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  1. andrew9

    The gaming thread

    A quick update, I built this thing last weekend. Including watching a different youtube video for basically every step, it took just under four hours to put together. Nothing about it was hard, except maybe reading the tiny writing on the motherboard. I reckon I could do it in about an hour...
  2. andrew9

    Electric Vehicles etc

    I'm not clicking on that clickbait looking thumbnail. Can you give us the gist, preferably in two sentences or less?
  3. andrew9

    The gaming thread

    Don't ask me! I don't know if what I'm building will be good or not. I was almost going to get one of these ASUS ROG STRIX things from officeworks, reviews say they're not bad, but they're ugly and not that cheap...
  4. andrew9

    The gaming thread

    I looked at the 5700g, even that deal is $80 more than the 12400, which put me off, and I've always had intel. Maybe a cheap AMD compatible motherboard would have balanced it out, but I didn't get that far. I got this...
  5. andrew9

    The gaming thread

    A few other people suggested that I'd be fine without a separate graphics card, but get a better processor. I ended up going with; i5 12400 with Graphics Gigabyte B660M DS3H AX DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX Ryzen 16GB (2x8GB), PC4-25600 (3200MHz) DDR4 A faster WD SN570 500gb SSD A better...
  6. andrew9

    The gaming thread

    I'm looking at building my first ever PC, Not really for gaming, but I do need to run my new ultrawide monitor. It seemed like a cheap gaming build would be the best way to make sure the graphics will be compatible and will also be able to use Display Port cable instead of HDMI. Can anyone who...
  7. andrew9

    ACT Found Broken Derailleur preferably DH

    my favorite tensioner was a Zee mech, good tension, nice and short with a clutch you can turn on/off, think i used a longer limit screw and a tiny offcut of cable to lock it up You can't run fat chains, but I think i used a 7 speed chain, but other than that, they're perfect. I have one of...
  8. andrew9

    SA 190x45 Deluxe

    Item: Rock Shox Deluxe R, 190/45, hardware: shaft 40,0x8 mm/body25,0x8 mm, custom tune [1T ML F320] Location: Adelaide, or post Item Condition: Used but all good Reason for selling: Bike Cracked Price and price conditions: $100 pick up or $130 posted Extra Info: Was fitted to my Focus Vice Was...
  9. andrew9

    Bargain buys thread

    Yes, it's gone now, maybe there is a bit of a delay from when they delete it. It was $350 with carbon cranks, fox fork and shock, a dropper, something like a X1 drivetrain and I think it was carbon too. Looked like a pretty average bike to me, but it is worth at least $1500, probably more
  10. andrew9

    Bargain buys thread

    I offered them $300, for a bit of fun, and the ad was immediately deleted **Actually I can still see it, but I got a "sorry item no longer available" message. Maybe a scam?
  11. andrew9

    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    Looks familiar, about 15 years ago I drove a Daihatsu Charade from Adelaide to Sydney. The rear trailing link bolt fell out, and started dragging on the road. luckily it was the rear end of the arm, or it might have pole vaulted the back of the car. I used an Allen key to replace the missing...
  12. andrew9

    Electric Vehicles etc

    I might be totally wrong, but I had the understanding that many people's transport needs could be met by a slower overnight charge from a standard 10a outlet In metro apartments I would think the average km's to be quite low, and maybe a few bigger chargers could be available for when people...
  13. andrew9

    WTD: ISIS Cranks, High rise (80+mm),31.8 Seatpost, GXP Bottom bracket

    Are some 170mm "Shimano Octawank" triple cranks any good for you? with 68mm BB $30 posted, I guess
  14. andrew9

    OneUp Guide Bolt Size

    Without checking, I reckon the caliper brakes i've dealt with were all 6mm mount. A rivnut might work, or someone with a lathe and 10 minutes spare
  15. andrew9

    Mechanical discs viable?

    last time I tried you could get complete MT500's a bit cheaper than just the BB7 calipers. I have BB7's on my DJ, they're fine, maybe even good, but not for the price. Mechanical are fine, and are my choice for a seldom ridden bike (like a commuter or DJ, maybe not full-on MTB)
  16. andrew9

    COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?

    Pretty much what happened to me, I somehow dodged it when my wife had it five weeks ago, and now I tested positive on Saturday from unknown source. I started with runny nose, then really bad "hayfever" sinus pain started. Second day had a bad headache that slowly got better over next two days...
  17. andrew9

    OneUp Guide Bolt Size

    I just looked at mine, it's a 5mm Caphead, so uses a 4mm allen key. The one I have just has the thread tapped directly into the aluminum mounting plate It's the same as this one:
  18. andrew9

    The 36er thread.

    It doesn't matter, but the numbers don't relate to the sizes directly, it's the bike industry standard of having no standard. I wonder what the actual BSD is of all the sizes, that's almost always in millimetres
  19. andrew9

    12v wiring headache

    Just make sure that the path on the negative side is as robust as the positive side wiring and it'll be sweet. This path can be an unbroken wire or the wiring can take a detour through the chassis, the chassis is the "wire" for that section. That drawing does kinda make it seem like you have to...
  20. andrew9

    Pedal Cavalier?

    I just had a look at the Cavalier 2, looks fine I guess, all bikes under a grand have random hubs and headsets, so its always a roll of the dice how long they last. It has integrated shifter/brakes with hydraulics for 3x7 gears, I've never seen that before. Wouldn't be my first choice, but could...