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  1. Minlak

    Your most hated "SALE SPEAK"

    Ok - You get 1 and one only - You have to pick your most hated "SALES SPEAK" My all time hated is "LIKE NEW" - This phrase is used on many many items that can in no way be "LIKE NEW" - I even saw it used on a 20 year old commodore sale ad the other day with 95000kms on the clock - in what...
  2. Minlak

    RIP!! Marshy and Warney

    So 2 days ish ago Rod Marsh 72 dies from a Heart Attack - It appears last night Shane Warne 52 Died also from a Heart Attack Wow!!! - That's most of my cricket years taken care of there R.I.P
  3. Minlak


    Seeing as a lot of us buy from Silk Graphics etc I am not sure if anyone can help - I need to stickers made up - I know what I want as in I can give samples of the look but cannot find what I want - Also seems to be almost impossible for me to locate online sticker making printing people - The...
  4. Minlak

    QLD Unobtainium Spacers x 4 (2 x fancy)

    Item: Spacers made from Unobtainium Location: Bundaberg (willing to post) Item Condition: New - Unused - Sealed Reason for selling: Not Needed Price and price conditions: $1000 + post Extra Info: 16mm Diameter - 16mm Length - M8 Hole -2 x Scalloped - 2 x Round Pictures: Sure why not
  5. Minlak

    Sold Solded Garmin EDGE 530 Solded

    Item: Garmin Edge 530 Location: Bundaberg - Will Post Item Condition: Used - Works perfectly - Lies about speed :) Reason for selling: Not needed anymore Price and price conditions: $210 Posted in Aus SOLDED Extra Info: 2 x mounts 1 x 35mm - 1 x 31.8mm / Silicone case Pictures:
  6. Minlak

    Herniated Discs - Log

    Decided to make a thread about it and I can just put updates as they happen etc in one place. Four months or so ago I had a pretty big off and thought I had damaged my shoulder due to the pain in my arm / shoulder and numbness in my fingers. CT Scans and X-Rays showed no issues with shoulder and...
  7. Minlak

    Motorcycle Thread - Post it all

    I enquired as to getting a Motorcycle section similar to the E-Bike section to keep it all in one place. The answer was that it currently doesn’t really fit with the forums - it was then suggested to me to make a thread to chat in. I have seen a few people here and there with interest let’s...
  8. Minlak

    The Bi-Annual HamboCairns needs to ride thread.

    Here you go guys - to save putting it in every thread you can just pop in here twice a year and explain to @HamboCairns how he needs to ride more. This way he can pop in and read it all in one place instead of searching the whole forum.
  9. Minlak

    British Comedian Sean Lock Passes

    Toadys news has Sean Lock passing from Cancer - If you have ever watched British Comedy you will know who he is - Really enjoyed him on 8 out 10 Cats does countdown. He was sounding unwell around 12 mths ago and there was no news of him being unwell - Even now the exact cancer is not mentioned...
  10. Minlak

    Sold SOLD Pedals x 4 sets

    Item: RaceFace Atlas Purple Anno Location: Bundaberg (Will Post) Item Condition: New / Unused Reason for selling: Sold bike they were for Price: SOLD Extra Info: Comes with spare pins and washers Pictures: Yessum Item: Funn Funndamental Pedals Red Location: Bundaberg (Will Post) Item...
  11. Minlak

    Sold SOLD - Shimano XTR 9100 RD

    Item: Shimano XTR 9100 Long Cage RD Location: Bundaberg - Price includes freight Item Condition: Used - perfectly working- 500 kms Reason for selling: Surplus to needs Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Sometimes I watch my Stepmom loading the dishwasher and hope she gets stuck and...
  12. Minlak

    Sold SOLD - Stamp Speed Lace Shoes EU 47

    Item: Crank Brothers Stamp Speed Lace Shoes Location: Bundaberg - Will Post Item Condition: Used for 1 x 20km ride on Bike Patch Reason for selling: Wrong Size Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: I have a weird left foot toe box and certain shoes for no apparent reason agitate my left...
  13. Minlak

    XC Gravel Duties

    Frame - Specialized StumpJumper 2016 - World Cup Edition (New old stock) Front shock/fork - 100mm - Fox 34 Stepcast reduced from 120 Handlebars - Chromag 25mm rise (cut to 760mm) Stem - Thomson 70mm - 10deg rise Headset - FSA Grips - Ergon GA3 Saddle - WTB Pure Seatpost - Thomson Straight Front...
  14. Minlak

    New Brakes? Yes no maybe?

    Ok so have the Trance X E-Bike it weighs a Tonne and I weigh 2 Tonnes - So when going down hills etc it has a lot of momentum behind it - I have 4 Pot Shimano 8120's on their with uberbike ebike specific pads and hope 203mm floating rotors. It all gets super hot on long descents and the brakes...
  15. Minlak

    QLD Found - Cassette - Spacer - Lockring

    Item: Cassette Spacer Location: Bundaberg - Will pay postage of course Price range/Willing to Pay: Whatever you think Extra Info: Looking for the spacer you use between the freehub and the cassette when using an 8spd cassette with a HG (Shimano) Freehub Item: Steel Lockring Location...
  16. Minlak

    QLD Found - Hope Pro 4 Freehub Steel

    Item: Hope Pro 4 Freehub Body HG Driver Steel Location: Bundaberg (will pay freight) Price range/Willing to Pay: Depends on condition Extra Info: Will be fitting Sram 8 spd cassette - Shimano HG Driver FOUND
  17. Minlak

    The GooGle Thread

    So you have a question - it’s not a quick question and it’s not a stupid question - it’s more of a I am too fucking lazy to google it question - add it in here and some one can google it for you. also side note give DuckDuckGo search engine a run you will be stunned at how many more accurate...
  18. Minlak

    Sold Sold - Sram Cranks - Chainring - Cassette - Price Drop

    Item: Sram S1000 170mm With One Up 30T Chainring - 11-36 Shimano Cassette (10spd) Location: Bundaberg ( Will Post) Item Condition: Used - Some marks on Cranks - Chainring / Cassette hardly used Reason for selling: Spares Price and price conditions: $100 for all Extra Info: The Chainring and...
  19. Minlak

    XC Find me an axle please

    So this will eventually become the PYR thread for my XC / Fire Road / Rail Trail / Gravel bike build but I can't do that until I find an axle. The hub spec for the rear is 142+ ( you can fit standard 142 hubs) I am going to assume this is 12mm and it needs to be a thru axle - The trick is I am...
  20. Minlak

    Sold Sold Shimano SLX CS-M7100 10-51T 12 Speed Cassette - Price Drop

    Item: Shimano SLX CS-M7100 10-51T 12 Speed Cassette Location: Bundaberg (will ship) Item Condition: Used - Heaps of life - chain was at 05% when removed Reason for selling: Not needed Price and price conditions: $90 Extra Info: Pictures: