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  1. Comic Book Guy

    XC TRANCEndental meditation

    After waiting for what seemed an eternity it came time to buy a new trail machine. I have had my eye on a Trance for some time and so I went to Phantom to see what sort of deal they could do. As always Kerry at Phantom was able to do a deal that I still find hard to believe (so good he swore...
  2. Comic Book Guy

    Rimtacular failure

    Riding along and the next thing I hear a big bang from the back wheel. Thought it was just a blowout until I looked down...:eek:...:mad:...check out the attached pics and you will see what actually happened.:(
  3. Comic Book Guy

    Backburning at Kentlyn.

    Just a heads up for the campbelltown mtb community. RFS are conducting backburning operations in the area behind the water tower at Kentlyn. I had a chat to some of the RFS guys this morning and by the sounds of it it would be best avoid the area for the weekend. Cheers, CBG.