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  1. leitch

    XT M8000-B1 crank -found-

    Item: XT M8000-B1 crank(s) Condition: Not shit... as good as possible. Location: I'm in Melbourne but happy to pay post Price: Less than a new set of 12sp cranks... $100-150ish? Extra info: 175 or 170mm please. No BB required. B1 (boost) spec essential. Would accept right-hand only (must be...
  2. leitch

    VIC found

    Item: 29er XC HT Frame, M or L depending on geo Condition: Used fine, trashed not fine Location: Melbourne can pay post Price: Depends obviously... $500-1000ish? Dunno... Show me what's available Extra: I hate the way my Niner rides when it's geared, but I want something that is a bit better to...
  3. leitch

    VIC DPX2 volume spacer 0.6 in^3

    Item 0.6 in^3 volume spacer for DPX2 Condition in one piece Location Melbourne, will pay post Price You tell me. $5? Just trying to avoid buying a full set I won’t use This one:
  4. leitch

    VIC Found

    Item- PNW Loam Lever bar clamp adapter Condition- working Location- Melb or Auspost Price- You tell me, or swap for my I-Spec ii adapter
  5. leitch

    VIC sold

    Item: 2021 Fox DHX2 Location: Melbourne VIC, can post Item Condition: Excellent. Bought new November 2020. Used part time since (swapped between this and air shock). Bit of marking on the reservoir sticker from tight clearance to water bottle lid. Reason for selling: Doesn't fit new frame Price...
  6. leitch

    VIC Sold

    Item: 2019 Rocky Mountain Instinct Carbon 70 Large Location: Melbourne VIC. Can ship at buyer's expense. Item Condition: Excellent. Bought brand new in February 2020 and cared for since. Has frame tape on high-exposure areas inc chain stays and under the down tube. Some light scuffs/scratches...
  7. leitch

    Quicksilver - Saturn 14ST

    Done. Spec list because I'm a) bored and b) this is what we do now. I initially was going to just swap everything across from the Rocky and then sell the Instinct frame, but in the intervening months I've been waiting for delivery I started to get carried away... As you do. And then...
  8. leitch

    Shimano brakes, 30.9 dropper

    Chasing some brakes and a dropper so I can sell the Rocky complete when the Nic turns up. Not looking to overcapitalise just to sell, but need to be decent enough to be appealing. Let me know what you’ve got. Item: Shimano brakes. Prefer M7/8000 Price and price conditions: $200? Item...
  9. leitch

    Chris King 1.5" baseplate/crownrace

    Item: Chris King "base plate" aka crown race in 1.5" (i.e for tapered fork) Location: Melb, will pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: What it's worth Extra Info: Frustratingly out of stock everywhere. Parallel to my WTB for an XC fork is a need for a second crown race, as the carbon Niner fork...
  10. leitch

    XC Fork - 29er non-boost

    Item: 29" non-boost XC fork. Fox 32 or 32SC, Rockshox Sid, Suntour Axon (Werx pref), etc etc Location: Melb, will pay post Price range/Willing to Pay: Max ~$600 probably Extra Info: Pref 100mm travel but open to anything in the 80-120 range subject to what's on offer. Must be non-boost...
  11. leitch

    VIC Enduro Tour

    When I had to bail on TransTas, I resolved to race all four races of the VIC Enduro Tour this year instead. First race at Falls (6-7 Feb) just opened for registration... Anyone else planning to enter?
  12. leitch

    Blue Dirt Bike Warrior

    Worst name ever, but looks like a pretty solid alternative to Trans-Tas/TransNZ in a way. 7 days of racing/accomm etc for $2k is not bad.
  13. leitch

    VIC Found

  14. leitch

    VIC Found

    Item: Dirt jumper/park bike Price: ~$700 or thereabouts but show me what you've got and we'll see how excited I get. Location: Melbourne but will pay shipping for the right bike Extra: Ideally would like an NS Capital to relive my misspent youth and finally extinguish the sense of regret I still...
  15. leitch

    RM Instinct

    Searching the forum tells me the last time I made a PYR thread was 2012... But pandemic crises do weird things to us and make us bored. So I washed my new(ish) bike today, then thought "that looks nice I should take a photo". So here it is. Wanted to try a mid-travel 29" after riding a MkIII...
  16. leitch

    Sold SantaCruz Nomad CC - Large

    Item: Santa Cruz Nomad CC MkIII Large 2017 Location: Melbourne Condition: Excellent, scratches etc as to be expected, but has frame skin so mostly confined to components Reason: Went to mid-travel 29 Price and conditions: $3600 ono + post Spec: Nomad CC MkIII frame 165mm travel, frame skin...
  17. leitch

    Sold Fox Float DPS EVOL Factory Kashima 200x51 7.875x2

    Item: Fox Float DPS EVOL Kashima 200x51 Location: Melbourne Item Condition: Used but VGC/Excellent - one little nick on stanchion but no impact on performance Reason for selling: Want to try something different Price and price conditions: $300ono Extra Info: Been on my 5010c, seen a pretty easy...
  18. leitch

    NT Sold

    Well, that was easy.
  19. leitch


    Item: Premium Products Solo+ 2011 Condition: Excellent, very little use over the past 18 months since purchase. Location: Brisbane, PICK UP ONLY. Price: FREE Extra: I'm flying to London to live in 10 days, so if anyone want's to pick this up between now and then, it's theirs. Even better...
  20. leitch


    Item: 2009 Cervelo S2 54cm Location: Brisbane, courier at buyer's expense Condition: Very good. Frameset excellent with only small scuffs here and there - seatpost has some scuffing/flaky clear coat from being raised/lowered/clamped. Wheels perfect. Group set has cosmetic scratches and scuffs...