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  1. Traumaboy

    NSW SOLD Transition Bottlerocket $1300 ONO SOLD

    Transition bottle rocket for sale $1300 Ono 2009 medium frame Forks: fox talas 36 rc2 Rear shock: dhx5 air Crank: raceface atlas crank setup Gearing: shimano Zee freeride 1x10 gearing Cassette: 11-36 Wheels: atomic outlaws Tyres: maxis minions(good tread) Brakes: shimano xt Pedals...
  2. Traumaboy

    NSW SOLD 2010 Specialized Demo 8 II Medium $1500 0r $1100 without hammerchmidt

    Item:2010 Specialized Demo 8 II Frame: medium 2010 Specialized Demo 8 II Rear shock: Fox DHX RC4 500lbs spring Fork: Fox Talas 36 Wheel set: Easton Vice Crank set: Truvativ Hammerschmidt with x-9 shifter Drive train: Sram x-9 with x-7 shifter with Shimano SLX cassette. Bars/stem...
  3. Traumaboy

    SOLD 2010 Giant Faith Price Drop $1500 ONO

    2010 Giant Faith Medium Frame Location: Wollongong Item Condition: Good condition, Hardly ridin. Reason for selling: Got hit by a car at the end of last year on my other bike, and my ankle hasnt recovered, And really need the money to invest in my 4wd. Price and price conditions:$2500 ONO No...
  4. Traumaboy

    DH 2010 Giant Faith Custom Build

    Hey guys, Here is my latest bike build finnished it on wednesday arvo. Its a 2010 model Giant faith frame witha rockshox vivid and fsa headset thanks to spearman cycles in wollongong with my parts off my old Specialized Demo 9 frame. Yet to give her a good ride as i pinched the rear tube when...
  5. Traumaboy

    2011 Kona Coilair

    My new Bike for everything. beefy enough for downhill and freeride but light and pedal efficient enough to do cross country and all mountain riding on it. Uses Kona's gen 2 magic link. Frame Material: Kona Clump Butted Aluminum Butted 120-200mm travel Rear Shock: Fox Float RP2 BSD Fork...
  6. Traumaboy

    (SOLD) Fox 40's 2009 model

    Item: Fox 40's 2009 Location: Wollongong Item Condition: Great condition, has a scratch on the underside of the left lower, slight cable rub on the lower crown, and slight scratching on the right staunchion which has been honed smooth and does not effect performance as i did it on the fith...
  7. Traumaboy

    Fork Swap Fox 40's for fox talas or rock shox totems

    Item: Wanting Fox talas 36's with 180mm travel or rock shox totems to swap with my 09 Fox 40's Location: Wollongong Item Condition: better condition perfered. Reason for selling: Wanting somthing lighter and less travel for my bike Price and price conditions: Trade with cash adjustment...
  8. Traumaboy

    (SOLD) Truvativ Holzfeller Howitzer Crank Single ring 38 tooth $160

    Item: Truvativ Holzfeller Howitzer Crank Single ring 38 tooth Location: Wollongong Item Condition: new never used Reason for selling: Couldnt get a bottem bracket to fit with my 2010 faith. Needed a crank with the bottem bracket spindle is atached to one arm and slides through the bearings...
  9. Traumaboy

    Demo 9 $650 ONO SOLD

    Item: Specialized Demo 9 + vivid 5.1 with 350 pound spring and Dabomb nuclear headset Location: Wollongong Item Condition: Good condition has slight scuff on top tube from knee guards, blend in with design though. Built this bike up at the end of last year as a replacement for my Bighit...
  10. Traumaboy

    Freeride/ All mountain Bike or frame

    Looking for a freeride or allmountain bike or frame somthing that can take the downhill tracks but is still light enough to ride back up. Will pay cash but i would perfer to trade my Demo 9 frame or complete bike.
  11. Traumaboy

    NSW SOLD Please remove!

    SOLD Item: 07 Manitou Travis Ti Instrinct Location: Wollongong NSW Item Condition: Used, Few scratches. Has recently had seals replaced. Reason for selling: Single Crowns. Price and price conditions: $450 firm. Extra Info: Has been powder coated by kickass designs, direct mount stem...
  12. Traumaboy

    Illawarra Ride Organisation Thread

    Here we go guys, The riders of the Illawarra now once again have a thread to organise local ridin in the Illawarra. Does anyone want to go ridin at Thiroul tomorrow? I got my new demo 9 so im keen?
  13. Traumaboy

    DHX 5 air Demo 9 problems

    Hey guys i just purchased a new 2009 DHX5 air from tbsm, I put the shock in to my demo and found out that where the eyelet with the du bush on the end of the shaft (not the shock body) wont fit in to my frame. Its physically (fisicaly How did i spell it like that idiot) cannot go in far enough...
  14. Traumaboy

    Found Please delete!!!!!

    Item: Truvativ Hammerschmidt ISCG 03 seal plate Location: Wollongong Item Condition: new/ used Price and price conditions: $30 is RRP Extra Info: Need urgently so i can get my bike running. There reps are having trouble getting them and have said there could be a 8 month wait(but i want to...
  15. Traumaboy

    DH Demo 9 build up! updated its now rideable (new pics)

    Hey guys, I finaly have decided to retire my 2003 bighit comp after i couldn't get a harder spring for the shock as it was so old. I picked up a demo 9 frame from Spearmans cycles in wollongong for $750, the frame was brand new straight out of the box im the first owner. I have scince started...
  16. Traumaboy

    Suspension oil weight! How much difference?

    Hey guys im about to service my domains but when i purchased the fork oil i had a fail and got 15 weight and 10 weight. When i got home i realised i needed 5 weight instead of 10 weight. How much would the extra weight oil affect how soft my suspension is? its not critical i still can return it...
  17. Traumaboy

    Single crowns on a demo 9

    Hey guys i am paying of a Demo 9 frame at the moment at the local bike shop. I was going to put all my parts from my bighit on to the frame except the wheels as they don't fit because of the spacing. This leaves me with the question would putting a 7 inch fork (rockshox domain 318) on a demo 9...
  18. Traumaboy

    DownHill shock E2E of 200mm

    Item:I need a rear shock that can withstand downhill and freeride riding. NEEDS to had an eye to eye of 200mm somthing like a dhx5 or swinger. I don't mind if its a air shock. Location: Wollongong Item Condition:Working condition perferably great or near perfect condition, but I don't mind a...
  19. Traumaboy

    laser Skrimish

    G'day For about a term and a half i have been playing in a laser skirmish comp in the bush around the Mt Keira scout camp. Our team isn't doing to bad either we came 3rd last season and its really competitive. The guns are great as we play at night time so its harder because the guns have a...
  20. Traumaboy

    Crank bolt problems

    Hey guys, I got a brand new truvativ isoflow crank cost me $90 and the bike shop put them on. After that i got my new bike and i stoped riding the old one. About a year later i went to ride it and the bb was all gritty so i took of the left crank arm off which was realy tight. Then the right...