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  1. scblack

    My Couple of Bikes

    Took this shot ages ago, I quite like it!
  2. scblack


    I have amassed a few Lego sets in recent years, so from the lockdown hobby thread, thought I would post them up. I will put a good pic of each set later on. The set list includes: Millenium Falcon Porsche 911 GT3RS Porsche 911 Creator Porsche 919 Hybrid Porsche 911 RSR Lamborghini Sian Bugatti...
  3. scblack


    Hi guys, well off-topic for MTB site, but I have to replace my dishwasher. Its an under-bench freestanding setup. The kitchen is open plan to the living room. Thus looking for one as QUIET as possible. Any recommendations for a good quality, Quiet dishwasher?
  4. scblack

    Fog light Blue colour Legal?

    Guys, I fitted some LED fog light globes to my car. I ordered the IceBlue colour, and it is quite blue. Is this colour legal in the fog lights?
  5. scblack

    Lego Caterham Seven

    Another Lego Status Symbol to add to the collection: Caterham 7. This is amazingly accurate to the real thing. Has engine bay detail and I think just looks bloody awesome.
  6. scblack

    WTB Hardtail MTB for daughter

    I am looking to get a MTB for my daughter. She is 13years old. 165cm tall. Budget about $500 depending. 26" or 27.5". Condition is more important than age of bike. Size Medium or Small will do depending on bike. Used for general riding, looking for reliable gear. Anyone got something around...
  7. scblack

    Real world Fuel consumption

    OK guys, interested in your real-world fuel consumption. Just want to see what people are managing from their different cars. Mine: Volkswagen Amarok Highline MY2016 4cyl twin turbo diesel Freeway about 8.0 l/100km Urban (Sydney driving) about 8.0-10.0 l/100km Towing 1,500kg camper trailer...
  8. scblack

    Continental GP4000SII WET weather grip

    I searched but did not find an answer. I just put some Campagnolo Bora One carbon clincher rims on my roadie. So at same time I put some new tyres on - Continental GP4000SII 25mm ones. Rode about 100km over the Australia Day weekend in the dry - roll well, comfortable and good dry grip, no...
  9. scblack

    Lezyne Super GPS computer (or similar)

    I am thinking of a Lezyne or similar GPS computer for the roadie, and have two questions: Currently on the roadie I have a Cateye Strada Slim basic bike computer and use iPhone to link to Strava for elevation etc on all rides. I like the basic computer as it has two functions I consider...
  10. scblack

    Campagnolo Bora ONE or ULTRA wheelset

    Guys, my road wheels are Campagnolo Shamal, great wheels but 8 years old now and getting tired. I am contemplating Bora carbon clincher 50 wheels. Can anyone tell me the difference between Bora ONE and Bora ULTRA please? Other than the nearly double in price from ~$2k to ~$4k for a wheelset...
  11. scblack

    CO2 Cartridge inflators - worth trying?

    Hi guys, after a flat today on my roadie, I though I might give the CO2 bulb inflators a go. I have good little pump, but it takes plenty of work to get a road tyre up to proper pressure. And when you're tired from a ride that is effort I do not want to be wasting. Are they worth it? Does a...
  12. scblack

    Fox 36 fork service

    I have a Fox 36 fork on my Intense, which is very due a service. I'm close to sending it off to TBSM who do the basic service plus cartridge service for $315. How easy would the job be for me, and save some money? Or as I've never touched a Fox fork, am I better to just hand it over? Advice...
  13. scblack

    China trip

    Guys, I am spending the first week of January in China for work. Fly in New Years day (Sunday), fly out 8pm 8th Jan (Sunday). I am based in Shanghai at the Crowne Plaza Century Park and will be visiting Suzhou one day during the week. I am working the week with one of my American colleagues, so...
  14. scblack

    M2 Cycling - Citybound Clear?

    I have to ride to Artarmon from Baulkham Hills on Monday - is the M2 breakdown lane free to ride city-bound presently?
  15. scblack

    Cairns bike hire and tours/shuttles

    Guys, I am heading to Cairns from 10th-14th August, and have the Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th free. Sunday I fly out at 6pm so not a whole day available. Staying at Best Western Plus Cairns Central Apartments. Don't have a hire car. I would love to do some riding up there and check out a good...
  16. scblack

    XO Chain guide Repairable?

    My chain guide was virtually wrecked on the weekend, the top and bottom plastic guides were ripped through by the chain, see pics below. Are these parts replaceable, or am I best to regard this as a goner? Its only the two plastic bits broken, it still works fine and is pedallable.
  17. scblack

    Swap Avanti Vitale Roadie for XC/Trail MTB

    Guys, I built up my Avanti road bike about a year ago, for commuting to work. I use it very little though, it has ridden about 1,000kms in total. Item: Avanti Vitale alloy frame - 54cm (I am 171cm) Location: Hills District Sydney Item Condition: Excellent, almost brand new Reason for selling...
  18. scblack

    Person who raises negative issues? Term for it?

    I am damned if I can think of the term for a person who raises negative issues in a situation. Like if a person wants to sell house and move to the country, what do you call the person who (helpfully) raises things that could go wrong? Or if you want to change jobs and they raise problems that...
  19. scblack

    SRAM X0 10spd jockey wheel - replacement

    Guys, I have had crap gear changes for a few weeks, so I gave the drivetrain a service. I have got my SRAM X0 gears indexed and running nicely. However, I find I have a broken jockey wheel. Not having bought or replaced these ever before I'm a bit lost. Its a SRAM X0 10spd derailleur. Not...
  20. scblack

    Roof rack question

    Guys, I have bought four simple bike racks for my car and camper. The ute attachment style ones that just have a quick release attachment to the fork and the wheels are stored in the car or camper. My Forester roof racks are an easy fit, they have the channel for bolts to easily fit. These...