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  1. marc.r

    Pike Service Problem - Lowers won't come off

    Hi Guys, So its a rainy afternoon and I have all the tools so i decided to have my first go at servicing the lowers on my Pike. So far I have removed followed the sram instructions and youtube videos but its not working as it should. 1. removed the air. 2. removed the rebound bolt...
  2. marc.r

    NSW Yakima Hold Up 2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack SOLD

    Item: Yakima Hold Up 2 - Full size hitch mount version. Location: Rosebery NSW Item Condition: Used but less that 1 year old. Its a bit dusty and has a few cosmetic marks but still 100% functional. If you gave it a clean it would look fantastic but heck, this is a rack for carrying mountain...
  3. marc.r

    NSW Modern Extra Small Trail bike (100-140mm Dual sus) hoping 27.5. $1800 or less!

    Hey Guys, My mother is looking to upgrade her 5 year old Giant that is getting a bit creaky. at the moment she has her eye on last years model anthem 2 which are clearing out at $1900. Just trying to gauge the market to see if she can get anything a bit more "special" and "high end"...
  4. marc.r

    2015 Reign 2 + 2014 Lust 2 (Now an all giant family!)

    Just picked up the new reign! Stock except for the 32t raceface NW and had the bars cut down to 760mm. Weighed it in at 14.1kg last night WITH PEDALS. saved about 500gm going 1x before I even rode it. next up will be re-assessing the tyres as I prob wont need a hans on the back for a hot...
  5. marc.r

    NSW 2014 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Evo 29 - SOLD

    Item: 2014 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Evo 29 - Small Location: Sydney - Rosebery Item Condition: GREAT - Less then a year old! Reason for selling: Decided I want to try new giant reign! Price and price conditions: $2250 - Over a grand off new price for an upgraded bike that is nearly...
  6. marc.r

    NSW Sold

    Item: Giants SXC2 Wheelset Location: Rosebery Sydney 2018 Item Condition: Brand New. Never been ridden. Reason for selling: Bought some exploding crank brothers wheels to replace these before picking up the bike. (Its my GFs bike and they were cheap and have "pretty colours" Price and...
  7. marc.r

    NSW Sold

    Hi Guys, Many of you will have noticed last month I sold my girlfriends Genius on here to a lucky new owner. I had heaps of interest which has prompted me to look at selling my beast version! Item: 2009 Scott Genius, the first year Gen 2 Genius were released, way ahead of their time. Was...
  8. marc.r

    Best Value 29er Wheel Upgrade in 2014

    So I just bought a 29er and have decided to give it a chance for a while despite having a long founded love for smaller wheels. I got a good deal and decided if 29ers were ever going to be sorted they should be by now and bought a 2014 stumpy evo. (its about 14kg :() Admittedly im faster in...
  9. marc.r

    NSW Sold

    Hi Guys, Its new bike time for my girlfriend which means someone will get a bargain on this cool bike. Item: 2009 Scott Genius, the first year Gen 2 Genius were released, way ahead of their time. Was purchased brand new from a Avanti Plus dealer in 2012. The RRP on these bad boys was...
  10. marc.r


    Item: These are OEM Scott genius 40 2010 Wheelset. Deore rear hub, scott front hub, Mavic 317 disc rims. 180mm rotors. Both QR. Location: Sydney, Rosebery Item Condition: Used for about 3 months light trail use before being relegated to use on a commuter that never got used. The rims are...
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    SOLD please remove
  12. marc.r

    Stolen 2x 2010 Norco Fluid 2 (RED COLOUR) Maroubra NSW

    Hi Guys, sorry this is my first post. Came home from work today to find the lock torn off my garage door and my bikes gone! They were 2 identical Norco Fluid 2 2010 models. (one had a ladies seat). see picture below. Serial Numbers A90800462 A90800568 If anyone sees my babies anywhere...