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    Customer Service Stories

    Have noticed this for years now. My theory is that when you arrive and they attempt to demonstrate the problem, they actually do what they're supposed to, rather than the "I'm in a hurry so I'll just ignore those unimportant steps in the instructions" method they've been using up to now. It's...
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    Mullet opinions

    Thanks - I had considered the centrifugal force issue, but the axle height in comparison to the BB is something I hadn't thought through. That makes a bit more sense as to WHY it might feel different, even though the geometry, wheelbase etc are the same. You'd like to think that there is some...
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    Mullet opinions

    Why would it have better maneuverability? I thought that was a feature of smaller wheeled bikes because they could run shorter chain stays. But if the chain stays stay the same length, would this change anything?
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    Mullet opinions

    I'm not really suggesting this as an option. I'm interested in mullet experiences in general, but most specifically the current trend of companies selling a 29er, then also offering a flip chip or link to enable you to put a 27.5 on the rear whilst keeping the same geometry. What can be...
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    Mullet opinions

    Yes - my wording wasn't great. Most of the bikes with this option seem to be 29ers as standard, with the option to mullet by putting a 27.5on the rear. So I was asking what would be your reasoning for choosing the bigger or smaller rear wheel option.
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    Mullet opinions

    Well, yes - that's what I'm thinking. I can understand that changing the wheel size (front or rear) without changing any other components will also change the geometry of the bike, so you'd expect some differences in the handling. But I can't really get my head around what you'd expect to gain...
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    Mullet opinions

    Quite a few bikes are now coming with the option to 'mullet' them - the manufacturer supplying links / flip chips etc so that you can run different size rear wheels but keep the same (or similar) geometry. So what would make you choose a bigger or smaller wheel on the back? What difference...
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    Shimano tri-wing screws

    I don't think they're small enough - I've got some similar sets (although not with the tri wing) and none of the torx, flat head etc bits are small enough to fit, so don't think the tri wings would be either.
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    Shimano tri-wing screws

    My XT Di2 derailleur is not shifting so I'd like to strip it down to have a look and see if there's anything I can repair. It's a longshot, as it's probably a circuit board or something unserviceable, but no harm in looking. However, I can't get in as it uses tri-wing heads on the screws for...
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    2011 Transition TR450 what is one worth today?

    I recently sold my 2011 Glory, in pretty good condition, for $900, but it took a couple of weeks to go. I then saw it relisted on Gumtree and Facebook a couple of weeks later for $2500, was quickly reduced to $2100 and then disappeared. Can only assume it got sold with a good profit in there...
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    NSW Sold - 2015 Specialized Enduro S-works, 650b, Large

    Item: 2015 Specialized Enduro S-Works, 650b, Large Location: St Ives, Sydney Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: New bike Price and price conditions: $2750 ono Extra Info: Spec is mainly unchanged from original (see...
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    NSW SOLD - Giant Glory 01, Medium, 2011

    Item: Giant Glory 01 Location: St Ives, Sydney Item Condition: Pretty good Reason for selling: Doesn't get used Price and price conditions: $1200 - open to offers Extra Info: Hasn't had a great deal of use, so it's in reasonably good condition. Everything is stock apart from the rear wheel...
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    Official kentlyn thread

    With all the rain on the north side of Sydney I'm thinking of heading south for a ride - Kentlyn always seemed to hold up to the weather well, and there seems to have been less rain there recently. Anyone been over there this week - how's it looking?
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    Thredbo - all you need to know

    Who was down there for opening weekend? How was it? Anything to report with new trails, trail updates etc. I'm hoping to head down in a couple of weeks time.
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    NSW SOLD - Giant XTC 2 Hardtail, 2012, Small

    Still for sale ......
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    NSW SOLD - Giant XTC 2 Hardtail, 2012, Small

    Item: Giant XTC 2 Hardtail, small Location: St Ives, Sydney Item Condition: Good - no offroad use, only used for commuting Reason for selling: No longer required Price and price conditions: $300 Extra Info: See for Specs. Nothings been changed...
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    Will NP ban ebikes during fire bans?

    Best not take your mobile phone out with you either then. Many more reports of those bursting into flames than e-bikes.
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    2009 Peugeot Partner 1.6 Diesel Van

    Back on the original subject, I've had a 2011 Partner from 2013 and have (touch wood) not had any issues. It had about 50K on it when I got it and has about 110K now, so not quite up to the mileage that your looking at. Servicing has never been an issue - always in and out in a day at the local...
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    How to remove stripped shock bolt??

    Did I miss something? How did you actually get it out in the end?
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    Sold SOLD - Specialized Enduro Evo 2014 Small

    Hi, Yes, it's still available Michael