the odds for the privilege of slower service.
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    Trump..... (The Sophistry Thread)

    He can transition them out in a week, as he can appoint people at his pleasure as the president (at least for political appointeees). This is not strictly best practice, but since Trump has basically built a kakistocracy, he'll need to move swiftly to clean house of the corrupt and the...
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    Tubes vs Tubeless

    I am also factoring in rotating your tyres - for daily drivers I do this every 6 months or so to make sure I get even wear. Lot harder to do with sealant dripping everywhere.
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    Tubes vs Tubeless

    I reckon that if you have carbon rims, you should be running discs. Even if the rims don't get damaged, wet carbon rim are a bit scary.
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    Tubes vs Tubeless

    I carry a pump and CO2 cartridges - I use the latter when I get a flat when I have somewhere I need to be imminently (i.e. work or urgent appointment). Also, I weigh 115kg, if I love much pressure life's going to get dicey. Re mechanically inept, definitely not applicable to me. The extra...
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    sickening crash tour of poland

    Fucking hell, that is a nasty crash. Those sprint finishes are begging for trouble, people at their redline aren't always going to make good decisions.
  19. Binaural

    Plastic bags, climate change, renewable energy,

    Government is keen to boost investment here. There was a collaborative research council grant round a year ago that focused basically on incentivising research in that area; but overall this has been an export rather than processing problem.
  20. Binaural

    Tubes vs Tubeless

    I've never actually done it, I have only been on tubeless for 3 months. Just assumed the old sealant reduces sealing? Might need to go do some reading