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  1. ajay

    BB compatibility

    Hey guys, so I've aquired a Sram red etap disc groupset which has a 30mm spindle crank with a BB30 bottom bracket. Trying to find a frame which is compatible is harder than I thought. I've been out of the game a while, and all the new standards have my head spinning. Is there a simple way to...
  2. ajay

    Sam Willoughby training crash.

    Only just heard about this tonight. :/ Happened a while ago but I hadn't seen anything about it.
  3. ajay

    iPhone 6 unlock

    Yeah sounds sketchy... So we'll just say that someone I know bought a second hand iPhone6 (no it wasn't me, but that doesn't matter anyway). iCloud needs to be unlocked which I presume is linked to the previous owners account. Anyone done this or know who can? I've got no idea of the...
  4. ajay

    Getting to whistler from vancouver airport...

    Last minute, need to get from the airport to whistler - with bike, luggage etc. The one company that seems to do it won't accept anything heavier than 22kg - my bike and bag are well over that limit. Any ideas?
  5. ajay

    Travel Bike Bag

    Item: Travel bike bag Location: Melbourne Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends what you have. Extra Info: After a bike bag for a whistler trip. Needs to be able to fit a DH bike. Doesn't have to be a top of the line EVOC, but something better than a wet cardboard box.
  6. ajay

    Snapierre Spicy

    Built this up over a few months. Not a super-dooper amazing build by any stretch but should be pretty solid. Car park test yielded fantastic results :spy: I'm kind of transitioning away from downhill and reducing the collection. I won't mention the "E" word, but this will be the "do it all"...
  7. ajay

    Any skydivers here?

    There's no specific purpose to this thread, just wondering if any fellow riders also get their jollies in the sky. Maybe you've got some advice (good, bad or indifferent) about starting out, gear, DZ's worth making a trip to or avoid. Just did my AFF at Nagambie in Vic and need a couple more...
  8. ajay


    Location: East Malvern, Melbourne Reason for selling: Clear out Item: 32mm Boxxer race, I think they're 2008. Item Condition: They work well, usual scratches on lowers. Stanchins are in good nick - No scratches, just a mark (see pic). Maxel works but is on it's way out but will also include...
  9. ajay

    Raceface BB92 and Sram cranks

    I'm well out of the game with new BB standards so I'm a little befuddled. The story goes, I've got a frame with a RaceFace BB92 pressfit BB. I inherited a set of Sram XX1 cranks (with out the BB). Are they Compatible? I put the drive side in and that appears to be ok but the non drive side end...
  10. ajay

    Fox to aquire Marzocchi

    From pinkbike: Fox Factory Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: FOXF) (“FOX”). today announced, that through certain of its subsidiaries, it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire certain specified assets of Marzocchi's mountain bike product lines. The Marzocchi business designs and...
  11. ajay

    Redbull Rampage 2015

    Who's stoked? Theres some frightening footage starting to emerge*. Brendog's brush with death and Nico building something horrendously massive. Can't wait! * may, or may not be from last year.
  12. ajay

    Ankle Mobility

    So I've been hampered with terrible ankle mobility since surgery to repair the end of my fib/tib with screws/plates after a nasty fracture a few years ago. The lack of mobility in itself doesn't really affect me much but the pain associated with it troubles me. When I do the classic stretch...
  13. ajay

    New life into an old dog - Intense M6

    Bought this M6 last year, it needed a fair bit of work but I was keen to get it running like new. Its got a cheap wheel set on it for now and that will be the final piece of the puzzle! Specs as follows: 2009 (possibly 2010?) Intense M6 Fully rebuilt rear end - bearings, shock hardware. Revox...
  14. ajay

    WTB: 203mm post to post disc brake mount

    Item: 203mm post to post mount (for a 2010 Boxxer) Location: Melbourne Price and price conditions: $10? Extra Info: Can pick up in east side of Melbourne, happy to pay postage. Pictures Should look something like this:
  15. ajay

    intense M6 dropouts

    I'm trying to locate dropouts for an Intense M6, namely the drive side. I've searched around but everywhere seems to be out of stock. Does anyone know where to buy them? Failing that Ill attempt to machine a few up at work, if anyone needs one, speak up :)
  16. ajay

    35mm Boxxer drop crown

    Item: 35mm Boxxer drop crown - white preferably. Location: Melbourne S.E. Local pick up or post Price: $50? I have a white flat crown that I could swap also.
  17. ajay

    Claiming against Body Corp.

    Hi guys, as the title suggests, I'm trying to make a claim against my body corp for reimbursement of funds for some plumbing work. I'm not really sure where I stand with all this, but here is what happened. I was gardening, took a hatchet to a stubborn weed and in doing so, I ruptured a water...
  18. ajay

    DH wheelset

    Item: I'm looking for a 26"DH wheelset, 20mm front, 150 x 12 rear. Something like hope pro 2 on mavic... Open to other suggestions. Location: Melbourne, willing to accept post, pick Up preferred. Price range/Willing to Pay: up to about $400 Extra Info: doesn't need rotors or tyres, must...
  19. ajay

    Redbull Rampage

    It's on this Sunday, and looks absolutely bonkas! New location too. A good fix for the comedown of an epic DH season.
  20. ajay

    Hafjell World Cup

    These races are just getting better and better.... What an insanely stacked top 10! and rain is on the way.... Popcorn ready!