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  1. Isaakk

    Sold Fox DHX Factory 2022 - 185x55mm Trunnion

    Item: 2022 Fox DHX Factory coil shock - 185x55mm Trunnion Location: NW Tas/Post Item Condition: Excellent, not much use Reason for selling: No frame to match, was on a Norco Sight A1. Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: Bought from Cyclinic 22/6/2021. Have Cane Creek VALT 500-610lbs...
  2. Isaakk

    Sold 2021 Lyrik Ultimate 29" RC2, 42 offset, 170 travel

    Item: 2021 29" Lyrik Ultimate RC2, 42 offset, 170 travel. 162mm steerer (because i'm a dunce & didn't measure adequately) Location: Tas/posted Condition: Excellent. One tiny mark on stanchion from unfortunate storage incident. polished flat/filled with nail polish, can't feel it with a finger...
  3. Isaakk

    TAS Cheap bars & stem

    After some very basic/cheap bars and a stem for a little dude's bike - the 500mm bent things currently on there aren't ideal. Item: >650mm bars, 0-20mm rise or so, plus 40-50ish mm stem Location: Tas/posted Cost: Less than the cost of my second option, aka Brand-X bars/stem for $60. Extra...
  4. Isaakk

    Sold TUNE Carbon Bars + Reverse Components 60mm Stem

    No longer need these. 216.6g for a solid bar/stem combo for the XC folks. Item: TUNE Flatbar Turnstage Lowriser 2.0 UD Carbon 31.8, 750mm wide (20mm rise, 9° backsweep, 6° upsweep) Location: Tas/posted Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Wanted/needed wider & tougher for jumps & poor...
  5. Isaakk

    TAS [Found] Custom machined/CNC'ed post mount brake adapter?

    Long shot, but based on initial quotes from CNC machining/fabrication shops, getting a one off isn't going to be favorable cost-wise. Anyone with access to tooling required (band saw, drill press?) able to cut or machine the below out of 10mm alu stock? Item: Custom post mount adapter Price...
  6. Isaakk

    TAS [Found] 8mm x 21.8mm offset shock hardware

    Item: Offset 8mm shock hardware/bushing, 22mm 21.8mm width Condition: Functional Price: Less than a new Burgtec one off MTBD? Location: Probably posted. Bought some from Cheers wkkie.
  7. Isaakk

    Sold 2021 SID Select+ 35mm 29" (120mm, 44 offset, boost)

    Item: 2021 SID Select+ 35mm 29" - 120mm travel, 44 offset, boost, 180mm steerer Location: Tas or post ($20) Condition: Excellent Price: $700 - sold Reason for sale: 120mm on a Ripley not enough - just bought some 2022 Fox 34s. Extras: Threaded for OneUp EDC. Pictures:
  8. Isaakk

    Sold Hunt XC Wide wheel set - 29" non boost

    Item: 29" Hunt XC Wide front/rear, 100x15, 142x12 non-boost, 6 bolt, XD driver, 25mm internal, 1650g Location:NW Tas or posted Item Condition:Used but decent. Few scrapes here and there, bearings rolling smooth. Reason for selling: Boost frame, new wheels Price and price conditions: $250 SOLD...
  9. Isaakk

    AM Marino V2

    Now that customs have finally decided there wasn't Peruvian flour packed in the frame, can finally get things rolling. Currently still waiting on AusPost to get stuff over the strait, and RockShox to warranty Lyrik (creaky CSU). Proposed parts list (swapped off existing Norco Sight): Frame...
  10. Isaakk

    TAS Specialized 2FO Roost Flat Shoes EU45

    Item: Specialized 2FO Roost EU45 Location: Tas/post Item Condition: New. Reason for selling: 1 ride on them, size too big. Thought they were okay in the shop, but nope. Price and price conditions: $170, plus post if needed Extra Info: My loss your gain. From the one ride, actually very impressed...
  11. Isaakk

    TAS 12sp cassette / OR DT370 3pawl HG freehub / OR DT 3pawl to ratchet upgrade kit

    Item: Chasing: 12sp cassette on XD driver, ideally <$150 OR DT370 3pawl HG freehub OR DT 3pawl to ratchet upgrade kit Location: Tas/posted Price range/Willing to Pay: Less than new Extra Info: Nope. Just need one of the above.
  12. Isaakk

    Sold Deity Copperhead Stems - Black, 35mm clamp, 50mm length

    Item: Deity Copperhead Stem - Black, 35mm clamp, 50mm length Location: Tas/posted Item Condition:A little older than one above (2 months old), still pretty much as new. Reason for selling: Am Goldilocks. This one's too long. Price and price conditions:$100 SOLD Extra Info: Pictures: Item...
  13. Isaakk

    Sold Bikeyoke Divine - 30.9, 185mm (sold)

    Item: BikeYoke Divine Dropper - 30.9, 185mm, Internal routed Location: Tas/post Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Very unfortunately too long for the Ripley Price and price conditions: $280 posted neg Sold Extra Info: I've filed 2-3mm off the back of the upper plate where it clamps the...
  14. Isaakk

    Sold 2020 RockShox SID Select Charger RL - 120mm, boost

    Item: 2020 RockShox SID Select Charger RL (32mm) - 29", 120mm travel, 51 offset, boost 110x15, 180mm steerer (threaded for EDC) Location: Tas/post Item Condition: Good to fair - Recently suffered a nudge from a rock, left a very shallow mark on left stanchion (pictured). Not deep enough to...
  15. Isaakk

    Site response suffering today - Telstra fixed line only?

    Been noticing that the site is very inconsistent to load on the Telstra fixed line services I have tried today (not sure of other providers, or if others are having any issues?) - curiously works absolutely fine on mobile data through Woolworths Mobile though. On PC or wifi on the phone...
  16. Isaakk

    Sold XT M8100 12sp shifter - bar mount

    Item: XT M8100 12sp shifter, 22.2mm bar clamp, RH/rear Location: NW Tas or posted ($9.50) Item Condition: Near new. Can include new outer + inner cable. Reason for selling: Swapped to XTR 4 rides in Price and price conditions: $50 Sold Extra Info: Pointless upgrade really, my loss your gain. XTR...
  17. Isaakk

    Sold OneUp Carbon Bars - 35mm Rise, 780mm wide, 35mm clamp

    Item: OneUp carbon bars - 780mm wide, 35mm rise, 35mm clamp Location:NW Tas or posted (say.. $12?) Item Condition: Used, good. Usual slight marking around stem/clamps. Reason for selling: Swapped back to 20mm rise OneUps Price and price conditions: $140 SOLD Extra Info: Marketing isn't all hype...
  18. Isaakk

    Sold [Closed] MT900 (XTR non-series) Crankset 175mm

    Item: MT900 Crankset, 175mm, boost (almost identical to M8100 crankset minus chainring) Location: 7315 TAS Item Condition: Well used, have a fair bit of shoe rub & rock strike marks, functionally 100% fine though. Reason for selling: Went shorter for some more clearance.. Price and price...
  19. Isaakk

    Sold Monarch RT3 Debonair - 190x51mm (7.5x2.0)

    Item: Monarch RT3 Debonair - 190x51mm / 7.5x2.0 Location: 7315 TAS Item Condition: Used, good condition? Reason for selling: Had to pull it off the Niner due to frame clearance issues. Price and price conditions: $100 plus post if needed - sold back to moorey Extra: Not 100% sure on condition or...
  20. Isaakk

    TAS Clearing some more stuff out - Rotors, stems, angleset, XT 11sp shifter & other misc stuff

    Prices plus post if needed, going by auspost prices. Item: Nukeproof Horizon stem - 31.8 bar x 50mm Location: 7315 TAS Item Condition: Used but great condition. Reason for selling: Too much stuff Price and price conditions: $50 sold - hambo Pictures: Below Item: E-Thirteen Plus 35 stem - 35...