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  1. STP112

    Fangin an air

    just one pic of me airin at boccy Photographer: Patto
  2. STP112

    Big invert

    this smiley face things is really lame, didnt you read what riccy said? Post count is not important forr fucks sake!
  3. STP112

    Big invert

    screw you patto you cant even like invert man, you should work on getting your knees in.
  4. STP112

    a snap of a taybs learnt from my friend and the master himself patto

    yo! hey its bodi shreeding his tabz! seven? ceebs
  5. STP112

    Big invert

    i could never imagine this happening lol
  6. STP112

    Big invert

    just one pic of me doing an invert at boxhill.
  7. STP112

    Boccy night sesh

    thankyou patto :) i think we need to have a big photosesh next time ur at boccy! And I need to learn another trick haha
  8. STP112


    haha bout a week ago man. this is ben yeah? just got back into riding recently love it
  9. STP112


    nah haha, im Jamie. Morgan does have a very similar bike to me though.
  10. STP112


    just one invert pic of me that i liked.
  11. STP112

    Monster energy now in aus

    cup of coffee don't do it anymore?
  12. STP112

    Night Riding

  13. STP112

    Box Hill [R]epresent <3

    OMG I think it might be!
  14. STP112

    Holidays In Melbourne

    haha riccy your such a homo. you cut out boxhill in your quote and leave camby n hillendale. best park in melbs is Boxhill. there is no better. camby is bumpy and gay. you hate boxhill cuz the quarters apparently arent good enough for you to backie flyout
  15. STP112

    Even stupider than 24" Wheels.

    haha senan u should shut up and stop posting about all this bullshit you think you know. Patto is a far more capable rider than you are so don't act like you are god to mtb forums
  16. STP112

    Pigot, kids.

    you would rather see photos of street than those?? i don't understand people sometimes.
  17. STP112

    Best Bike Shops in Melbourne

    excuse me, ive rode that frame for at least 3 years. What does that have to do with vicmtb being faggots?
  18. STP112

    Last Purchases.

    booze green shoes
  19. STP112

    Camby, Ararat, HnD....

    You really don't get it do you...
  20. STP112


    who the fuck are you? dont talk to Ozz like that you fukn net pussy